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If you look at the map the new 34th, which would be us, includes areas west and north of  Corpus which have nothing in common with the LRGV coastal area.  This map will end up in court, thereby delaying implementation of the new districts.  The old 27th begins at Nueces County, which is Corpus.


Guys as I told you, Fly Frontera is not going away - there are sleepers out there who have committed to Quintanilla they will vote the $1.5 million dollar guarantee to Fly Frontera if elected.  The two quotes are from Montoya.  His claim is Tampico has sent a delegation to meet with Mayor Martinez to discuss the issue.  You know what - if Tampico wants the service let them give Quinanilla the money instead of asking the taxpayers of Brownsville to fund an airline which will primarily help Mexican nationals and not the general population of Brownsville.  If this meeting is actually happening, there is no doubt in my mind Montoya came into this information through Quintanilla.

But Montoya's claims have gone from out right lies to incredible ignorance.  Let's look at the allegations.

"At least one other local service provider – Hunt's Pan Am – has proposed similar service but wants the guarantees the subsidies that Fly Frontera was applying for with the different city entities. Its owner, Dave Hendricks, has said that unless the city provides the supports, he would seek other cities to establish a cargo (and passenger flight) hub between St. Louis and South Texas to exploit the China trade."

First of all his name is Bob Hedrick not Dave Hendrick.  Second, Bob Hedrick has yet to make any formal requests to the City of Brownsville concerning the cargo business.  He has indicated that Brownsville will have to get on board or he may look elsewhere.  But the cargo business is separate from the passenger service business.  Further the business of the latter is the one where he has asked for the same incentives Fly Frontera asked for.  Well actually not the same since Pan Am is not asking for wages and housing for their employees or the cost of bringing the planes to Brownsville.  

Further, Pan Am is offering service from Monterrey to San Antonio via Brownsville.  This will mean not only will the needs of those seeking service between Monterrey and Brownsville will be met, the needs for service  from Brownsville to San Antonio will be met.   Many people from Monterrey will fly through to San Antonio for the medical tourism and as an alternative to the charter flights currently between Monterrey and San Antonio.  San Antonio actually has a gated community of Mexican nationals who live in San Antonio, but where the breadwinner flies to Monterrey every Monday morning and returns on Friday night.

The attempt to suggest that the incentives Pan Am is requesting is for the cargo is just bogus.  I suspect Pan Am will seek some type tax abatement or lease discounts.  On this I am just speculating, but this is pretty much standard practice in the case of airport property for new industries when the airport is actively looking for tenants.


"However, industry experts said that Hendricks has approached Sky King to inquire about the leasing of planes for his enterprise only to be rebuffed because Sky King is indebted to Fly Frontera owner Jim Gallagher to the tune of $640,000 owed him after Sky King declared bankruptcy.
"I don't think Sky King is going to lease Hendricks anything while they owe Gallagher that money," said the source."

Yes, Juanito, Sky King is the only company in the US leasing planes - the  implication of the allegation is beyond bizarre.  Further Sky King is in bankruptcy.  Sky King cannot do squat without the permission of the bankruptcy judge.  They already lost one plane.  Sky King does not have enough planes to meet the needs of Pan Am's cargo and passenger services.  Further, Jim Gallagher is delusional if he thinks a bankruptcy judge is going to allow him to decide what happens with Sky King's planes.  If someone is willing to buy them or lease them, all they have to do is ask the court and the court will decide.  The creditors do not get a say unless they have an ownership lien on the plane and then their input will be limited.  It is just a bizarre claim Gallagher is going to dictate to the bankruptcy judge whether or not Sky King is going to be allowed to bring in revenue to pay its bills.


" I was unsure about Springston from my online research – he seemed to be good but some of his current school board was trying to get rid of him – turns out he is good and the school board situation is beyond his control and not of his creation. Brownsville’s school system is more than twice as large as Huntsville’s".


Apparently, people who are not driven by corruption and incompetence are able to see through the lunacy with is Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra.  Let there be no mistake, I have always opposed Springston as being dirty in how he maneuvered himself into the position.  His decision to release information concerning a Pace student to Rick Zayas and then have Rick call me to get me to abandon the family only verified everything I believed about Springston.  Springston can run to Huntsville, but not from that reality.  Eventually the Dept of Education will address the issue and then the Huntsville Board of Education will have to explain how they missed this during the interview process.

Let there me no mistake - Springston is running - no one in this profession considers moving to a significantly smaller school district for less money as a promotion.  He is desperate and looking to take anything - just to get away from BISD.  He is still Springston - it is sad for the children of Huntsville that because their school board, while rightfully so, sees the corrupt 4 of BISD as just bad people, it does not change the fact Springston is an opportunist who will violate the rights of the children to protect his own interests.

Further, concerning the improvements at BISD in terms of testing, it means nothing in terms of Springston.  The perfecting of teaching to the test is not evidence of competence - it is evidence of being able to con the community.  A  competent superintendent would have moved way from teaching to the test and into real teaching.  To be sure - BISD is graduating a lot of bright students who will go on to succeed in any number of professions.  This is in spite of BISD.

The superintendent has very little to do with the success in the classroom.  The teacher is either competent or not competent.  It is only the ego of the Hunstville ISD which makes them believe at their level or at the level of the superintendent they impact the success in the classroom.  All they do is set the policy.  I cannot speak to Huntsville, but at BISD the policy is to kill critical thinking and teach to the test so as to defraud the government and parents into thinking they are succeeding.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day is not Veteran's Day. Today is the day we remember and honor those who died in service to this country. The only thing more tragic than the death of those who died in service to this country, is the fact the day itself has died. It is not Veteran's Day - it is Memorial Day - we are not honoring those who served - we are honoring those who died in service.

Why did they serve? Well, I would be naive to think everyone who served and died in service to this country served to defend our liberties. I remember all too well the song "Summertime Blues." While everyone who died in Vietnam died for our liberties - far too many were forced into that war against their wishes. They were denied their liberty so that we could have our liberty.

I mention Vietnam because we still fail to understand they died for our liberty. Today people will go to the beach, look for a good sale, get drunk around the barbecue or simply spend the day doing nothing. Are people really thinking about what these soldiers who died in service to this country really gave up and why? No.

I will say with 100% certainty that there is no elected official in Cameron County who understands why these soldiers died or respect the reason they died. These men and women soldiers died so we would have greater liberties. All we who are left behind have to do is make sure they did not die in vain - and we could care less.

