Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In the previous post I allowed for a post related to Atkinson and Camarillo and calabaza. The problem with the post is, it is not supported by any evidence.

Compared to our city commission and the clear message they have sent concerning their business dealings with Pan Am and backdoor dealing, Quintanilla makes Mr. Clean look like a one man pigsty.

At this point we all know Jim Gallagher and Carlos Quintanilla are dirty unethical businessmen. But we need to worry more about the message our city commission is sending to future business - there will be NO integrity in how Brownsville does business. At this critical moment this should be our focus.

Camarillo has proven he has no integrity and never will. He knows Montoya has printed lies about Tony Martinez and this deal, but the calabaza Montoya and Quintanilla are giving him is free press and an endless smashing of Tony Martinez in a campaign of filth and disgust.

It is one thing to associate with a known felon and drunk, namely Camarillo, and another like Tony Martinez who gave money to someone who later was convicted of crimes. Quintanilla's issue is not what happened 20 years ago, it is what is happening in Dallas today, last year, two years ago - it all shows he has not redeemed himself. And you will note when Montoya trashes Tony Martinez as the calabaza, Quintanilla, and Gallagher are giving Camarillo in exchange for his vote for upwards of $2 million dollars, Montoya never mentions his best bud McHale trashed me for going after Limas. He never notes that Quintanilla and Gallagher are threatening to use the lawsuit I did against FBI Director Mueller to force the investigation as evidence I am a bad person.  And then, he mocks me for having filed the lawsuit to force the investigation.  Not an ounce of INTEGRITY in anything Montoya writes.

There is no integrity in this - so my dear friends the calabaza is using a drunk and convict to denounce your opponents with misleading information and lies. This is the calabaza Camarillo is getting from Jim Gallagher, Quintanilla, and Montoya.

Today it can be said Mr. Calabaza is Edward Camarillo - for trashing his opponent - for power - he will bed down with a convicted drunk, felon and dishonest businessman, and give away upwards of $2 million dollars of your money.

But this is all clean compared to the real problem.

The message all of this is sending to honest businessmen -  COB will back stab you in a New York second all the while encouraging you to do business in Brownsville.

The vote to table on the Fly Frontera has nothing to do with Fly Frontera at this point - it is whether we have a majority of commissioners willing to send a message to the world Brownsville does business on the up and up and INTEGRITY MATTERS.

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