Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It is amazing to me how one person so consistently lies and misleads people. As is always the case with the BV when documents are available they will be posted.


The first document is the docket sheet in the Voz radio case against Quintanilla. I printed this last night at about 11:30 or so.  Yesterday morning before leave for SA I checked to see if he had filed a sworn answer to the lawsuit. He had not. This is why I knew his bogus attempt to post to the BV under cheezmeh's name that the lawsuit had been dismissed was false. I had already seen the docket sheet and knew there was no motion to dismiss pending before the court and no hearing set on a motion to dismiss.

You will note the last entry is April 1, 2011, ordering the parties to mediation and setting the matter for trial. The December order of notice of dismissal is a general order issued in all cases telling the plaintiff that if the defendant is not served by a date certain the case will be dismissed. You will note that upon Quintanilla filing his bogus answer the court set the case immediately for trial.

The second document is the order of mediation. The parties were to complete mediation by Wednesday. Because I know he did not go to court and the court did not dismiss the case - the docket sheet proves that - then what happened.

One of two things happened - he sent the plaintiff's lawyer a letter agreeing to settle and pay by a date certain, or he went to mediation and he agreed to settle. But because I know this attorney would never accept a check from Quintanilla the mediated settlement is pending Quintanilla turning over a cashiers check. I agree this is speculation based on Quintanilla's word the case was dismissed.

When parties settle a lawsuit, the plaintiff files a notice of non-suit with the court. I can assure you the plaintiff's lawyer will not be filing a notice of non-suit with the court until he has the money. the court will then issue a notice of dismissal, although it is self-executing upon the notice of non-suit. Quintanilla has no money- At best he is waiting for the COB to turn over money to Fly Frontera and then he intends to use some of that money to pay the plaintiff.

Because of the timing of this Mark Sossi needs to confirm with the plaintiff's attorney that Quintanilla has not committed COB money to pay off the plaintiff.

Beyond settlement there is no possible explanation that the case has been dismissed. A dismissal pursuant to non-suit as incident to settlement is not going to court and winning your case - it is you Carlito paying off the plaintiff.

I will keep an eye on the filings - but what I know for sure is - there was no dismissal after a court hearing - I know this because there was no court hearing - well unless plaintiff's counsel dragged his butt over to court and demanded he put the settlement on the record. There was no motion for dismissal filed with the court prior to April 25th, 2011. . So with 100% certainty, I can say this case was not dismissed pursuant to a dispositive motion filed by Quintanilla

With this being something 100 verifiable by Mark Sossi - he will continue to tell the COB Quintanilla is trustworthy.

Okay Carlito, I posted my documents as proof - lets see the order of dismissal and your motion seeking dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Bobby you are such a great private investigator. How can someone hire you. Your the the best.

BobbyWC said...

The sad part is there is no skill in getting these documents - this is what makes Quintanilla so pathetic - Although I am now formally retired - but may go back to working for various dallas law firms come September - I would use the Dallas County records system all of the time. Anyone who works the Dallas cours knows just how easy it is to access this information.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Surely Quintanilla has more to offer than simply being a pathological liar. You undersell him. His modus operandi includes:

1. Threat of litigation
2. Ad hominem arguments
3. Intimidation, usually via cellphone
4. Promises of financial rewards to those who cooperate
5. Threats including loss of income, job, business, etc.
5. Racial slurs, epithets. . appealing to ethnic pride
6. bribes

BobbyWC said...

I have never actually seen evidnce of number 6. but who knows

Anonymous said...

Carlito came to our city to destroy the elections for the benefit of Healthsmart. What he found was a city being run by birds of a feather, his feathers! He destroyed the elections at BISD, he attempted to muscle in on the county commissary gig,and failed, and now, he wants the COB to fork over half a mil. with Fly Frontera. In his eloquent speach to the city commission, he claimed that thousands would fill our stores by flying in to Brownsville. At 30 per full airplane, how long would that take? I have more respect for a working girl on Adams street, atleast your going to get something for your money.

Anonymous said...

"Now - lets look at the known evidence - Quintanilla wrote $12,000 in bad checks to this company - but the preachers are the con artists and not him.".....Excerpt from Contanilla's Carebrownsville site. Breathtaking bullshit. What is the old schoolyard expression? 'It takes one to know one.'......Dude is an absolute idiot!