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This website is owned and operated by Public Charters, Inc. DBA Fly Frontera. Administrative office located at 421 S. Dwight Dallas, TX. 75211.  Brownsville citizens now expected to pay Quintanilla rent to use his home as the offices for this fly by night non-existent airline.
Compare this to Pan Am - while Pan Am works to get permits and cargo contracts and build its business it pays Brownsville
"Hedrick said his companies spent $500,000 establishing operations in Brownsville, including $70,000 to renovate offices in the Pan American Building, which is owned by the city. His firm World-Wide Consolidated Logistics, also based at the Pan American Building, has spent $100,000 to date opening a TSA-certified cargo screening facility at the airport, he said"

Quintanilla posted this to the Herald - "5. fly Frontera has a resrvations system that allows anyone on the internet to instantly book online, it also allows for travel agents anywhere throughout the world to book reservations on fly Frontera, Pan Am does not."

There is no reservation system posted to their web page.

It is all lies.  If there was ever a time for our DA to take perjury allegations seriously it is now, but trust me every voter in Cameron County can demand he bring the perjury charges against Quintanilla and he will not - you would think Villalobos wanting to run for Congress would make him think protecting Brownsville from this con would be a good thing, but a con artist will never stop another con artist.  See note at end on how to contact Villalobos.

In the event Quintanilla tries to take his home address off of the web page here it is.  Also note the mechanics lien on his home and just one of many judgments.  The addresses are all the same.

His response is always the same Wightman has a personality disorder because he is a faggot - he fought for the right to allow gays and lesbians to be intimate - he is not trustworthy.  Quintanilla is a homophobic con artist who will never ever ever address the documents. 

Oh about 8:00 p.m. or so I do not remember, I saw some of the discussion on Fly Frontera and Carlos Quintanilla on Cheezmeh .  A few qualifiers - I have always taken the position that children are off limits, of course Quintanilla did not take this position when he went after Joe Colunga's disabled children.

The issue is not his children - but evidence of recent bad business decisions.  I checked the Dallas county court records and there is no evidence that custody of the children involved in the Dallas contempts have changed.  This would mean they still live with the mother.   Here is the link - - the last entry is in 2008 related to his second contempt.  There are no pleadings or court orders giving him custody of his children.  I am certain he has visitation.  Also maybe some adult children from Illinois live with him.  But as always I use links with evidence.  I have disclosed my military papers so people can see the truth.

Quintanilla clearly believes it is acceptable to throw gay people out of the military and then label them with personality problems because they are gay.  I would be the first to defend his right to believe this.  But we as people have a right to believe otherwise. His intentional misuse of this information tells us about his trustworthiness.

On the Illinois issue - I provided them information and they informed me without confirming how they knew that based on the information I had it was the same Carlos Quintanilla.  Now watch the word games - "I have no children in Illinois."  So - this does not mean that at one time he did not in the past.

What you note is he never denies the validity of the judgments and mechanics liens - even on his home.

Click here and type in his name and then get blown away - this is how I got the judgments in addition to flying to Dallas to get certified copies and interview key people.

A quick word on Pat Almighty - his track record as mayor in terms of how he has run the commission will speak for itself.  The jury found him not guilty.  Like most people I think the jury got it wrong - but that was the verdict and it is time to move on from the issue.

I noticed in Quintanilla's posts he accused me of having been found a vexatious litigant - has never happened - everyone who has tried has failed.  In fact the lawsuit I  filed against the FBI to force an investigation against Judge Limas is one of the lawsuits they want to use to prove I am a vexatious litigant.  The FBI called the claims fanciful.  Under what is known as "Fraud on the Court" the case will be reviewed by the court of appeals to determine if FBI Director lied to the court.  I think the indictment and guilty plea of Judge Limas tells us the truth.  Every case they want to use includes "Fraud on the Court."  The Limas case now gives me standing to go into federal court in Washington to get every federal order voided under "Fraud on the Court."   This leaves them with no evidence for future filings.

But here is the kicker - FLY  FRONTERA - Has two issues:

The plan and the people behind the plan.  This is where the decision should be made.  We begin with the plan - Quintanilla rather than explain why these small planes can afford the fuel for cheap flights where all the major airlines are removing them from their fleets he instead attacks me for asking the question and posting the news articles which prove what I am saying.

There is no doubt there is a need for the flights-  There is no doubt jobs will be generated.

It was Quintanilla who went on the attack the second Melissa Zamora asked a question.  The question is, is this how honest business people act?