Freedom of Speech - Mark Sossi has about as much respect for Freedom of Speech as any given tyrant. It saddened me that Mayor Martinez did not at least ask that the cameras be kept rolling during public comment. Sossi never would have challenged him. On this issue Mayor Martinez has said he needs to study the issue. Really? - when you need to study Freedom of Speech before you grant it, you really do not understand it or those who died to preserve it.

To be fair - I can go on for pages about how every elected official has demonstrated a contempt for our liberties.

Ernie Hernandez - outright hired politiqueras to harvest mail ballots from senior citizens. Sheriff Lucio last time around told me he rewards the politiqueras by fixing tickets. Neither of these men have an ounce of respect for those who died in service to this country.  If Ernie's pathetic worthless daughter Erin becomes a JP it will be like pouring salt into the wounds of the injured dying on the battle field.  I saw her in court with her snub face laughing about how her father was going to get away with harvesting mail ballots.  Erin is one very evil and unethical person who will only bring further disgrace to Brownsville.  Erin is another example of someone who thinks everyone who died in service to this country is a sap.

Leadership and honoring those who died in service for this country is speaking up against the corruption and immoral conduct by elected officials. Why? Because that is how we honor those who died in service to this country. If we do not fight first hand to preserve our democracy and liberties then we are saying those who died in service to this country are saps.

In the end this is why I so oppose Imagine Brownsville. How can Mayor Martinez speak out against the corruption and failure at BISD when the BISD Board can retaliate by refusing to work with the city of Brownsville on issues raised by Imagine Brownsville?  Imagine Brownsville compels his silence.

Could you imagine being the child of a fallen soldier attending BISD and being told by all elected officials - "sorry about your mom or dad - but they were saps and we as your elected officials will not speak up and force BISD to clean up its act and guarantee you a first rate education."  "We are too self absorbed, in case you did not notice."

I will continue to fight the single greatest threat to our liberties - the judiciary - and my detractors will continue to print lies to protect their interests. Everyone in the know knows that the judiciary has lost all respect for the law and precedent - they have become a professional tyranny. I will say this about Mayor Martinez - he has been given a chance to lead Brownsville - but as the corruption continues unabated sooner than later people will begin to ask - why has our mayor remained silent?

Silence is contempt for those who died in service to this country.

On this Memorial Day - if you truly care about those who died in service to this country and wish to honor them - then fight back.

You can begin by emailing Mayor Martinez at tony@martinezybarrera.us, and demanding he take the lead in defending our liberties and ending the corruption. He has no real express powers on this issue, but he has a ton of inherent powers to force change.  Rightly or wrongly an uneducated people look to the mayor for leadership.  They are in the dark as to his limited express powers.  But leaders rarely use express powers  for justice - they use inherent powers and fight for justice.

Lyrics for "Summertime Blues"


For those of you too young to understand - the summertime blues eventually came to represent the summer before being drafted and being sent off to basic training before being sent to Vietnam.  The song was actually written before Vietnam.  It was later performed by the "Who" as a protest song.

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The Hangover Part II


This is not for children under 16 and probably not for girls who are not at least 18. The film includes full frontal male nudity of Thai men who work in a strip club as male/females. They have the breast implants, but have kept their penises. The scenes are funny - but unless you are prepared to answer the question of why men have breasts - do not bring children.

It is not as funny as the first. At times it is very slow - especially in the beginning. There are a lot of laughs - but just not as good as the first. I think after the first anything that follows will not be new just different.

Stu, the one who lost a tooth last time, is marrying a Thai woman in Thailand. Of course they get drugged again and find themselves out on the town out of control.

It is funny and okay - but not a blockbuster like the first - although you never know people just may make it a blockbuster.

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FOR A POSITIVE POST - scroll down to see video on Father Tony Martinez

Birmingham, Alabama, United States
IP Address: Compass Bank ( [Label IP Address]Search Referral: http://www.google.com — caty presas-garcia #3

It is clear to me that Compass is taking serious the claims that an investigation must be mounted against Presas-Garcia and Wells Fargo.  The Federal Reserve  oversees the banking industry and is fully aware of the situation.

If the local office of Wells Fargo has a half a brain it will inform BISD it no longer is interested in the deal.  They will not - some moron believes Compass is going to ignore the evidence of possible corruption, the Federal Reserve will ignore the evidence, and they will get a big bonus.

Here is the bottom line - if some bad conduct occurred between any BISD Board Member and Wells Fargo every Board Member who voted against Compass is looking at possible indictment.   Wells Fargo is looking at being sued - big time. This may finally be the issue which sends the corrupt 4 packing.  But who knows, I know the FBI - you can have a video of the thief robbing the bank and providing the FBI his address and when he will be home and it still takes 3-5 years to indict.  There are rare occasions when the FBI actually does its job on a timely basis, let's hope this is one of them, and they indict the wrongdoers - assuming there was  wrongdoing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011



I cannot imagine what the people in this school district must think of Brownsville when they read all of the trash being put out by Presas-Garcia - they must think our school board is run by a lunatic.


I have been rejecting some nasty comments about Father T.J. Martinez. Nothing bad, just nasty and false.  If you believe the posters he lives the life of privilege without having to live the life of a true priest.  I find this offensive.  It is sad that because some people were unable to carry out their corrupt agenda against the people of Brownsville, they must now revert to false accusations against a respected priest. My long term readers know I will never hold back from attacking bad priests and faults within the Catholic church.  This is why bogus claims must be rejected and the honorable priests celebrated.

On Tuesday I was speaking to someone who attended the reception at Lola's for Tony Martinez. This person is a long time friend of Mayor Martinez. He told me something which made all of the sense in the world to me - Father Martinez just could not be a lawyer anymore, so he decided to be a priest. I can say while I did a lot of good in my pro bono work, being a lawyer is the worst job I ever had. It is  endless arguing to accomplish nothing. It is an unhealthy lifestyle. It is my understanding the endless arguing is something Father T.J. Martinez grew tired of.

He now works at a Jesuit high school in Houston.  Having viewed this tape, and done further research on Father T.J. Martinez, I can now understand why the evil in this town seem to have a need to trash him - he represents good and giving - something they can never understand or accept.

Here is the link to the school.


Only if Brownsville had a Jesuit high school - what we could accomplish in terms of education.

When I realized I could never be happy doing legal work  I decided to get my MA in education.  I loved teaching at Houston Community College.  But behold, we live in Brownsville and education will never be first and foremost in the minds of our elected officials.  At least Mayor Martinez cared enough about the children of Brownsville to give them Guadelupe Middle School.  Maybe one day we will be fortunate enough to have a Jesuit high school in Brownsville.  I've always said if I had a child, they would never attend public school so long as there was a Jesuit high school in town.   Since meeting my first Jesuit priest in Nicaragua I always believed if I were a Catholic I would have become a Jesuit priest.  No priesthood better represents social justice than the Jesuit Brotherhood.


