Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mayor: Edward Camarillo: Tony Martinez told his supporters it was beyond his interest to make a simple statements that good government puts out RFO's before giving incentive money to any prospective airline. I have received tons of calls from people complaining on this one - they are mad as hell and intend to not bother voting. I am still voting for Tony - the other choices are a lunatic or a corrupt piece of shit - do I really have a choice at this point?

Atkinson and Longoria will win by at least 55% each.

Fly Frontera will fly and on the eve of the election Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria will claim credit. Cheezemeh screwed Brownsville last night. They never should have asked that the matter  been opened to discussion. Then they left rather than challenge Quintanilla - cheezmeh through its stunt gave Quintanilla a 30 minute commercial of self promotion whereas everyone else was limited to 5 minutes.  They left before Quintanilla spoke so no one was there to complain his time was up.  Big thanks to all the schmucks at cheezemeh. 

The blow-hards at cheezmeh are the people who throw rocks from behind the crowd and are then the first to run when it is time to fight. Cheezmeh through it actions and inactions are giving us another 4 years of Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria - congrats guys - you were played and are too stupid to see it or admit to it.

Do Brownsville a favor - shut down - Brownsville cannot afford your ignorance. Guys there will be no PAC - cheezemeh is unwilling to do anything which takes their lazy asses off their chair in front of their computer.



So just keep on blogging away and feel important while Brownsville dies.

I have rejected some criticism of the president of Pan Am. Guys he does not live in the world of Montoyaville drunks. He cannot just print lies and do what he wants during a drunken stupor. He is accountable to a board, shareholders, investors and lawyers. He lives in a world where everything has to say is vetted through a complex process.

Personally if I were Pan Am I would leave Brownsville, but only after suing for fraud and racial discrimination. Since August Camarillo, Ahumada, Atkinson, and Longoria were offering this deal to a Latino while the documented evidence shows they denied the same opportunity to an Anglo company president.

Further Quintanilla admitted on tape he had been working with the corrupt 4 for months. If I were Henrick I would file a discovery lawsuit to prove violations of the open meetings act. Quintanilla admitted to having regular meetings with the mayor and three commissioners - that my friends is a potential walking quorum. A discovery lawsuit will get him all the emails and phone records.  It could lead to criminal charges.

None of this is going to happen. But it is beyond me why Pan Am would want to stay in Brownsville when Harlingen would welcome Pan Am with open arms.

Guys I am done with the election for now - cheezemeh screwed the people by demanding the meeting be opened to discussion. I sat horrified when I heard their demands.  Several people did a great job but they still screwed us.  They screwed Brownsville by knowing they would never follow-up on their blow hard words.

Again no one reads the Herald, no one reads the blogs or cheezmeh or watches the news in terms of real numbers that can change an election. This is why a PAC is needed - to educate the people. Cheezemeh actually believes sitting on their chairs blogging away will get the message out -

Newsflash - other than news junkies no one is reading. No one I know reads the Herald, watches the news, or reads the blogs - to a person they will tell you - a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has been watching this whole ordeal from the sidelines, I have to say that the radicalism of the "cheezmehs" has turned me off a bit. They represent great ideas, but are going about them all wrong.

Their actions have just scared the moderate, swing voters.

Anonymous said...

Did Cheezmeh forced the City Commission to table Fly Frontera?

BobbyWC said...

The matter was tabled not because of cheezmeh, but to give the impression the commission is listening when they are not. camarillp came out the hero under the stunt - on theeven of the election after more than half the votes will have already been cast, they will vote for Fly Flontera (which for the record since they will get the money I hope they succeed for Brownsville's sake)

Even more shame on the cheezemeh people who were there and never stood up to accuse the mayor of not playing fair by giving Quintanilla 30 minutes - there is overwhelming case law that every other speaker can sue the city for violating their rights to free speach for not enforcing the rule of 5 minutes against Quintanilla.

Why did you cheezemeh people who were still there not object?

As to sorry ass Charlie Atkinson I know of someone who says he "knew" you when you 20 and your balls had yet to drop - so in in the future pretend you have a pair of balls and put your name on your posts.

You are an indiot you post the same lies only you are telling about Pan Am as an anony and use the same words I know it is you - I never believed this guy who claims to have "known" you when you were 20, but now that even I can see you have no manhood balls I quess he was telling the truth about his disappointment

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Cheezmeh through it actions and inactions are giving us another 4 years of Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria

Again no one reads the Herald, no one reads the blogs or cheezmeh or watches the news in terms of real numbers that can change an election.

Make up your mind Bobby. Is this cheezmeh group relevant or not? If no one reads them, how can they be instrumental in having the 3 commissioners you mentioned re-elected?

BobbyWC said...

I just read a comment over at Mchales page wherein a cheezemeh blow-hard is claiming credit for exposing Quintanilla - really - really? - because the comment sounds like it was written by a con-artist like Quintanilla

The BV has exposed this guy for a year now - the BV got on the plane went to Dallas researched the guy, pulled the judgments wrote the stories and posted the judgments - but yet it was cheesemeh who did all of this

cheesemeh did nothing but throw stones from the back of the crowd and ran for coffee the second they got tired - they left the meeting and gave Quintanilla a 30 minutes commericial of self - promotion

And yes I have been in communication with numerous people who post at cheezemeh - there is zero interest in a PAC or getting out of their chair.

I have been fighting for civil rights since 1983 - for our rights I have gone to jail twice - short periods I admit - but getting arrested for civil rights is a badge of honor not a badge of shame.

