Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Contrary to popular belief substantive blogging is not easy. Right now Brownsville is so toxic with deception, lies and outright con jobs by candidates that the BV just needs to take a day away from it. Time to clean the desk and mop the floors. The BV is working on a substantive post which gets to the heart of the deception, lies and outright con jobs - it should be ready for Thursday morning.

Oh, Viro Cardenas has agreed to answer three simple questions.  I also invited him to submit any statement about his campaign he wishes to - so if he does that today, I will post it later.


Anonymous said...

We appreciate your substantive blogging. The BV is the only source that we trust. We realize how frustrating it is to see some candidates, and other blogs take advantage of the ignorant. Enjoy your day off!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait.