Saturday, April 23, 2011


The pics are from Brownsville Cheezmeh.
While I am very happy with Cheezemeh's continued effort, I am disappointed with the apparent decision to give Longoria and Camarillo a pass on this - if they know there are no consequences for their actions FF will fly. This is why I insist this is a done deal. If Longoria and Camarillo bail on FF so too will Troiani and Gowen. Not targeting the only two votes which matter is like doing nothing.

According to Quintanilla and Montoya, Longoria and Camarillo have been meeting with Quintanilla since August. But I get politics - the group is a group and within that group are those so sapped up by Longoria and Camarillo they will insure FF flies -

Longoria lied at the last meeting - he said FF would not come back - he knew this was a lie - Michael Hoyle's whose company controls the planes to be used is going nowhere so long as he knows no one else is offering to use his planes and Brownsville is filled with saps.

If you are standing with Longoria or Camarillo at this moment you are a sap - a major sap - you will be the reason FF flies and Brownsville will lose again. But I get it - some people prefer living in the dark than taking a stand and facing reality.

I say to those who continue to support Longoria and Camarillo to send the following email and see if you get an answer - you will not.

Do you support the use of defamation, disinformation, criminal background checks, and threats being used by those who support Fly Frontera?  Further do you support the decision of the BPUB to loan money to FF after they came to the city asking for an increase in late fees on the poorest of the poor in Brownsville and the unemployed?  Will you put on the agenda a repeal of the authorization of the BPUB to increase the late fees now that it has been shown they have money to loan interest free?

Rick Longoria

Edward Camarillo

I will bet the farm they will not answer these questions.  That is all any of their supporters should need to know Longoria and Camarillo are making saps of them.

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