"After decades of having a strong feeling of civic obligation to vote I no longer have confidence that my vote matters because the system is corrupt. If the last county judge election had not been challenged we might now have a county judge who did not win the election. How many times has this happened when the election was not challenged and the loser was allowed to take office? Maybe none but we will never know. How many times should my ballot be read by election judges before I become disillusioned? How often should I vote in elections that are decided by partisan courts and not the ballot count?

When the county gets an elections administrator that is able/willing to hold an honest election I will begin voting again. One of the very basic principles that we have as Americans is the right to pick our leaders through secret ballots. When the elections administrator is unable or unwilling to do so it strikes at one of the basic tenets we claim for the country. One mistake of the caliber made by Mr. Ortiz is one too many. How many mistakes are you willing to allow a cardiac surgeon who is operating on your heart? Mr. Ortiz was the surgeon who operated on the election and the election died on the table. That others were able to step in and revive the patient is not material. When I say my vote doesn't count it isn't because it is just one vote. It's because apparently it is literally not counted. It doesn't matter to me if it isn't counted because someone made a mistake caused by poor math skills or because someone was "helping" a candidate or because a judge had an agenda that didn't involve impartiality. It's all the same.

I enjoyed this post because it goes to the heart of the problem.  If people do not feel confident in the system, why participate?  While I agree that Mayor Martinez's immediate priority should be hurricane preparedness and cleaning up the trash all over the city, this is an important issue which merits his attention in the coming months.  If those responsible for hiring and firing the elections administrator, Rodger Ortiz, are unwilling to act then a leadership act from Mayor Martinez would be to call them to accountabilty.  We have a fundamental right to know our vote counts and it is private.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am providing my readers a list of the candidates in the runoff and related links.  The list is alphabetical and does not indicate a preference.  In fact, I personally intend to deposit a blank ballot in the box.  I see no reason to vote for any of these candidates. 

Estela Chavez-Vasquez




If you read her statements in the collegian article she seems confused.  Someone forgot to tell her the city commission has no control over education.  Given this simple reality, it is dishonest for her to make promises concerning education.

email: votevasquez@gmail.com

Robert Lopez


The following sentence from the above link concerns me.  "I know the big topic right now that has recently surfaced is Frontera Airline, and I’ve heard a lot of discussions on it. There is a good opportunity to drive more industry down here to Brownsville."  Other candidates made clear statements denouncing this deal.  The best face on this statement is he refused to take a position, the worst is he saw it as an opportunity for growth.

I cannot find a facebook page, campaign page or email for Mr .Lopez.  If someone knows them let me know and I will add them.

John Villarreal




email:  John@John4district4.com

I have emailed John twice trying to learn his position on Fly Frontera - he has refused to answer the question.  Why?
Tony Zavaleta



contact, but not email:  http://www.tony2011.com/2011/03/contact-us.html

I cannot find a Facebook page for Tony, if someone has it let me know and I will add it.  I can tell you everyone I know in District 4 will not be voting.  There is a strong dislike for Tony.  His role in the UTB/TSC mess and the hiring of his wife who was clearly not qualified when compared to the large pool of candidates looking for work has soured people towards Tony  He is seen as part of the institutionalized corruption which has destroyed Brownsville.  The problem is, John Villarreal has taken the position of a pompous ass who is not accountable to the people.  In District 4 we are screwed.

I suggest my readers email the three who have emails and demand they commit in writing they will not agree to put Fly Frontera back on the agenda.  I am telling you there are sleepers out there.  Now, the chances of them doing something at this point are not very good.  Atkinson was their last hope and he appears to be gone for good.  Note, yesterday before going to court Atksinson took the time to post on the internet a trashing of Pan Am along with support for Fly Frontera.  Quintanilla has announced that he will have an announcement on the issue on June 15, 2011.  These two see a scenario where they still get the $1.5 million guarantee.  It is up to us as voters to be diligent on the issue.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


UPDATE:  The Herald is reporting the following:  "Sossi countered that Phillips was trying to sidestep the Texas Election Code instead. Phillips said that the action he had filed on Atkinson’s behalf was not an election contest, but instead, that he was contesting her eligibility. “That is not a backdoor,” Phillips said."  Atkinson's lawyer actually made this argument.  Beyond bizarre since the lawsuit he penned for Atkinson actually says he filed it under the election contest code.  Anything short of sanctions makes a mockery of our courts.  Apparently Montoya was not lying - he was just reporting the statement of an unethical and incompetent lawyer.

I saw the story on line with the Herald concerning Atkinson's attempts to enjoin Jessica from being sworn in.  My first question is how does a man without a job afford an attorney out of San Antonio?  Does it have something to do with the continued lies about Pan Am he posted this morning to the Herald and his insistence that Fly Frontera needs to be given a chance?

Chris Davis uploaded the lawsuit.  It can be found here


or here


Through the lawsuit Atkinson's lawyer claims this is an election contest.  I decided to check to see if Montoya posted something on it. 

I would say in disbelief - but I cannot say that at this point because we know if Montoya speaks he lies - this is what he claims happened in the court.

"Phillips told the court that they were not contesting the validity of the election through their petition, but rather her right to run for office in District 2 because she had not met the requirements of the Texas election Code that she live at least six months within the district where she was running for office."

The lawsuit is replete with references that this is an election  contest and brought under the election contest code, but Montoya claims it is not an election contest.  Why? Because the law is black and white, in an election contest the original winner remains in office until all appeals are done, and therefor no TRO or injunction is possible - as a matter of law.  This was tried in the Diana Flores case out of Dallas.  While we lost every time at the trial level she remained in office pending every mandamus or appeal, which we won.  No TRO or injunction is allowed in an election contest.

Years ago I represented John Loza former Dallas city counsel person before the grand jury on  criminal charges - the DA chose to seek a criminal indictment rather than allow the parties to fight it out in a civil proceedings.  The same evidence of living in the district used by Jessica was used by John - the grand jury refused to indict and John went on to represent the district.  Further, I represented Diana Flores  - in an election context - I won several mandamuses - the first being an order removing her from office pending the appeal - I also won several appeals in the case - we lost every time in the trial court - we won every mandamus and appeal - pending each mandamus and or appeal under the law she was allowed to remain in office - Diana's case lasted 6 years  - even if Atkinson were to win because Banales were to ignore the law, Jessica would remain in office - the election code is black and white on this issue.

But note, in the Pan Am story today, before going to court Atkinson announced his continued support for Fly Frontera - in his post he point blank lies about the planes - The BEDC report noted that Brownsville was going to have to pay to bring the planes to Brownsville - so they are not here - as to the timeline for Pan Am - Pan Am and St Louis this week are signing the contracts with China Cargo - the planes will be flying by years end.

This guy still wants to give $1.5 million dollars to Public Charter for Fly Frontera- this according to the BEDC was the minimum guarantee.  He does not have a job - who is paying for this San Antonio lawyer?

 So now we know Robert Lopez supports Atkinson and Fly Frontera - more on that tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2011


On Sunday I drove to SA for a Monday morning caudal racz. While the procedure is routine for me, it is still exhauting - the drive - the hour on the table - I just need the day.

Here is a great video of the procedure.


What is a caudal racz? It is used to remove adhesions from the spine. Mine are caused by a tear in the annulus, which is causing fluid to leak out and damage the nerve endings. It started over 10 years ago with numbing pain whenever I slept on my back. I learned to sleep on my belly. For 10 years the VA sent me to one incompetent doctor after another. The physical therapy actually enlarged the tear.

I only got help once it reach the point I loss use of my legs while surf fishing and horrible burning in my legs. Even then the doctors dismissed me until the chief medical officer at the VA-SA intervened and sent me to the new pain management doctor. Based on my symptoms alone he was able to diagnosis adhesions at L4-L5.    When the adhesions are at L4 L5 the neuropathy starts at  the feet and climbs to the thighs. 

I detailed this so when people google burning in legs they may find this and know to see a qualified pain management doctor.  My doctor is hoping the repair to the annulus worked and the new adhesions are the result of large amounts of fluid leaking out during the repair.  This would explain the large adhesion on the right side, which had not been there before.  If this is the case - I am finally done with treatment and all should be well.  We will know in 3-6 months.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reuters: Peru's Fujimori hires crime-stopper Giuliani


Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of the former president of Peru who is serving 25 years for corruption. The other candidate is aligned with Hugo Chavez, which is not a good thing. This will be a landmark election because she is a woman and only 35. I am not making an opinion about the election because both sides have negatives. Another Hugo Chavez ally scares me, but Fujimori also scares me - who knows - I just thought this was a great story.


EH, is about it. The acting was dry and contrived. I saw the regular version - I was unwilling to pay for the 3D. I saw nothing in the regular version which would have made the 3d more exciting - one or two scenes maybe.

They are in search of the Fountain of Youth. It is a race between the Spanish, English, and pirates. It was so slow people were talking, texting, and getting up. About an hour into the film I was struggling to stay awake. This is not a good sign while watching an action film.

Best if you wait until it is on HBO -


It is nothing personal - but I do not do the friends deal on Facebook.  A lot of people play the con game of forcing you to be their friend if you want to see their Wall.  Why would I want to be friends with a  con artist - compelled friendship is anything but friendship.  The request I got this morning was from someone who does not compel your friendship to see their Wall.  This is a good thing and an indication of the person's character in a good way - although not always - but in this case I do like this person.

There are other problems with the friends issue of Facebook.  It is almost like a pyramid con.  It allows bad people to compile information in a bad way.  So nothing personal to anyone, but while I feel good every time I get an invite, and in this case I did feel good, I no longer press accept on being friends.  I need to figure out how to undo the few I already have accepted.  I am not going to get into it - but a security issue already occurred.  Sorry - but kudos to those who have open Walls - thanks for that.

Friday, May 20, 2011

speakout.gif (4929 bytes)

[Editor's Note:  The past and current board get an "F" on the reform issues.  Neither board seems to have a clue as to what is really happening in the classroom or the needs of the community.]
If you are referring to the prerequisites that students need before they can apply to any of the health programs you are absolutely right. It is all about generating income and using the very large numbers of students desiring a high paying job in a health profession. The income generated from the students taking these “prerequisites” actually support and subsidizes the health programs. The actual number of students ever admitted in to a health program is relatively small. Some of the programs only admit 10 students per year. None of the health programs admit more than 25 students per year. Generally only about 50% of the students admitted in to a health program actually graduate. Of the selected few that actually graduate not all will pass their state licensure examinations. Of those, even fewer will obtain a high paying full time job with full benefits as advertised. The few students that ultimately succeed will do very well; it is almost like winning the lottery for them. But the rest of the hopeful students never really ever had a chance of being admitted in to a health program; forget about finishing and finding a high paying job. Some misadvised students have spent more than a year taking the same prerequisites more than once because they are encouraged to try to obtain higher grades in the hopes that they will eventually be accepted in to a certain program. Nice scam isn’t it? One of the instructors for the medical terminology course is simply horrible. His accent is so heavy that the students cannot even understand his Basic English. Forget about trying to learn medical terminology from him. Of course students have to buy used exams to pass his course. The whole division should be in question, the dean acts more like a used car salesman. Some instructors mentally retired years ago but still collect a very fat check. They set the example for the rest. Why do you think the nursing programs broke away and got their own College of Nursing? The high quality nursing programs and faculty were tired of being associated with such an embarrassingly inadequate dean and low quality health instructors. The TSC programs have been neglected for so many years that the personnel (the unethical ones of course) have taken advantage of the poor oversight to run amok unchecked. The health programs are not the only programs that need to be carefully examined. Some of the trade programs such as heating and air conditioning abuse students and their financial aid. Why do you think so many students opt to attend TSTC in Harlingen? That is why some of the trades programs have such low enrollment. Fortunately not all TSC programs are of poor quality. In spite of everything there are some very good programs. An educator that really understands these types of programs can discern the good from the bad. It is imperative to hire someone that knows how to request all of the pertinent information and knows how to analyze the actual outcomes. It is time for TSC Board to step up to the plate and demand accountability. These programs are under TSC’s watch and responsibility. Students and the community deserve a lot better than what is currently the norm in some of the TSC programs.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been wanting to do this post for several weeks - but just kept on forgetting.

For three years I taught at Houston Community College. My personal experience in terms of the university is, I graduated UTEP in 4 years with 150 credit hours. In addition to my credit hours in Soviet East European Studies I had 18 hours in economics. I did both of my master degrees in two years at UT Arlington - the Political Science MA included a 106 page thesis. I did law school in 2 1/2 years instead of 3. My point is, I know how to start and finish at the university.

