Friday, April 29, 2011


Unlike so many people celebrating the release of the BEDC report I have no idea what the truth is - certainly Mr. Gallagher using his non-reformed convicted felon as his mouth piece does not help his case. Quintanilla has been proven a liar so many times it is inconceivable to me why Gallagher would want him to speak now at to the truth.

The BV discussed that Homeland Security could deny landing privileges from Mexico. On this issue it does not surprise me they did not have privileges.

From the herald

"Among the authorizations Norton specifically cited PCI as lacking was permission from the U.S. Department of Transportation to operate flights to Mexico, which he noted could be difficult and time-consuming to obtain. PCI did secure an Air Operators Certificate from Mexico."

This was huge. So my question is, who at the city stated due diligence was done and missed this issue. We can debate the issue of Gallagher's assets - but that is irrelevant if they did not have permission to fly and land in the US.

It is inconceivable to me that on this mistake any voter could give Ahumada, Camarillo or Longoria a pass. Fly Frontera would have had taxpayer money with no permission to fly into the US.

So I have two demands for the new city commission which will be in place after the elections.

The people deserve a full investigation into the so called due diligence done by the city before this issue exploded onto the internet and Pan Am and the people started to complain. We need to know those responsible for failing the city are fired. This was a huge mistake.

Second, and I know those celebrating the release of the BEDC report will not like this, and that is fine - we can agree to disagree - but I want to know who gave it to the Herald.


If the person goes unpunished then no corporation can be assured their financial records are kept confidential. We are also dealing with possible proprietary in formation. At this point we are not talking about Fly Frontera, we are talking about the BEDC's ability to do its job. At this point I cannot see why anyone would trust them in the future, until and unless the person who released the report is punish.

The Herald was reckless in its reporting - It cared more about its ego than in Brownsville - it could have discussed the issue and why they learned without disclosing they got a copy of the report. It was a stupid move which hurt Brownsville ability in the future to recruit business.


Quintanilla complains about the release of the report and it never should have happened - it's funny now that information came out which shows he was conning Brownsville he complains about confidentiality - he was the exact opposite and praising Presas-Garcia when she gave him Joe Rod's


You cannot be considered legitimate as a political voice of the community when you have sacred cows. The moderator of Chezzmeh has made Camarillo his sacred cow. Camarillo has no defense for meeting with Quintanilla since October. He has no defense for failing to call for a proper due diligence investigation by BEDC. A real leader would have chastice GBIC for bypassing BEDC.

Caamarillo has shown he has no leadership or integrity - the Fly Ftonterea matter proves this - so why is the cheezhems moderator's sacred cow? This is unacceptable and cheezmeh as a group will find itself not credible if it starts to choose sacred cows.

The BV has no sacred cows. Tony Martinez messed up in his add on the vote issue, and the BV called him on it. The BV gave Tony and "F" on the accuracy. Why, even though the BV endorses Tony- there are no sacred cows.

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