Saturday, April 9, 2011

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First Saved Message from phone number 956-371-0147 received March 17th at 3:14 PM.
Hello. Hey Bob give me a call.  Charlie Atkinson, Commissioner of Brownsville, I hope your not trying to get in the way from what were are trying to do here in Brownsville by sparking other _________. I’d like to talk to you about this cause I I would truly hope your not trying to sabotage anything that the City of Brownsville is doing.
Next  Message from phone number 956-371-0147 received March 23rd at 7:47 PM.
Hey Mr. Hendrick, this is Charlie Atkinson just calling you to see if you could call me back. I’d like to talk to you about the stuff going on at the airport, your involvement in some of these things and the future of your company with Brownsville.
Press Release
April 9, 2011
I am Robert Hedrick, President of Pan American Airways and World-Wide Consolidated Logistics.  As president of World-Wide Consolidated Logistics I operate a TSA Homeland Security Screening Facility at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport.

I have attached a recording of two messages left on my cell phone xxx-xxx-xxxx from City of Brownsville Commissioner Charlie Atkinson.  These messages are considered by me to be direct threats against my companies and I from a sitting member of the City of Brownsville Commission.

On April 16th, 2011, in the lobby of the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport I entered into a conversation with Dave Lucas from Charter Air Transport regarding proposed passenger service from Fly Frontera.  I questioned both the capability and the viability of Fly Frontera to provide these services and the validity of the company as an entity.

Present were Dave Lucas, Charlie Atkinson, Jason Hilts, Larry Brown, Charlie Cabler, someone from the City of Brownsville Attorney’s office and several others.  Charlie Atkinson asked for my cell phone number.  I gave him xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

The next day, March 17th, 2011 I received the first threatening telephone call and on March 23, 2011, while at dinner, I received the second call.  From that date until the City Commissioners meeting on April 5th, 2011 I received several more calls from Charlie Atkinson without a message being left.

I do not believe that I was standing in the way of Brownsville, but was standing in the way of Charlie Atkinson and company.  These messages were left for the sole purpose of intimidation.  References to the “future” of my companies in Brownsville can only be taken as a direct threat.

I also question the motives of the constant and deliberate “pushing” Frontera as the only carrier that is acceptable to Charlie Atkinson and the Mayor of Brownsville.  Why?

What is the real agenda behind the strong arm tactics?  Is the use of threats the way business is conducted in the City of Brownsville?  If so, that is one of the reasons company’s do not come and some do not stay in Brownsville.  Threatening the President of a major global airline is not conducive to good business relationships.

Robert Hedrick

BV NOTE:  The press release includes the messages from Charlie Atkinson - I have no idea how to upload the tape recordings.  I have them on my computer but that is it.  If anyone knows how I can upload them let me know.

I am not sure what the threat is in the first call - I think it is after the world "by" because there are then several words I do not understand.  In the second recording at  the end Atkinson says "and the future of your company in Brownsville."  In the context this is a very clear threat that Pan Am's relationship and contracts with Brownsville could be in jeopardy.

The BV will have more on this on Monday or Tuesday.  The focus at this time has nothing to do with Gallagher or Quintanilla - the focus is how the current city commission does business.

And to be clear so Ahumada cannot keep on lying to the press about the blogs.

The BV has always supported direct flights to Mexico and in fact defended the idea even after it  failed in McAllen.

The BV has always supported incentives to airlines willing to come into Brownsville

The BV believes Brownsville needs this service and that in the right hands it means jobs and money for Brownsville.

The Mayor's little meeting is a con-job - it is like asking "do you support giving milk to babies?"  This is not the issue.  The issue is why was Pan Am told no money while our mayor and three commissioners were telling Gallagher there is money?

Had Pan Am not been lied to then this would not be an issue - because to be honest - open bids are not always in the best interests of any city on these type deals.  Airlines need to know that if they are willing to explore the idea they are protected from the city going public with their plans.  The problem is, Pan Am was lied to.  Why? Pan Am should have been the first told about the availabilities of incentives.

Further the mayor is so pathetic and such a liar he seems to be blaming the blogs for Pete Gonzalez not being able to answer a simple question.  What is the expected return on investment?  Ahumada, Camarillo, Atkinson, and Longoria were all ready to move forward without even knowing if there is an ROI.
The mayor will keep on lying and the Herald will continue to not cover the story because doing an ounce of research is more than any Herald reporter is willing to do.  And to be fair - the Herald has cheated Fly Frontera in terms of better explaining the process and what they are offering.

Finally it is my understanding this is a general press release so the Herald has the recordings - will they play them? 