A university and community college are not the same thing. Community college instruction must include preparing the student for transfer to the university. I assumed my students had no writing skills, or note taking skills. I taught them both. I taught them how to compile notes - how to outline an essay question and then treat it as a fill in the blank test. By the end of each semester I had the super majority of my students getting a "B" or "A" on a comprehensive final exam - all essay. I understood my job was more than teaching American Government - it was teaching how to succeed at the university.  I took pride in the fact parents would call my boss and find out which campus I would be teaching at so their child could take the second semester with me.

A second role of the community college is providing job training not only with two year degrees, but with certificates.

I have blogged extensively on the problems in the medical training program. They intentionally encourage more students to enroll in the program than will ever be admitted into any of the programs. They spend a year or longer taking prerequisites only to learn they did not get high enough grades to move on to the actual medical training..

The medical terminology course is a fraud - the students who are passing are buying old exams on campus and then studying the multiple choice answers in order to pass the test. The students who cannot buy the exams simply fail. I showed the course to several doctor friends of mine and they told me they never would have passed the course. The course has as its sole purpose to encourage dishonesty and fail students.

Real teachers know that you can give the students 200 multiple choice study questions and then put 100 on the test and the students who study the review test will actually learn and still pass. Students who are not serious will still fail, but then it will be their fault.

TSC needs to handle this issue now, or continue to be accused of intentionally recruiting and then failing students for the sole purpose of money.


The TSC Board needs to hire a consultant to tell them where the growth area is in employment. They then need to create programs which meet those growth areas.

Manufacturing growth in the US is up and up big time. The key is robotics. I accept Brownsville has no immediate need for workers trained in robotics use and repair, but it will some day. We need to start the training now so that future manufacturing companies will look to Brownsville for a viable work force. If TSC is unwilling to do this, then the COB needs to coordinate with Texas Workforce to create the training.



In the coming weeks Pan Am is expected to sign its first significant cargo contracts. If Pan Am's plans materialize they will need plane mechanics. This is another possible growth area for TSC.

My bigger issue is, it is time the TSC Board of Trustees begin to look at the job growth areas for Brownsville. They need to lead and get ahead of the curve. They need to meet with Bob Hedrick and find out what his needs will be in terms of professional training. We need to start the training now, and not after Pan Am is forced to recruit from outside Brownsville


Sorry guys I need the day off. The toxic levels of gabapentin are really hard on me. I got up at 7 and then went back to bed thereafter and just got up again. I need to work. The good news is, next Tuesday the Va will do another caudal raz on my spine thereby removing the adhesion. By Tuesday night I will be down to 400 mgs of gabapentin and by Friday I will be at zero. The back surgery failed which is why fluid continues to leak through a tear in the annulus thereby causing the adhesion. The surgery cannot be redone until November. The annulus needs at least 6 months to recover from the failed surgery.

OH, up's with Rome, Athens, and Istanbul. I wanted to go to China but have put it off because I decided that when I do China I also want to do Tibet - that makes the trip 18 days. The tour package is awesome and actually the same price as the 12 days for the Rome, Athens, Istanbul trip. I cannot imagine leaving the dogs for 18 days, so for now it will be 12 days sometime in the early Fall in Rome, Athens, and Istanbul. It is an archaeological tour which ends with Alexander the Great ruins in Turkey.

BV back on Friday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on Wednesday said it was an honor to name the last of 14 Lewis and Clark-class cargo ships after the late farm worker activist Cesar Chavez - pointing out that the vessels recognize American pioneers and visionaries who changed the country and the world for the better."



I  cannot find an embedded code for this, but here is a video he made for his girl friend after he lost in Hollywood.


The top video is Chris Medina's first video with Idol.  They used him for ratings and now will not even give him audience seats for the finale.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watch the full episode. See more Conversations.


Mayor Elect Martinez would do well to study this video.  Mayor Castro won reelection in a field of 5 by 82%.  He had the courage to take on the San Antonio School District Board of Trustees.  Will Tony lead and make the hard decisions or will he get along.  If he chooses to get along Brownsville will be in for another 4 years of disaster.  Brownsville needs a leader.  The presumption is he will lead - but only time will tell if this presumption is accurate.


He wants people to know he never placed an add with Montoya.  I find this interesting because the implication was Montoya wanted people to think people were placing ads with him.  Did he take down Zavaleta's ad on demand from Zavaleta.  During the November election finance reports showed Ernie Hernandez paid for an ad and received positive press.  Is someone lying or is someone deceiving?  I find it interesting Roman chose to remain silent on the allegation until after the election.  Not very honorable if I do say so myself.  An honorable man would have come forward during the election.


People have noticed I took down the link to Pan Am.  To date my goal has been to provide the people an awareness.  But something has changed.  Pan Am is now seeking taxpayer money to fund a start up of flights  from Monterrey to San Antonio via Brownsville.  The BV now needs to take a new approach.  By providing Pan Am free advertising the BV would be compromising itself in terms of the news coverage.  The process needs to be guided by strict oversight from BEDC and other city agencies and departments.  The BV intends to give Pan Am the same scrutiny it gave Fly  Frontera.  The business model is  there, the question is, do they have the needed certificates, planes and financials to make it worth the city's investment.


The City of Brownsville does not have the money to attend to the issues in the various districts.  Some streets are in critical condition and need immediate attention - two for example are Dana and Iowa.  Iowa remains a major embarrassment to Brownsville. This is the first image of Brownsville every possible investor has of Brownsville.  For 4 years I asked Sorry Charlie Atkinson to attend to this issue - and he did not.

But unless the street is in critical condition then the residents need to wait.  Brownsville is in an investment mode.  What limited resources Brownsville has need to be used for investment and not attending to every little need in every district.  I know people do not want to hear this - but this is how reality works.

Brownsville will never recover financially until it increases its tax revenues, sales, bridges, and property taxes.   This requires the city invest in Brownsville in the larger sense.


None of the candidates gave a good answer in terms of water policy.  Agreeing we need a water policy was just insulting.  I was disheartened when I read Tony Martinez's policy would be conservation.  Conservation is not going  to bring us future development. 

One of the few areas Ahumada had it right was in the weir dam.  This serves a dual purpose.  It provides the entire county with water, and eventually helps with development of downtown.  This needs to be the number one policy objective of Mayor Martinez.  We are in the worst draught since 1920, and Brownsville has no water policy.  If Mayor Martinez does not get behind the weir dam he better sooner than later announce a water policy which will take Brownsville into the next 100 years.


The weir dam is just part of the development of downtown.  I am not big on tax incentives to bring businesses into downtown.  But I do believe the city needs to build a multilevel parking garage with security to attract investors to downtown.  Until there is a parking garage - all of the discussion about downtown is BS and going nowhere.


