Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been wanting to do a post on "What does different mean?" for some time, but did not really have a medium for the story. I think this young man provides me the perfect opportunity to have this discussion.

This kid has the most amazing parents in the world.  This young man of 5 years will do more to educated the world on the importance of acceptance than any live civil rights leader during our time.  I am so proud of this young man and his parents - such incredible love - and yes I know, I will get posts expressing hate and ignorance - but it is not my problem - it is the poster's problem.

Several weeks ago someone said to me "thanks for accepting us even though we are different."  I said - "what do you mean by different?"  "Well we dress in lots of leather, wear black, have lots of body piercing and tattoos."  I said "So what do you mean by different?"  They said "well we are not like everyone else." 

Stuff like this drives me nuts - "if you cannot be yourself, who can you be."  A coworker said this to me when I was a foreman on the B1B project. 

My definition of different - "being someone other than yourself."  Where in hell does it say body piercings are bad.  My 40th crisis was solved by piercing my nibbles - yea - did not like it - a waste of $500.00 - I went all out with the best gold rings.    It just did not feel normal for me - but that does not mean it is not normal.  Now, my two tattoos feel very normal.  I want a 3rd, but do not know where to put it.  I feel like George of the Jungle swinging on a vine on my right butt cheek is balanced out with the leather dressed Teddy Bear on my left pec.  Another ta too on my right pec will make the Teddy Bear less dramatic on my left pec.  I am  considering building out the jungle scene around George and then put Curious George in a tree.  When I am in NY in September I think that is what I will do.

Where is it written we must all look the same and act the same?  Where is it written that boys wear pants and girls where dresses.  It was not long ago men in Europe wore a form of dress.  Why is the Pope wearing a dress okay but this little boy just wearing what makes him happy wrong?

I get the concerns of what will happen when he enters school.  But I think he will be fine.  Children can be cruel, but the school can make this happen.  Yes some parents will tell their children terrible things about this young man, but is that a basis  for this young man to be someone other than himself.


So long as you are being yourself you are not different.  Different is rejecting yourself to be someone you are not.  The only way wearing leather, having lots of tattoos and piercings is different is if doing it is not you.  Then you are being different from who you are.

Be yourself.  As someone who loves the nude beach as an act of liberation, I hate the people who have to sexualize everything.  Because of these perverts those of us who can be nude on the beach in a very non-sexual way are punished for the perversion of those who must sexualize everything.  It is who I am - why should I fear being arrested for tanning in my own back yard.  There are no two story houses - the only way anyone can see me is if they look through the fence or over the fence.  We need stronger laws to prosecute the peeping toms.  We need strong laws which allow me and others to tan in the nude in our own back yards.  This will never happen - because perverts control the laws on this issue.

Boy - I went off on that one - but the point is - you are only different if you are not yourself.

In the past I have talked about the closet syndrome.  People who must hide aspects of who they are at some point lose the ability to tell right from wrong.  It  could they are gay, into heavy leather, are straight and want to wear a  dress.  By rejecting their natural instincts they cause major mental health issues for themselves.  It causes young adults to commit suicide, to turn to drugs, to turn to abusive relationships with older predators who have no real interest in them other than their own sexual gratification.   As adults they become sociopaths  - I can tell you people suffering from the closet syndrome are a dime a dozen in the legal profession.  We have both lawyers and judges who are sociopaths - the Cameron County court house is a bastion of closeted gays cheating on their wives, husbands, and more importantly themselves.

Again what is different? - in Egypt no one would look twice at me if I wore a gallibaya, but in Brownsville I would be labeled with all sorts of bad names - sorry guys pants were designed by two different people - gay men in hopes things will pop through the original tights wore by men and by men who have a thing for having their genitalia restricted.  I would love to be able to wear a gallibaya - but not so long - just below the knee would be fine - about 2-3 inches below the knee.  It should have a very nice very strong male collar - whatever that means.  It is more natural for junior and the twins to live liberated than restricted and packed away in a sardine can.

This little boy has more courage than any politician in this country.  At age 5 he is fighting a battle which will change life for 10's of thousands of young people.  He is truly a hero who deserves our respect and admiration.

In his honestly he is more honest than any of the 5 mayoral candidates who refuse to take a clear position on the key issues .  All 5 mayoral candidates can learn something about honesty and self respect from this 5 year old.


BobbyWC said...

I take pride in the fact the Department of Homeland Security looks at the BV. I will say there is an open investigation.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]

Anonymous said...

Right before she sang the classic song "Somewhere"..Barbra Streisand said it best:

"Just imagine how boring life would be if we were all the idea of a perfect world is one in which we really appreciate each other's differences..short/tall..Democrat/
gay/straight..a world in which all of us are equal but definitley not the same!"
Although those words were spoken years ago..they still resonate today.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for saying something nice - this kid has more honor in him than any of the mayoral candidates - he stands for something - integrity of self

Bobby WC