Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am providing my readers a list of the candidates in the runoff and related links.  The list is alphabetical and does not indicate a preference.  In fact, I personally intend to deposit a blank ballot in the box.  I see no reason to vote for any of these candidates. 

Estela Chavez-Vasquez!/pages/Estela-Chavez-Vasquez-for-Brownsville-City-Commissioner-At-large-A/197639150256909?sk=info

If you read her statements in the collegian article she seems confused.  Someone forgot to tell her the city commission has no control over education.  Given this simple reality, it is dishonest for her to make promises concerning education.


Robert Lopez

The following sentence from the above link concerns me.  "I know the big topic right now that has recently surfaced is Frontera Airline, and I’ve heard a lot of discussions on it. There is a good opportunity to drive more industry down here to Brownsville."  Other candidates made clear statements denouncing this deal.  The best face on this statement is he refused to take a position, the worst is he saw it as an opportunity for growth.

I cannot find a facebook page, campaign page or email for Mr .Lopez.  If someone knows them let me know and I will add them.

John Villarreal


I have emailed John twice trying to learn his position on Fly Frontera - he has refused to answer the question.  Why?
Tony Zavaleta

contact, but not email:

I cannot find a Facebook page for Tony, if someone has it let me know and I will add it.  I can tell you everyone I know in District 4 will not be voting.  There is a strong dislike for Tony.  His role in the UTB/TSC mess and the hiring of his wife who was clearly not qualified when compared to the large pool of candidates looking for work has soured people towards Tony  He is seen as part of the institutionalized corruption which has destroyed Brownsville.  The problem is, John Villarreal has taken the position of a pompous ass who is not accountable to the people.  In District 4 we are screwed.

I suggest my readers email the three who have emails and demand they commit in writing they will not agree to put Fly Frontera back on the agenda.  I am telling you there are sleepers out there.  Now, the chances of them doing something at this point are not very good.  Atkinson was their last hope and he appears to be gone for good.  Note, yesterday before going to court Atksinson took the time to post on the internet a trashing of Pan Am along with support for Fly Frontera.  Quintanilla has announced that he will have an announcement on the issue on June 15, 2011.  These two see a scenario where they still get the $1.5 million guarantee.  It is up to us as voters to be diligent on the issue.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one 100%. Thanks for informing us on the latest on these elections.

Anonymous said...

When I once put an unmarked ballot in the box the machine rejected it after I had stepped away and a poll watcher caught up to me with my ballot in his hand to remind me that the ballot was unmarked. When I pointed out to him that it appeared that my civil right to a "secret" ballot had been violated as he now knew how I had voted. He did not know how to respond. I did not make an issue as, it seemed to me, he was a young man doing the best he could at a way under-appreciated job and he was only trying to be helpful.
I no longer vote because I think history has shown us that the integrity of the count is questionable and because I think that essentially all politicians have been or will be corrupt. And then we end up with people like Atkinson who are only too happy to use the courts to subvert an allegedly democratic vote. I think it is pretty likely that what's her name doesn't live in the district and I think it's pretty likely that most of the people who voted believe she doesn't live in the district and still opted for her over Atkinson. I have a mesquite tree that does live in the district and I bet I could have got it elected against Atkinson. By the way, that tree has never lied to me, stolen from me or wasted any of my money either. Damn, in terms of character, it has it over most of the other candidates.

BobbyWC said...

thanks for the comments - I have submitted blank ballots more than one - every time it has been into an empty box - I know more than once I did submit it into a reader and had no problem - the problem is it is anyone's guess about the integrity of the Cameron county system

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I no longer vote because..."

Stop right there. Go meet a mirror. YOU'RE part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

To my understanding the machine is programed to alarm on blank ballots and ballots with multiple markings in the same race. People are right Bobby, now adays it causes your vote to be known to everyone and it is no longer confidencial.

BobbyWC said...

Are you saying that when you are faced with two people who believe are bad you still should vote for one of them?

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

Thanks for doing all the legwork on this (as usual) which I'm sure can't be easy especially when you've been "out of sorts".

The first thing I thought about reading all this? WHAT A CALAMITY! Reading your blog puts a lot of things in perspective. So thanks!

On the Charlie issue, I've read about what he's trying to do and there are some real negative comments written about him. How unfortunate, because no matter whatever good things he did do while in office, his attitude and sarcasm are now what he'll be known for. Sad.

Til next time...

Anonymous said...

"Are you saying that when you are faced with two people who believe are bad you still should vote for one of them?"

Please don't change his/her original premise, Bobby. He/she plainly wrote, "I NO LONGER VOTE because... blah, blah, blah."

Persistent non-participation is NEVER the answer. It's the problem. That we even had to endure the nigh-endless terms of a recently ousted commissioner & mayor is testament to that.