Brownsville never had a fighting chance on the Boeing contract because it does not have the needed runway.  For years we have heard Larry Brown promise the runway expansion as being any time now.  The city commission needs to make this a priority.  Pan Am will not be able to develop the business it wants with Brownsville without the 12,000 runway.  Independent of Pan Am - a 12,000 runway makes Brownsville a place business wants to come to.  Maybe someone will use the old Titan tire factory as a warehouse.


The candidates ran from this issue because they feared the BISD trustees asking their supporters to vote against the candidate.  The average person in Brownsville fails to understand the limited express powers of the mayor.  So when the mayor fails to act they think the mayor is simply ineffective.  But the mayor does have inherent powers.  When the mayor speaks people listen.

Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio won by 82 % in a field of 5.  He took the bull by the horns and got involved in the school district race.  Why?  He understands business will not relocate to a city with a second rate school district.  Tony Martinez will learn a hard lesson if he takes Ahumada's approach and ignores the problems with  the BISD.  The Board is a disaster and nightmare.   The question is, will he lead in demanding an end to the nonsense or will he remain silent?  This may be his first challenge and message to the people - will he lead or hide?

For details on Mayor Castro's involvement in the SAISD races and his remarkable and courageous leadership on the issue see.




We keep on hearing there is no money and now they want to hire a forensic auditor to go over all of BISD's books.  It was pointed out to Lulu Longoria that she was wrong on several accounts, and corrections had been made to past mistakes, but reality will not get in her way.  She is determined to do injury to Springston and Fuller.  I am convinced that the public watching are fully aware Presas-Garcia and Longoria are ill equipped to be on this board and seem driven to humiliate themselves.  This is such a waste of taxpayer money.  And of course we have Attorney Michel with Presas-Garcia holding his gonads refusing to give proper legal advice.  It serves no purpose to put out an RFQ to audit the entire district if in the end it will be rejected as too costly.  He should have told them to narrow it, but this would have angered Presas-Garcia so he does nothing.

The good news it was not for Healthsmart.  But as Peña pointed out they failed to inform the public the purpose of the motion.  When asked about the lack of specificity in the agenda item, Michel does what he does best - nothing and simply goes along to please Presas-Garcia.


What we learned is under Springston attorneys fees have come down significantly especially in the areas of special services and personnel.  This reality did not make Gonzales or Rendon look good.  It proved the point that Gonzales and Rendon were mismanaging the district and special services.

On travel expenses based on 5 year averages Longoria and Presas-Garcia will break all previous spending records.  I do not include Saavedra because like Cortez she travels extra as the district representative at national events and conferences. 


Again it was explained to Presas-Garcia and Longoria that Compass bank absorbed 100% of the costs to BISD, and these two idiots refuse to accept the reality.  Again, driven to bankrupt the district, they want to get rid of Compass notwithstanding the fact they are paying higher interest rates.  The reality is Wells Fargo has not submitted an interest rate.  Why would you switch banks blindly without knowing the interest rates?  This is beyond bad policy.  The district has now put itself in a really bad position with deadlines.  It also tells other vendors that if they do not get administration's approval they can count on the board to give the losing vendor a chance to rebid and get the contract.  This again is bad policy.


Cavasos submits the only bid, which actually lowered the costs to the district while keeping the deductible at $50,000, versus raising it to $250,000, which is what the current company proposed and Longoria and Presas-Garcia voted against it.  These idiots will bankrupt this district if they get their way.  Johnny Cavasos stops buying Presas-Garcia lunch and this moron decides to settle the score by rejecting a policy which actually saves the district money.


They came back from executive session with no discussion or action on Brett Springston.  Escobedo will be there protecting his interests in contracts to the end.  Springston and Escobedo are inseparable lovers who will never be split.



The Texas legislature failed to deal with a host of issues, including the budget for education. Funny thing though - the Republicans have absolute control of the House and Senate by super majorities in addition to the governor's house, but yet they could not complete the budget or redistricting. They cannot blame the Democrats. The problem is the extreme right wants to destroy Texas, and the governor is powerless to stop them. We shall see the final compromise in the end.


I am going to try and keep this short so I can work on the bigger post for today. I can say with 100% certainty the FBI is all over BISD. The decision of Presas-Garcia to hire Healthsmart's lawyer told the FBI all they needed to know about this very, very bad person.

Pay attention people - it took the FBI 3 1/2 years to indict Limas. The FBI wants its case - so it allows public figure to engage in criminal conduct as part of building the case. The sad part is, the citizens never get back what they lost.   Tonight's meeting is just Presas-Garcia helping them to build a case.  Saavedra has proven that all of the education in the world does not keep you from being unethical.  My sources are telling me her brother is besides himself in how she has embarrassed the family and completely fails to see just how much damage she is doing to BISD.

On the agenda for tonight is the hiring of a forensic auditor.  The agenda item does not say for what.  In the past Presas-Garcia has stated she wanted to hire a forensic auditor to prove Healthsmart did nothing wrong.  Presas-Garcia is clearly being directed in her actions by Healthsmart.  Everyone knows this including the FBI.  What is sad is, Longoria and Saavedra are too stupid to realize this is obvious to everyone but them.  We shall see if they have the votes for BISD to now pay for Healthsmart's defense.  But then of course maybe they are hiring the forensic auditor for another reason.

It looks like they are going to fire their financial advisor.  Given the bond problems this is probably a fair decision, but I am certain the motivation has nothing to do with fairness.


Presas-Garcia has everything in place to suspend Brett Springston for FERPA violations.  She does not because she knows that if she opens that door the truth behind who released the confidential information on Colunga's son will become public knowledge.  I remain working on the issue.  I have met with people, via phone, with people within the Department of Education.  I know what they need to proceed in both cases.  I am compiling the information on the Colunga case.  I will be honest - my goal is to have BISD financially sanctioned.  Unfortunately this is what needs to happen to insure the people say enough is enough and send the entire board packing.  I did  file an initial complaint via phone which now has me on this path.


Presas-Garcia is not simply seeking to remove Springston, she wants to destroy him. This is why she will release her evaluation of him tonight. She wants it out there so it hurts him in his job search. Brett is desperate to get out of Brownsville - he is looking to work for less money at a smaller school district. He wants out before Presas-Garcia completely destroys him.


The sad part is, rather then just let him go, Presas-Garcia has chosen to pursue a path of destruction. This will in all likelihood lead to litigation.

Monday, May 16, 2011


The good news in the first sign of who Tony Martinez will be, we saw he rejected the Democratic Party use of politiqueras harvesting mail ballots from seniors - if anything the only candidate, based on percentages, who may have used politiqueras was Camarillo - but overall the numbers are so small who knows.

MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots

Tony Martinez % of vote 54.11 mail ballots 154
% of mail ballot vote 42%

Edward Camarillo % of vote 24.34 mail ballots 154
% of mail ballot vote 42%

In this election the most we were able to hope for is leadership.  We got that in Mayor elect, Tony Martinez.  With the exception of the Fly Frontera issue, I really did not care much about the issues.  You can have a candidate who agrees with you 100% who cannot get elected or who cannot lead. 

Tony owes no one.  The Democratic Party did not get him elected.  If anything they reduced his numbers in terms of people trusting him.  Tony is 100 financially independent and does not need anyone locally to remain financially independent.  As a lawyer, his client base would fire him in a second if they ever found he was involved in crooked business at the court house.  The type cases Tony works on are solid cases, which need no assistance from corrupt judges.

Four years ago, Ernie Hernandez out spent Pat Almighty big time and lost - even with the use of mail ballots.  Money cannot buy an election if no one likes you.  The only reason he is a county commissioner is, Ruben Peña chose to wing the election contest instead of doing it by the book and following the law.  Ruben had a solid election contest - what he did not have was solid knowledge of the law.

According to press reports, Ernie spent $75,283, compared ot Ahumada's $25,153. 

With all of that money, Ernie nearly did not make it to the runoffs.  Had Sally Arroyo cared about Brownsville, she would have filed an election contest over the harvesting of mail ballots - but she did not.

The people of Brownsville knew Camarillo - They saw he lacks leadership.  He has never shown an ounce of leadership while on the Brownsville City Commission - well maybe save once.  The people saw a seasoned successful businessman vs. a kid.  There was not much of a choice.

Guys I will continue this, but running late - more after 1:00 p.m.


On Tuesday I will get into what we should demand of Mayor Martinez and key problems facing Brownsville.

The Villarreal/Zavaeleta runoff.  If there was an easy win without a runoff it was the District 4 race.  Everyone I know did not vote in this race.  We desperately disliked Zavaleta and knew of his bad conduct at UTB/TSC.  This election was Villarreal's to lose.  But for reasons only Villarreal knows, he seems obsessed with following bad advice.  If you want people to vote for you, you need to respond to their questions.  With all of Zavaleta's faults at least he gave detailed interviews.

I along with everyone I know in District 4 will not be voting in the runoff.  Villarreal is adamant he would rather lose than answer questions.  His pathetic supporter who chose to attack me because in his opinion Villarreal was to busy to answer questions did not help Villarreal's case.  If he is too busy during the campaign to respond to questions, why would we believe he is going to be receptive to questions once elected.  At this point he is coming off as petty and vindictive - sounds like Atkinson.

Lopez/Chavez Vasquez Runoff

This is another case of vote for me without knowing anything about me.  As to very candidate, no one gave a satisfactory answer on the issue of Brownsville's water problems.  This goes for every candidate in every  race.  Every answer was empty with no meaningful specifics.  Among voters who vote based on knowledge neither of these candidates provided hope.

Lopez will probably lose because he has chosen a campaign of hiding.  I cannot find anything on this guy except videos and answers to a handful of questions presented to him by one person.  Whether it was these questions or his answers to the Herald's questions he basically says nothing.

While the voter turnout in the runoff will be low, except District 4 where it will be higher than elsewhere in Brownsville, but still low - I predict 2000 votes total.  Women who are voting without knowledge (blind) are going to vote for Chavez Vasquez.  This will give her the upper hand.


Neither of these elections were good for Brownsville.  Roman Perez shot himself in the foot when he effectively chose to pay Montoya to  trash Longoria.  This told people he is the same old person he has always been - not trustworthy.  It was a dishonorable act which probably cost him the election.  In my view Longoria won because people decided no matter how much they disliked him, he was still better than Roman Perez.  But unfortunately, neither candidate had anything to offer Brownsville.  So much for the BUC endorsement.

Atkinson and Tetreau was an election about ridding Brownsville of Atkinson.  It was a dirty campaign on both sides which did nothing to help Brownsville's image.  The most we can hope for is Jessica looks to other experienced commissioners and Mayor Martinez for help and guidance.  It is too early for the people to judge her.  We can only hope she becomes a good surprise for Brownsville.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Congratulations to Mayor Elect Tony Martinez, Commissioner Elect Jessica Tetreau, and Rick Longoria on his reelection. There will be a run-off between Estelle Chavez Vasquez and Robert Lopez, and Tony Zavaleta and John Villarreal.

Analysis tomorrow, tonight is a night for congratulations only.

I've decided I like this post and want to wait until Monday for the analysis.  I see hope for Brownsville - not just because Tony Martinez won, but because the people rejected the con jobs and lies.  So for today, let's just feel good about the future of Brownsville.

I  still want to keep this the lead post for today - so I am going to post the mail ballot summaries here.  I am doing this because it shows Tony Martinez made it know his campaign would have nothing to do with it.

MAYOR                  366 Mail Ballots

Tony Martinez          % of vote 54.11    mail ballots 154 
                                  % of mail ballot vote 42%

Edward Camarillo    % of vote  24.34   mail ballots 154
                                  % of mail ballot vote 42%

AT LARGE A           358 Mail Ballots

Robert Lopez             % of vote 25.85   mail ballots 216
                                   % of mail ballots 60%

Estelle Chavez           % of vote 33.42   mail ballots 79
Vasquez                     % of mail ballots 22%

DISTRICT 4              98 Mail Ballots

P.K. Patel                   % of vote 21.76    mail ballots 52
                                   % of mail ballots 53%

John Villarreal           % of vote 38.74     mail ballots 29
                                   % of mail ballots  30%

Tony Zavaleta            % of vote 39.50     mail ballots 17
                                   % of mail ballots 17%

you can see the other races here - nothing of importance -

click to enlarge


The mail ballots and early voting are counted. Other than incompetence there is not reason why Rodger Ortiz should not post these results come 7 p.m. with the press of a button - but experience teaches me otherwise. I have several sources to turn to and will post the results as they are provided to me.

Rodger Ortiz does what he does best - failure

It is 8:27 and if you click on the link for 2011 May elections you get the November returns - It is not bad enough he has posted nothing - what he has posted is the wrong election.


I was over at Palm Resaca for part of the day in the pool - on the election this is what I heard - Jessica send out a mailer which pretty much got her the super majority of the votes - they went with Tony Martinez - and in the at large race because the candidates chose to not really put out information about themselves the women voted for the women.  Guys in the run-off you might try telling something about why we should vote for you.