Everyone knows there is no love lost between me and the local Tea Party - in fact Quintanilla attacked me for denouncing their use of the term"reconquista" which I consider racist -

But here we go

Now for the record the BV's coverage next week will be on the mismanagement of this by the City Commission and not Gallagher and Quintanilla - the bigger problem is not Gallagher or Quintanilla it is the city commission.  Had Quintanilla not started his attacks and lies and defamation, Gallahger would be an innocent victim in this mess.  But once he embraced Quintanilla's conduct his otherwise  compliance with the rules became questionable.


Anonymous said...

Bobby just heard the tapes from Charlie Atkinson your guy from Pan Am is losing it. I did not hear any threats from Charlie.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong - as I said myself - on the first tape I do not know what the threat is - I cannot hear teh words after "by" - but on the second tape he clearly makes known Pan Am's business in Brownsville might be in question.

that was a clear threat for Pan Am to get in line or else.

I have had numerous people listen to this tape before I posted it in hope someone could hear the words after "by" - but to a person they were shocked about the threat in the second call.

But nice try Charlie

peole will listen and make up their mind - I am weird that way - people should be allowed to look at the documents or listen to the tape and make up their own mind.

If after a couple of thousand people listen to the tape and they feel like there is no threat Charlie will come out like the victim - if they decide there is a threat on Pan Am's business-

Brownsville will have no choice but to denounce Charlie or go on record they support his conduct.

By the way I will print how each Commissioner feels on the issue come Tuesday.

Will they denounce him or send a clear message to the world this his how Brownsville does business.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Sorry Charlie is getting desperate - I am rejecting a comment of his wherein he claims Pan Am is lying about its renovation of the Pan Am building among other things, and that there is a tape of Bob Henrick defaming people

For over a week I heard rumors of what was on this tape of Atkinson - I rejected every post - why - I made it clear to the sources I would only go with the story if the people can listen to the tape and make up there own minds.

We call that fair - Atksinon in the rejected posts makes it clear he is goin to go to Montoya's blog with his post wherein he knows he does not have to produce the alleged take or the lease agreement./

The agreement with Pan Am is a public document - just give me the document and I will post it - the readers can then decide who is lying Pan Am or Charlie.

Give me the alleged tape and I will post it and then my listeners can decide who is telling the truth.

Atkinson will do neither because he knows he can go to Montoya and makes the claims without documentation or the alleged tape.

When Atkinson's employer came to me and asked that I post he lost his job or was suspended I refused the story because I believed then as I believe now the timing was to influence the election.

I even gave him an unedited his side of the story to protect his inerests
sorry charlie calls this biased reporting.

Sorry Charlie only likes print reporting when it says what he wants people to believe - he hates evidence and documents.

Dude give me the tape and give me the agreement with Pan Am and I will post it - then everyone will know the truth.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This particular tape his hard to decipher but the use of threats is definitely in play by our city government.

The day after Jessica Tetreau filed to run against Charlie Atkinson, her business had to deal with child labor and illegal immigrant employment issues. When realtor Craig Grove attempted to speak at the 4/5 City Commission meeting, Atkinson yelled out "car burgler" referring to a charge Grove faced as a 17 year old of breaking into a car. In his extensive Facebook ramblings, Carlos Montoya shared the previous cities of residence of all who spoke up at the City Commission meeting about Fly Frontera, another veiled threat showing they had done background checks on all of us.

This is just the way the city does business.

BobbyWC said...

I think you mean Carlos Quintanilla Juan Montoya -

The threat part is real - very real - Quintanilla called me and threated to kick my ass all over Brownsville.

I have more on this next week - but in this case Ahumada, Quintanilla, Aktinson, Longoria, and Camarillo bit off more than they can chew.

What these idiots fail to understand is, Homeland Security and the FBI because of Brownsville's location is all over this -

They have no idea just how much trouble they have caused. More next week

Anonymous said...

"because to be honest - open bids are not always in the best interests of any city on these type deals. Airlines need to know that if they are willing to explore the idea they are protected from the city going public with their plans."

Make up your mind Bobby. You are so hell bent to hate that you cant see what you obviously know is true.

Sounds like sour grapes to me. If Hendricks as President of a major airline isn't familiar with or the history of deals made in the industry, he must not have been to eager to provide the services Fly Frontera is prepared to do until it was to late. Hell he's very neighbor at the airport, Continental, negotiated a similar deal. His and your insistence to claim foul is absurd. Thankfully the commission is strong enough to ignore your threats and slander. Stop with the propaganda. Brownsville deserves better.

BobbyWC said...

no sir you are so biased on this deal you do not see the problem

Pan Am asked for incentives - they were told no - Pan Am asked for the same thing Fly Frontera asked for and was told yes.

I agree that once an airline tries to work with the city everything should go by the book but that there should not be open bidding because it will hurt the process.

But here Pan Am was told no and then Fly Frontera was told yes

This is the problem.

I have gone out of my way to make sure people understand bidding in not alway best - but when you have two airlines asking for the same thing and Pan Am is told no and then Fly Frontera is told yes

We get to ask questions - and that is what you fear.

Look I have said Fly Frontera is going to get the contract - he deal is done.

I have asked the people to hope for the best for Fly Frontera and that they succeede.

But this is not enough for you - you want no reporting - just praise -

This is not Quintanillaville it is the US where the press asks questions and demands answers.

I defy you to copy and paste one lie I have told in my reporting.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What do you not understand about this agreement, it went through various committees and Advisory Council they all received extensive documentation about Fly Frontera many asked questions of David Lucas and Jim Gallagher and of course had the opportunity to drill Quintanilla as the members of Cheezmeh had, they opted to walk out on his presentation. The information the disclosures have been made public over and over no one was trying to hide anything, I saw it on Channel 23, read about it in the Rio Grande Guardian and saw an rticle in Milenio, a Mexico newspaper. What is so secretive about this. Your hate towards Quintanilla is getting the best of you he is busy delivering for the City of Brownsville, we have had no airline flying direct service into Mexico, instead we have all those little turbos at the airport, stop by and see for yourself the traffic and passengers that they are transporting and we are getting Zilch. You are too busy supporting anarchy and hate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you've done a great job so far, you have all the facts and it seems you have researched this guy for a while, would you please send everything you have to the FAA (federal aviation adminstration) and have them look into this "flyfrontera" business. The FBI is a good idea too.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. Why is the commissioner calling and not the city manager? Inspite of the threats, this is why we should be asking. How many calabazas is he getting?

BobbyWC said...

On teh comment about not undertanding the agreement - I have discussed the agreement and explained it to people. I have stated this is standard practice - I have agreed that RFO's are not necessarily good because it would send interested companies away.

I have said Gallagher would be a victim in all of this had it not been for his refusal to denounce Quintanilla's conduct.

So in the end you are full of shit. I have defended the process they went through - the problem is why was Pan Am told no incentives available but Gallagher was told there are incentives. This is the problem.

And if everything was properly vetted by all of this organizations why is it after all those weeks of vetting no one bothered to calculcate the return on investment?

Why is the City doing more investigation/

I have stood by the process and even defended keeping the discussion secret - so your assessement of my coverage as is always the case with people like you is all bull shit and lies.

Bobby WC

I did reject two comments - Quintanilla attacked me for attacking the TEA parties use of the term "reconquiasts." I will never post any comment which suggests he is about immigrants rights -

I took a stand against these racists and Quintanilla defended them - Quintanilla is a racist LINO who would sell out the Latino community faster than anyone could possibly imagine.

Another comment I am rejecting is more information about the statue of Pan Am. the only information I have posted on Fly Frontera has been information verified through documents or the internet.

I have told sorry Charlie Aktinson that if he wants this information out there about Pan Am send me the agreement which is public and the so called tape and the BV will post it - documents always tell teh story better than an anony poster.

you know Fly Frontera did a good ad today in the Herald to help its image all Quintanilla did by attacking Pan Am was to distract away from the good the ad did for the project.

I have been clear - this deal is done - Fly Frontera will fly and everyone who loves Brownsville should hope for their success.

But there was dirty politics in this deal because Pan Am was lied to about the incentives. This is not Fly Frontera's fault - it is the city's fault- gallagher messed up the day he refused to join in with Quintanilla in the attack mode.

had he simply distanced himself from Quintanilla after he started his attacks and defamation I believe this deal would have been sealed last week. From square one his biggest enemy has been Quintanilla not me.

But people it is a done deal - it will fly - and if you love Brownsville you will hope they succeed.

But this does not mean we do not hold accountable those who made for this mess which has embarassed Brownsville.

As to the FAA, Homeland Security, and the FBI my sources are telling they they were at the last city commission meeting and are already gathering documents.

The problem does not begin with Gallagher - until he adopted Quintanilla;s conduct he was at best a victim of a corrupt city government - but his decision to go with what has happened may cost him more then his business - it may cost him his freedom.

Bobby wc

John Moore said...

Bobby, could you explain more of why you oppose the city requesting proposals? You've said that it would drive airlines away, but I don't understand why exactly. I'm not familiar with the industry but Bob Hedrick requested that the city request proposals, not just deal with his and Gallagher's companies.

In your opinion, is there a way to handle the request or the proposals that would not drive airlines away? It seems to me that the Commission should be voting yes or no on one proposed deal that has the recommendation of the Airport Advisory Board, and that the Board should sign confidentiality agreements with several airlines that it solicits for proposals. If one airline says that it needs the city to guarantee 21 seats per flight in order to break even, and another says it needs 19 to break even, then the savings to tax-payers could be worth the process.

Finally, my interest in all of this is as a frequent flier. But the seat guarantee subsidy has some negative consequences to both consumers and the city. Guaranteeing seats distorts the market price of seats. If an airline operates without such incentives, it makes a decision about how much to charge for seats, knowing that the more seats cost, the fewer they will sell. By guaranteeing seats, there is no incentive to price seats as low as possible. Rather, the only incentive is for the lost profits of the non-guaranteed seats. But $125 * 30 = $187.50 * 20. (In fact it costs the airline more to fly 30 people than 20, so the problem to the city and consumers is worse than this example shows). If the city is guaranteeing 20 seats, why would the airline charge $125 if that price is needed to fill the entire flight? Why not just charge $187.50, knowing that if you sell 15 seats, 5 will be guaranteed, and if you sell 25, the extra 5 are gravy? But what is lost? The airline loses 10 passengers, which it likes (less fuel, employees, liability, etc.), but the city loses landing fees on 10 people, and area businesses lose 10 consumers.

What I would much rather see is a waiver of landing fees for a period of time in order to cover the start-up costs. That way, there is still an incentive to fill every seat, and the market price will not be distorted by an incentive.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with everything you say - but here is the problem - our first question how is it normally done - an airline approachs the city and the city works with the airline.

If the city were to say - okay airline abc has approached Brownsville about possible flights to xyz cities then the original airline may pull out.

The problem is two fold - the city lied to Pan Am about the incentive money - that is why under these facts I believe Pan Am should be allowed to file its own proposal. techincally under the normal way of doing business Pan Am should have been told about the incentives and the city should have moved on from Fly Frontera -

Pan Am rather than say only they and Frontera should be allowed to bid has agreed to allow everyone to bid.

But here is the problem - where would Pan Am be in the process to day had they not been lied to?

The smart policy is, the COB should have regular ads in industry publications that it may have incentive money for the following markets. This would bring in the most possible interested airlines.

The COB is a case of complete incompetence - what is happening in this debate has Brownsville the loser -

It s very sad.

But your comments were very helpful and brought added discussion which is what the BV always likes

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant Carlos Quintanilla. . .He has a history of thuggery, even within LULAC where it seems, he is despised.

Anonymous said...

How much has the City of Brownsville spent on the Sports Park? What is the Rate of Return on this Venture? How much is the subsidy the City is having to cough up for the park on an annual basis.

Why is it that Sorry Charlie has no qualms of using tax payer monies on projects he will benefit from? Exactly what is his employment status? Is he now a marketer like Camarillo? It appears you can be in marketing only when you are a sitting commissioner.

Anonymous said...
These low cost Mexican carriers are already established and flying. They give great deals by flying through Toluca instead of Benito Juarez Airport in D.F.

Why does the City want to mess around with questionable startups when there are already successful discount carriers? Vivaerobus already flies to Austin. I don't think the City should offer money to startup companies. This is probably gonna be worse than Titan. I sure hope not!

Anonymous said...

Carlos Quintanilla is not a "Chicano" or any other minority activist. He is simply in this for himself.
Why is he even in Brownsville?

Anonymous said...

"no sir you are so biased on this deal you do not see the problem

Pan Am asked for incentives - they were told no - Pan Am asked for the same thing Fly Frontera asked for and was told yes."

iam sure you meant to write fly frontera asked for the same thing. right? anyway, why would someone with hendricks track record of no passenger service even be considered at all when to date he hasnt moved any cargo save one box. hendricks took the pan am name for its name recognition. hendricks has no history with the original airlines nor has he ever been involved passenger vair service. its a sham. and we all bought it. i like you was excited reading on your bog that pan am was coming to brownsville. finally our airport is expanding and becoming a the real deal. but alas we have been duped.

BobbyWC said...

Pa nAm said it would have the cargo going in 2011 - it is April - he still has quite a few months to go - if they do not fly in 2011 which is hardly over - then we can say Larry Brown was wrong again.

base on reading the herald it was Ricard Atkinson who was trying to post through the disinformation I rejected yesterday

Hey man be a man and if you are going to trash Pan Am put your name to it so everyone knows it is the Atkinson's doing the trashing

Bobby WC