Tuesday, May 17, 2011



The Texas legislature failed to deal with a host of issues, including the budget for education. Funny thing though - the Republicans have absolute control of the House and Senate by super majorities in addition to the governor's house, but yet they could not complete the budget or redistricting. They cannot blame the Democrats. The problem is the extreme right wants to destroy Texas, and the governor is powerless to stop them. We shall see the final compromise in the end.


I am going to try and keep this short so I can work on the bigger post for today. I can say with 100% certainty the FBI is all over BISD. The decision of Presas-Garcia to hire Healthsmart's lawyer told the FBI all they needed to know about this very, very bad person.

Pay attention people - it took the FBI 3 1/2 years to indict Limas. The FBI wants its case - so it allows public figure to engage in criminal conduct as part of building the case. The sad part is, the citizens never get back what they lost.   Tonight's meeting is just Presas-Garcia helping them to build a case.  Saavedra has proven that all of the education in the world does not keep you from being unethical.  My sources are telling me her brother is besides himself in how she has embarrassed the family and completely fails to see just how much damage she is doing to BISD.

On the agenda for tonight is the hiring of a forensic auditor.  The agenda item does not say for what.  In the past Presas-Garcia has stated she wanted to hire a forensic auditor to prove Healthsmart did nothing wrong.  Presas-Garcia is clearly being directed in her actions by Healthsmart.  Everyone knows this including the FBI.  What is sad is, Longoria and Saavedra are too stupid to realize this is obvious to everyone but them.  We shall see if they have the votes for BISD to now pay for Healthsmart's defense.  But then of course maybe they are hiring the forensic auditor for another reason.

It looks like they are going to fire their financial advisor.  Given the bond problems this is probably a fair decision, but I am certain the motivation has nothing to do with fairness.


Presas-Garcia has everything in place to suspend Brett Springston for FERPA violations.  She does not because she knows that if she opens that door the truth behind who released the confidential information on Colunga's son will become public knowledge.  I remain working on the issue.  I have met with people, via phone, with people within the Department of Education.  I know what they need to proceed in both cases.  I am compiling the information on the Colunga case.  I will be honest - my goal is to have BISD financially sanctioned.  Unfortunately this is what needs to happen to insure the people say enough is enough and send the entire board packing.  I did  file an initial complaint via phone which now has me on this path.


Presas-Garcia is not simply seeking to remove Springston, she wants to destroy him. This is why she will release her evaluation of him tonight. She wants it out there so it hurts him in his job search. Brett is desperate to get out of Brownsville - he is looking to work for less money at a smaller school district. He wants out before Presas-Garcia completely destroys him.


The sad part is, rather then just let him go, Presas-Garcia has chosen to pursue a path of destruction. This will in all likelihood lead to litigation.


Anonymous said...

Oh, irony of ironies! The left champions Heath care for all, yet the single largest waiver request / grant per capita is located in San Francisco, California - represented by the honorable Nancy Pelosi.

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too?

Anonymous said...

Remember this; uneducated people are the worst to have in office. Let us see now. How much education do CPG and LBL have??? That speaks volumes of them.

Anonymous said...

But even the ones with the Doctorate does not fare any better than the rest. Education is shown in the honest actions that you take for the good of the organization that you represent - not necessarily a certificate or a degree.

Anonymous said...

So true Bobby. You can educate a fool, but if he/she was a fool at the start, he/she will remain at fool the end. Right???