         Early Voting  3259  55% - if these hold Mr. Martinez wins outright
         Total Votes    5308  54%

          Early Voting   1445
          Total Votes     2388

         Early Voting      541
         Total Votes      1009

          Early Voting     531
          Mail Ballots      899

          Early Voting     123
          Mail Ballots


        Early Voting  
        Total Votes       3100

         Early Voting    1500
         Total Votes      2398

        Early Voting     1162
        Total Votes       1902

         Early Voting     1069
         Total Votes       1877


       Early Voting     510
       Total Votes       799

        Early Voting    393
        Total Votes      651


          Early Voting    460
          Total Votes      897

         Early Voting 374
         Total Votes 658


         Early Voting     565
         Total Votes       935

         Early Voting    541
         Total Votes      917

         Early Voting    315
         Total Votes      515

Friday, May 13, 2011


[UPDATE:  Quintanilla cannot hold his mouth - he has announced that on June 15th there will be an announcement about Fly  Frontera and its flights - note the date - right after the runoffs - vote for Camarillo and watch $1.5 million of your dollars go out the door to Fly Frontera.

Atkinson admits Fly Frontera back on agenda after election: 

Emily they do have the means and the planes and the connections but because of the current elections, it has been put on hold. Hopefully we can put the right commission in place that can do what is right for the community and not worry abou...t how the decisions they make will hurt their election. I would rather lose and accomplish this project whether its FLy Frontera or someone else because the ramifications and opportunity favors us with job creation and economic sparks to growth]

[REQUEST:  Photos - if anyone sees possible illegal conduct near or around the polls please take pictures and send then to the BV - also I promise I will look at the mail ballots - if any one candidate receives % wise a higher number of mail ballots then he/she received during early voting and election day, the BV will take them to task - look guys 1% means nothing - but we need to be diligent on this issue - there will be no sacred cows]

Real Quick - this link contains the possible redistricting maps.  All but the first keep the 27th basically in tact.  The first, Planc106 creates a district out of Cameron, Willacy, and part of Hidalgo County.  You will note it is not MALDEF's choice - so a lawsuit is guaranteed if Planc106 becomes the final map - click on Base Plan.



If you want Fly Frontera to get a guarantee of $1.5 million of your taxpayer dollars vote for Camarillo and Atkinson - if you do not vote for Tony Martinez or Viro Cardenas, and Jessica T.  I accept most people who read the blogs have already voted.  But you have family and  friends.  It is up to you to get them to the polls.  Drive them - pay for a taxi - do what ever you need to do.

Camarillo is desperate - the police union endorsed Tony Martinez so he has he hacks lying and claiming the police chief is calling people and telling them to vote for Tony Martinez.  Do you really want this kind of dishonesty as your mayor.  Yes we all know there is only one Carlos Garcia in Brownsville because the name Carlos or Garcia are so rare.  Camarillo is pathetic - hopefully the people will remember his desperation tomorrow at the polls.
Bridesmaids Poster


The first film to really make endless crude funny as hell. This is beyond simple crude - you see things which you expect from a bunch of high school kids who are drunk and crude - but the difference is these are grown women preparing for a wedding.

More of the review tomorrow  - but know best comedy I have seen in years.
Fly Pan American Airways


UPDATE:  Because I know how the internet works and lies become reality for those who need to destroy anything which does not give them a personal profit, I have confirmed with people in St. Louis that if the Missouri legislature fails to pass the tax incentives bill it will not stop the China Hub from going forward.  I am being told that by the end of the month the final contract with the Chinese cargo  company will be signed.  The tax incentives are to promote warehousing and other infrastructure, but even without it the China hub moves forward - so I am being told by an official at the St. Louis County Economic Council)

Jim Barton recorded the event.  Go down and start with the 16 minute recording.  You will learn about the entire game plan.

One thing you learn is until Brownsville does its runway expansion to 12000 feet Brownsville will be losing out on business.  It is sad they are having to use Houston for the larger cargo planes because Brownsville lacks the resolve to build the runway.  Brownsville never had a fighting chance for the new Boeing plant because of its lack of runway.

Here is the BV's story on the runway issue.


The Pan Am meeting.


Story in St. Louis Dispatch



Google is in the process of restoring lost comments and yesterday's post. The problems have been with blogger system wide. Hopefully once it gets the posts restored it will not delete this one.


5523 people voted early


In 2007, 3580 people voted early.  This increase is good news and evidence people are either more engaged or more aware of the early voting option.


In 2007 ,7703 people voted in the mayor's race.  3409 people voted on election day.  There were 714 mail ballots.  If these trends hold, half or more of the people have already voted.  I suspect people who follow the blogs have already voted.



According to the Herald Camarillo's and Ahumada's campaign finance reports were incomplete. It is typical of Camarillo to cry about how Martinez is spending his money while failing to properly disclose all of his contributors.  But here is the question - anyone who believes Fly Frontera is a over is in the dark - the decision of Ahumada and Camarillo to not complete their campaign finance reports on a timely basis raises the question are they hiding donations from people associated with Fly Frontera - Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate failed to report in kind donations from these two - pay attention people there is a scenario which involves Camarillo or Ahuamda which gets Fly Frontera the money they want.

Here is the Lubbock article.



The problem with late filings is the Texas Ethics Commission encourages it because all they will do is issue a simple sanction with a small fine. The candidates know it is highly unlikely anyone will file a complaint so why not be late and hide the names of your donors.

Pay attention in what happened in Lubbock - we have sleepers in this election who are not telling the truth about there intentions or campaign contributions on a timely basis. 

Mark my words, the attack on Tony Martinez is to insure Camarillo is around to push for Fly Frontera - $1.5 million dollars to be paid to Public Charters - who according to the BEDC is not financially sound.  This is what Camarillo has promised them.  If he becomes mayor you do not have a right to complain if you voted for him.

Here is a typical example of how it works.  Texas Republicans tell their supporters they will pass a law regulating federal employees.  There are actually people dumb enough to believe Texas can regulate federal employees and airports under federal authority.  The TSA controls security before you get on the plane.  This is by federal law.  No one who understands federal law believes this Texas law would ever become law or if it did become law would be enforced.  So why lie to the Tea Baggers and their supporters - because these Republicans know all they have to do is lie to get the Tea Baggers support.



Why does he mislead those in the community who opposed the westend toll road - because he can - he knows they will always vote for the person who lies to them before they listen to someone being honest with them.  The toll road is going to happen and all the protesting in the world will not stop it.