I have spend thousands of dollars donating and working on projects. I have walked endless miles in protest and working campaigns in Dallas.

I gave one political candidate over $100,000 in free legal services so a corrupt lawyer in Dallas by the name of Domingo Garcia could not steal the election away from her. Who asked me to do this - Dr. Jose Angel Gutierez -a leader in the La raza movement.

I nearly lost my business when I refused to drop a black latina as a client because the white racists leading the gay rights movement in 1993 in Washington only wanted white faces in the news on the issue of gays in the military.

I was attacked by the self annointed gay leadership in Dallas for demanding a boycott of the clubs because blacks and browns could not be bartenders.

So now I am 53 and sick - I will not tolerate bullshit posts from some lazy ass blow-hard who considers fighting typing empty words at cheezemeh.

I would put my name on the PAC in a second if I did not know they would make me the issue and distract from the PAC.

Give it up - cheezemeh gave the election to Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria - only a complete and total idiot believes a vote for Fly Frontera on the eve of the election will change the resuls - the vote means before the public can be educated all they will know is Camarillo, Atkinson, and Longoria brought direct service to Mexico. the election will be an easy win for the three of them. Cheezemeh was played and simply is either too stupid to see what happened or lack the integrity to admit what happened. they were played.

pay attention in terms of real numbers and people who vote, they do not read the Herald or the internet - so stop pretending they do.

I cannot say why without giving up my source, but Tony Martinez is feeling the pressure and appears to be running his campaign like he is in second grade trying to be class president.

I can only hope that the morons to date who have told him to be quiet on every issue, including on simply stating honest government calls for RFO's are fired and he comes out swinging.

But he won't - but I will still vote for him because he is better than a lunatic of easily bought whore for corruption like Camarillo

Eddy boy your parents must be so proud of you that you allowed them to lie about martinez so you can have a convicted drunk psuh your campaigns with more lies.'

If I were your parents about this moment I would be too ashamed to show my face in public.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

While the viewership of the city commission meeting is small and got smaller as the circus over at BISD got better- to those watching they saw Quintanilla and his30 minute commercial of self promotion.

I have researched this guy - the people in dallas have written extensively this is how he wins - when he gets on camera and no one challenges his endless lies.

Cheezemeh gave him this.

My comments on complaining about people who blog "someone should do something about this" and I always say - "why not you Mr. Blogger" and then nothing.

So let's face reality - done deal - Fly Frontera flys and if you love Brownsville at this point you are praying they succeed so we do not loose on this deal.

But Brownsville has lost because now the world knows convicted felons can meet with a majority of or city commission for months offering city money while telling the Anglo president of Pan Am there is no money.

This was black and white racial discrimination - it was bad business.

Tony Martinez political advisors who are scripting his every word have told him - say nothing - it will hurt your election if you speak out for integrity in Brownsville city government.

I think Pan Am is nuts if it does not move its offices and operations to harlingen.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

the other choices are a lunatic or a corrupt piece of shit

Who's who?

Anonymous said...

According to Pan American Airways website, their proposed operation for flights to San Antonio and Mexico, says that they want to use out-dated B737-200 planes. These planes were made back in 1967 through 1988. Those planes are out of production according to their information that they are posting.

Why should we trust a company like Pan Am to use outdated planes to carry passengers? How safe are these planes? And where are the 70-cargo flights a month that Pan Am said it would be flying from Brownsville to destinations in Latin America?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Brownsville will get an airline to MX. But the cost is "priceless": out dignity.
Brownsville doesn't have dibs on crooked, good-old-boy, compadre politicians, but we can run with the big dogs.

BobbyWC said...

does it matter - you decide - 3 commissioner and the mayor met wit this guys since August - can you assign the concept of integrity to any of these guys,. Ahumada, Longoria, Atkinson, and Camarillo.

Pan Am has the documentation that as an Anglo at the same moment they told him no incentives they told Quintanilla incentatives were a possibility.

I wish Pan Am would sue for racial discrimination - but it will not -

I suspect Pan Am has folded on this issue and is back to working on its cargo business. Not that reality matters to drunks, convicts and corrupt officials - but Pan Am cannot just march into Peru and say - we know you are unhappy with how your products are being handled in Miami so please use Pan Am through Brownsville.

It is not that simple - the exporters in Peru, and every other Latin American country have contracts with other cargo companies 0- it is a process - we have to convince them Brownsville is a viable option -the schmuck Ahumada sent a clear message to latin America Brownsville does not want its cargo business or Pan Am.

Boibby WC

off to bed, I am very fatigued - I hate this being tired all of the time -

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You know it is just pathetic how desperate liars can be

What you are saying is that the FAA is going to allow Pan Am to fly unsafe planes. I should be able to stop there and people should be able to understand how desperate this poster is

his claim FAA announce Pan Am free to fly unsafe planes - that is the post folks.

Engines are replaced by he mileage - these planes have engines which are not over their limit.

These planes are refitted on a regular basis. Every part is under FAA rules for replacement and inspection.

But just keep on lying because that is all you have.

If you think for one minute the Mexican nationals paying a pretty penny to fly luxery communter jets to Brownsville from Monterrey for 30 seat non-luxury planes you are nuts

The business people currently using these luxury jets will stay with the 9 seaters and pay extra for the comfort. This is exactly what is happening in SA - they are paying about $350 a head RT for the comfort of a luxury jet instead of these small 30 seaters which are not luxury jets.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I read.

Anonymous said...