Thursday, April 28, 2011


It took a lot to end this deal. What we learned this morning is Fly Frontera failed with BEDC. But more importantly we learned that GBIC failed to seek BEDC review as provided for by the rules. When we read Ahumada's defense for bypassing the process we know for sure this was a back door deal rushed to avoid proper review. The BEDC needs to look closely at GBIC to insure this does not happen again.

We learn from this mailer something I have been explaining - there were behind the scene things happening. Camarillo knew there would be a Pan Am lawsuit. This put him in a position of having to publicly defending the deal in light of the lawsuit, BEDC non-support, Pan Am bid for incentives, and the voice of the people - BV had established for Camarillo it intended to put out 10,000 No More Calabaza cards on windshields with direction to a web page - that may still happen. Camarillo also knew there was a PAC prepared to take out ads in the Herald.

Obviously, this mailer was prepared and mailed before the decision to cancel the meeting to vote on Fly Frontera. But it is still important because it tells the people the truth about Camarillo - now he can defend his conduct. It was bad judgment to work with a non-reformed convicted felon. He knew GBIC did not follow proper procedure by getting a review from BEDC. Camarillo wanted the calabaza of looking the voters in the face and saying "I worked to bring air plane service to Mexico." He did not give a rats ass it was not properly vetted under the rules. Upwards of $2 million taxpayer dollars to a venture not properly vetted so that Camarillo could use it as a campaign ploy.



BobbyWC said...

When I first got this mailer the first thing I noticed was the mistake about the vote. Tony and his people clearly get an "F" for accuracy.

But, the documented evidence which Camarillo has refused to dispute is that since at least October or if you believe Montoya since August he was working with Quintanilla on this project.

I accept cheezmeh hate facts - but facts do matter - before the meeting to table - Pan Am made clear that they would sue if they did not table the matter - this is why they had to go into executive session - Camarillo just played people by moving to table - he had no choice - Sossi made it clear they had no choice- the protestors had no impact - had Pan Am not threatened to sue Camarillo and Longoria would have voted yes.

If you think a handful of people showing up at any commission meeting is going to change anything you are delusional - it has never worked anywhere in the US - it takes thousands of people protesting before elected officials listen.

On the record where was Camarillo when it came time to demand more transparency on the FF deal - no where - he failed to show up at the Forum and call for transparency - Tony Martinez did show up and called for more transparency.

Cheez has this "THING" for Rodrigo Moreno - no one in their right mind negotiates with Moreno - his style of running campaigns is not embraced by people of integrity - after Moreno assured cheez Camarillo would vote no - camarillo supported an emergency meeting to vote yes.

The BEDC then issued its report - Pan Am made it know the lawsuit would be filed on Thursday and the chicken-shit Camarillo panicked - he had a lawsuit and BEDC looking him in the face with bad news - he also had at least one campaign calling him out "NO More Calabaza." 10,000 cards on windshields and some type ads from a PAC which would denounce the deal without calling out Camarillo.

Camarillo cannot run from the facts

BUT IN THE END - on accuracy as to the vote - Tony Martinez does get an "F"

Only Tony can fix this major screw up.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, just because you say it, doesn't make it true! You said that Cheezmeh couldn't make it happen. You said that no matter what, it was a done deal. You said Cheezmeh was a bunch of frauds.

I'm sorry Bobby, but the shy is not falling! If you are going to rant about anyone, please pick your battles with the politicos, and not with those of us who are trying to shed some light onto a corrupt society!

Have a good night!

BobbyWC said...

First of all again Cheez you prove facts have no place in your reality - also - it is true I said the deal was done - but once I learned of Pan Am's threat to file the lawsuit on Thursday I knew Camarillo would fail.

Cheez your ego and that of Carlos Quinanilla are the same. cheez will fail - no right minded politico or business leader is going to consider cheezmeh serious so long as you are the moderator - you seem to think encouraging abusive, racist, bigotted language is how you impress it is not--

Your thought process is 100% like Quintanilla's no free speech unless we worship him and because he may have said the right thing about one political issue we should ignore the rest of who he is.

You need to learn we do not live in cheezville where people need your permission to think or speak.

You my dear are as abusive if not more abusive than Charlie Atksinson - the community has rejected this. I am not the only poster asking why you are protecting Camarillo - again only a moron would negotiate with Moreno

I deal in reality - I know enough in the BISD mess Quintanilla had no problem finding people him - but I also know many of the posters at cheezmeh believe you are a con artist in how you manage the page - I know they questioned your judgment when you went to Moreno.

Cheezmeh had nothing to do with what happened - Pan Am put the lawsuit on the table and it ended. Before the last meeting Pan Am told them a lawsuit would be filed - This is why they were in executive session- Camarillo feared the political outfall from voting yes with a lawsuit from Pan Am to follow - he also knew that I had proven to him I had in Place the "NO More Calabaza" campaign of 10,000 to be distributed - at that moment Cheezmeh had a handful of people at the meeting with zero evidence it could educate Brownsville. I could play the ego game and say BV caused the delay with its 10,000 card NO More calabaza - but I know better - it only because of concern for camarillo once Pan Am made clear the lawsuit would follo.

People will grow tired of your racists, anti-semitic loud mouth wats - while I know some politics respect some of the posters as to you individually they have zero respect - fouled mouth ego does not gain the repect of anyone

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

People should know the truth. BobbyWC stopped Fly Frontera dead in their tracks with his promise of 10,000 "No calabaza" push cards once Mr. WC got some money together to pay the printer. Geez, people! BobbyWC is "truth, justice and the American way!" He's the bomb! No one but BobbyWC does anything in this town. Just ask him!

BobbyWC said...

sacasm which ignores what I have posted - Pan Am with threat of litigation shut this down - but it put fear in camarillo that various groups would voice outrage - but the truth is only "the no Calabaza' campaign was going to got at camarillo directly

Bobby WC