Monday, April 4, 2011


This is what Juan Montoya appears to be threatening the people of Brownsville with in his latest diatribe of nonsense and lies.

Only a complete lunatic would believe that the president of a multi-million dollar corporation would come to me for legal advice. I had nothing to do with the decision of Pan Am to reserve the Fly Frontera corporate name. Montoya lives in his world of being a convicted drunk. If he knew anything about anything he would know the act by Pan Am was at most an attempt to send the city of Brownsville a message - how serious can they be when they have not even sought authority to do business in Texas.?

Tomorrow they can come up with a new name and fly under that name - nothing will change they still fly.


Lets assume all of the statements Montoya is making against Pan Am are true. This would mean that given an opportunity to bid on this money would fail because they have nothing in place which would even allow them to move forward. This would mean that in three weeks when the vote comes up after Pan Am bids Fly Frontera wins and Pan Am loses. I will go so far that if after a fair and open bid for the money Pan Am loses, it should then release the corporate names of Fly Frontera and Frontera Airlines to Jim Gallagher so Brownsville can move forward.

No one in their right mind believes the idea is bad.  The idea is a money maker for Brownsville. 

The documented evidence shows that Pan Am wanted to have non-stops to three Mexican cities since square one - but the city had no incentive money.

Montoya as the consumamte liar that he is tries to convince everyone that until Quintanilla came along no one thought about this. If Montoya speaks he lies - because that is all he has.

Again, lets assume everything he says about Pan Am is true, then in three weeks after they are allowed their presentation. Pan Am will fail and Fly Frontera will be off and running.

Our city commission must be willing to demand Fly Frontera explain why the major airlines are abandoning the smaller planes as too costly on fuel but that they can succeed where the major airlines have failed. Rather than answer the question Montoya continues with his lies.

Again only a complete lunatic or liar would believe a mutli-million dollar corporation would come to me for ideas. But when you cannot win an argument on the merits, you turn to lies. This is Carlos Quintanilla - the deal is not bad because he is a convicted felon - the deal is bad because it is bad and as the evidence out of Dallas county shows nothing has changed about Quintanilla in the 20 years since his conviction.

Jim Gallagher can dump Quintanilla tomorrow and nothing will change until he explains how he intends to do with small planes and the fuel costs that every major airline has failed at.  This is what we need to know.

Finally - REALITY - my inside sources at city hall are telling me the vote is 6/1 with Zamora the only vote to delay.  10,000 people can show tomorrow with signs saying no - allow Pan Am to bid and the vote will still be 6/1.  Our city commission is short cited - they see flights by June 1 and no amount of evidence or reasoning will convince them.

The Herald as always cheated both sides in its article - it certainly could have said more about what Fly Frontera has in place.   But it also could have said more about how they have conducted their campaign by defaming and attacking anyone who asks questions.

Finally, on the bankruptcy issue - the BV has never said there is a bankruptcy involving Jim Gallagher or his company.  The bankruptcy is with Sky King and the BV has posted those documents to prove it.  This issue is not Fly Frontera or the planes they intend to use.  The issue is how will the Sky King bankruptcy impact Jim Gallagher's cash flow.

Sky King's 121 certificate will be sold on the court house steps - unless the new owner agrees to allow Jim Gallagher to fly under the certificate every plane he has flying under that certificate becomes grounded.  This impacts his cash flow.  The plane the IRS has approved returned to the lien holder in the bankruptcy case will hurt Jim Gallagher's cash flow.

How will all of this impact his ability meet his commitments to Fly Frontera?  these are valid questions.  In stead of answering them Montoya simply misleads the people with "there is no bankruptcy."  Well my dear friends there is and anyone can google Sky King and see it is real.


Anonymous said...

Bobby first shouldn't Pan Am get some planes and its permits and its funding according to Hendricks he has investors have them show me the money show me the planes. That is what counts.

BobbyWC said...

You are 100% correct - but here is where you fail - Jim Gallagher is using another service with the planes - Pan Am given the chance can do the same thing. Pan Am already ahs 727's udner lease - so you are wrong about the planes.

Let's assume he cannot put together a package to be presented in 3 weeks which shows he can compete with Fly Frontera - this based on what you just said - then at least we know Pan Am was provided a chance.

This story gets better by the minute

According to Pat Almighty's own postings while he was at the Pan Am inaugural even calling himself our daddy and us his children celebrating Pan Am - he was working with Quintanilla back in October

In my mind this was an ouright fraud by the mayor and Larry Brown on Pan Am.

If I were pan am I would say to Brownsville - hasta la verga - we are moving to Harlingen.

Just give them a chance to bid and if everything you are saying is true then they will lose and Fly Frontera will move forward.

They will fill some seats - but the decision will be made on what happens to fuel costs. If they keep on going up Fly Frontera will fail unless he can bring in some 737's

Personally - if Jim Gallagher would offer to use his 737's with origination in SA I think his offer would sound a lot better to Brownsville.

I personally believe he can salvage this deal by [1] saying he is sorry for not denouncing Quintanilla and Montoy for their attacks on people, and [2] that he is lookint at extending his flights to originate in SA using 737's

If he does that you will see the BV saying great things about the proposal. If Pan Am in an open and fair bid cannot compete then so be it - we are done - it is over with and the people should wish Fly Frontera all the best.

Any fair minded person would agree Quitanilla deserves some form of payment for his work on the deal. But Quintanilla - not because of his conviction - but by his own conduct in how he has handled the community's response should not be part of this deal. His conviction has nothing to do with it.

Great and fair comment BTW

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So are you now giving credit to Quintanilla for his work on this deal. He deserves it like him or not.

BobbyWC said...

I have never said he should not be paid for his work - I have said it was not his idea - this was part of the agreement with Pan Am two years ago -

McAllen failed at the idea and lost money beacuse they did not have the Matamoros population - this is why back then I argued for the flights to Brownsvill instead of McAllen.

For the right price it will work - but all of the data shows the small planes are too expensive

If gallagher would just stop being stubborn and go to 737's with flights originating in SA it would be a better deal.

I am not poosting some rumors but I am being told by rumors Pan Am will have a representative to explain what they can offer if given three weeks. This will make it harder for Pat Almighty to argue they are not a player.

Also rumors have Atkinson worried about something which is going to come out - not sure what it is - all the posts are saying is Atkinson may even walk out rather than face the music.

But let them vote - and then on election day we vote - if they would just allow for others to bid for the money I think the commission would be safe on election day.

Another one of their cons is someone claiming to be with Fly Frontera is now saying they are changing the first flights from June 1 to election day

get another con job

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Weren't Quinatnilla, atkinkson and Camarillo having secret Mosca meetings discusing calabazas since before october?