Friday, May 27, 2011


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IP Address: Compass Bank ( [Label IP Address]Search Referral: — caty presas-garcia #3

It is clear to me that Compass is taking serious the claims that an investigation must be mounted against Presas-Garcia and Wells Fargo.  The Federal Reserve  oversees the banking industry and is fully aware of the situation.

If the local office of Wells Fargo has a half a brain it will inform BISD it no longer is interested in the deal.  They will not - some moron believes Compass is going to ignore the evidence of possible corruption, the Federal Reserve will ignore the evidence, and they will get a big bonus.

Here is the bottom line - if some bad conduct occurred between any BISD Board Member and Wells Fargo every Board Member who voted against Compass is looking at possible indictment.   Wells Fargo is looking at being sued - big time. This may finally be the issue which sends the corrupt 4 packing.  But who knows, I know the FBI - you can have a video of the thief robbing the bank and providing the FBI his address and when he will be home and it still takes 3-5 years to indict.  There are rare occasions when the FBI actually does its job on a timely basis, let's hope this is one of them, and they indict the wrongdoers - assuming there was  wrongdoing.


Anonymous said...

Did BISD already switch to Wells Fargo?

BobbyWC said...

I do not think so - It amazes me that to distract from a story wherein I post the proof the Presas-garcia camp thinks they are going to post to the BV claims of criminal conduct by Compass - it blows my mind - the comment was rejected

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Would not surprise me one bit.

Anonymous said...

How sad! Hope during the next BISD elections voters don't make the same mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the Joe Rod lawsuit?

BobbyWC said...

Unlike Peter Zavaletta Joe Rod's son does not issue press releases about everything he is doing in litigation - Unless I go to the court house and look at the pleadings I have no way of knowing what is happening

Bobby WC