Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fly Pan American Airways



This is why the city set for on an emergency basis a vote on Fly Frontera - so it would seem - but according to the Herald Larry Brown is saying Fly Frontera has yet to submit a contract.  So who knows.

What is important about the Pan Am offer is it gives Brownsville non-stop service to San Antonio.  This will mean Brownsville will have non-stop service to Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  If Pan Am gets the deal I will no longer be driving to SA.  So long as with an advance purchase I can  fly for $250 or less I will always fly.

The service will include continuing service to Monterrey and Tampico.  The reason this model works is - a lot of the medical toursim and shopping tourism will fill the Pan Am flight because of its final destination being San Antonio. 


San Antonio Prime to become Medical Tourism Hub


Below is the Pan Am press release on the issue with supporting documents.


This is simple - do we give the incentive money to a company authorized to do business in Texas which is offering 737 jet service which includes adding San Antonio as a non-stop service from Brownsville, or do we give it to a company with offices out of the Dallas home of a convicted felon and has failed (as of last week at least) to register to do business in Texas?


Anonymous said...

Pan Am has been saying he would have cargo for the past two years and still has not delivered a single packsge. Imagine him delivering passenger services, I doubt it. His proposal is an attempt to kill any deal Fly Frontera may have. I hope City leaders will see his smokescreen attempt to stifle any service we may get to Monterrey and Tampico.

BobbyWC said...

You know charlie when you keep on using the same words it is hard to hide your post.

He said cargo in 2011 - it is only Aprril - if on January 1m 2012 no cargo then we declare this another failed recommendation by larry Bown.

Pan Am has people employed and paying rent to the city on a building which was empty

The COB needs to vet their offer - if they cannot produce the evidence that they can make this happen then reject the offer - But Charlie my dear - rejecting the offer without so much as looking at the evidence raises the question - what is your interest in Fly Frontera?

Bobby WC

Ruben Valdez said...

Bobby, You're absolutely right. Bob Hedrick said in 2011 and there's still 8 months left by my count.

The problem is Charlies just doesn't get it. Same song, second verse and why does he hide behind his childish anonymous screen? It's obvious he's running scared and this issues appears to be gaining momentum.

Ruben Valdez

Anonymous said...

I think the proposal by Pan American Airways is a good one and this is the reason why I think so:
-Pan American Airways has an advantage over Fly Frontera because of name recognition, the iconic (Pan American Airways) name is known throughout the world and would put the Brownsville Airport on the Map.
-Pan American Airways would fly jet planes. Fly Frontera would use turbo prop planes (most people prefer jet service)
-Pan American Airways would offer service to San Antonio and Mexican cities. Fly Frontera would only fly to Mexican cities.
-Pan American Airways would bring jobs to Brownsville

Anonymous said...

Charlie can't address the actual details of the Fly Frontera proposal. I doubt if he even knows or cares how much this will cost taxpayers. He knows what Quintanillas has promised him. That's good enough.

BobbyWC said...

I just spoke with an expert on Medical tourism and SA and general tourism from Monerrey to SA - the flights originating in SA coming through Brownsville to Monterrey will be 80% filled or more. This gentleman is going to provide me with information on just how big ths issue is and the demand for jet service as opposed to all of the charter service

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

So what is Homeland Security up to now?

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Anonymous said...

Dude it appears that you and Charlie need to call a truce and mend fences. Can't you see that it is hurting his campagain, you should wait till May 15 and bring these issues up.
By the way when Charlie tells someone "TRUST ME" he is simple saying "F*#+ You"

Charlie we need you there as commissioner. "Trust ME" on this one.

Anonymous said...

That's nice. So now the tourists can bypass Brownsville and go straight to S.A.. Nice going.

Anonymous said...

The incentives need to be split with San Antonio. This is not a done deal.

By the way, like the guy above said, TRUST ME Charlie, you're a douche!

Anonymous said...

...go to THE COLLEGIAN or BROWNSVILLE HERALD and publish the list of questions for the city candidates, please!

Add a question about the airline!

And add one about willingness to cooperate with educational and govermental entities in Cameron County and Deep South Texas.

BobbyWC said...

I totally respect any taxpayer who is frustrated with the idea of incentives- especially during these difficult economica time - this is a well founded frustration

Pan Am's plan needs to be vetted - they need to show it can work - there should be no ruch - and the issue of SA helping - I am working on that - a had a friend compile all of the data from Pan Am and numerous studies about the medical tourism going into SA - but through charter flights instead of commercial flights and do a press release for the SA Express News - hopefully they will do the story and it will catch the eye of the SA City Commission.

I am working on getting Pan Am and the the expert studies on the medical and shopping toursim in SA. Our city commission needs to undertand just how many people are using charters to get to SA because there is no commercial service to SA.

I have no idea how to compile the data for how many people are flying to SA from Brownsville - SW has no problem filing a 737 to SA - many of those people have to be from Brownsville - when you ad that to those who will already by on the plane on their way to SA I think it can work.

But Pan Am has to produce the numbers.

But guys to the poster about no incentives this is how we got both continenal and American - it was a risk - but a very successful risk.

The primary problem with the FF model is it did not include SA and it used the wrong planes.