It is at this point we then begin to look at the people behind the deal.  Quintanilla's background by itself means nothing - people can redeem themselves.  Zeke is an example.  But it was Quintanilla who went on the attack with lies and deception.

I had an honest conversation with Jim Gallagher - he liked my idea that they should look into tours for the winter Texans.  I was promoting his ideas in my conversation.  I never once said he should not move forward.  He asked me how to over come the "toxic politics" in Brownsville - I said wait until after the election and if Tony Martinez wins he will bring calm to the Commission and that would be his best chance.

Montoya and Quintanilla did not like that I commented on Tony in positive way so Montoya printed lies.  Why? - They already got the yes vote from Camarillo and so needed to embarrass Tony to help Camarillo.

So what did I do, I gave Jim Gallagher a chance to deny the conversation.  He refused.  He has refused now on multiple occasions.

So he knows his press people are defaming people and telling lies about conversations.  Is this a trustworthy business person?  I say no.

On all of the judgments against Quintanilla - Quintanilla instead of denying them which he cannot - he does what he always does - Wighman - blah blah blah blah - How about just signing an affidavit and saying none of them are his.

He cannot deny he committed perjury in our courts. His deposition and Dallas County records prove it.  Unfortunately I know our DA, he will fight tooth and nail to never bring charges so there will never ever be a formal finding of perjury.

But if he is willing to lie under oath, can we trust him to tell the truth about this venture?

These are valid questions.

Why would a competent businessman register the Fly Frontera web cite to a defunct corporation?  What were they trying to hide.

Pan Am has spent a fortune in Brownsville and is just asking for an equal chance at the funding to do its start up of passenger service which includes non-stops to SA on 727's and not 30 seater commuter planes. 

Carlos Quintanilla wants start up money for a business based in Dallas in his home which will mean Brownsville tax dollars going to pay rent for an airline run out of his home.  These people were not serious enough to even open an office in Brownsville.  Compare this to how much Pan Am has invested in Brownsville while it goes through the process of making Brownsville a major port of entry  for produce and flowers from all over South America. 

Pan Am has been employing people in Brownsville for 2 years and paying rent to the city of Brownsville -

What says Charlie Atkinson and Edward Camarillo - Pan Am should not be given a chance at bidding for the assistance - it is better to send your tax dollars to Dallas to run an airline out of the home of a convicted felon than simply allow Pan Am to show it might have a better deal for Brownsville

Does anyone doubt how important non-stops which include SA is important to Brownsville.  This will give Brownsville non-stops to Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio - Quintanilla offers 30 seaters to Monterrey and Tampico from an office out of his house in Dallas.

Shame on the inept GBIC and City Commission who have reviewed this,

To arms
It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.

One final comment - maybe Continental or AA will also come in with offers now that there is money on the table.  Brownsville not only needs non-stops to Mexico - it needs non-stops to San Antonio and Pan Am is the only one offering those non-stops - but given incentive money - Continental or AA may come to the table.

Think about this - Continental, then AA, then Pan Am come to Brownsville establish service create jobs and Charlie Atkinson and Edward Camarillo want to reward them by locking them out of a fair bid for this start up money.  Where is the sense of loyalty to those who have already proven themselves?

Calabaza my friends - it may be just in promises to get out the vote but it is still calabaza when dealing with our money.

Some past posts but relevant

Fly Frontera wants to fly 30 seaters. Continental is slowly abandoning its smaller planes because of the high cost of fuel. The new program will start in Houston. For now the Brownsville flights will remain the same.

"American Eagle canceled its flights to the Bay Area in November, and John Wayne saw its number of commuter flights – the regional hops on planes with fewer than 70 passengers – drop by half.

Read more:
For a year now the major airlines have seen they can no longer fly the smaller planes because the cost of jet fuel is simply too high. This is why Pan Am wants to use a 737 to fly from SA to Brownsville and then non-stops to Mexico. It is more cost effective and also gives the people of Brownsville non-stop service to SA.



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Fax: (956) 544-0869


Aggravated perjury is separate from simple perjury. Aggravated Perjury goes to a material issue. He lied under oath about who owns Accion America. When his former co-owner Jose Galvez found out Accion America had been sued for defamation and Quintanilla committed perjury about its ownership he filed documents abandoning ownership of Accion American.

Here is the document which showed Jose Galvez an owner at the time Quintanilla testified under oath he was the sole owner.

A further search of Dallas County records show that a Margarita Lara is an owner.

If Villalobos fails to charge Quintanilla by next week I will take the documents to the US Attorney as further evidence of Villalobos obstruction of justice. This is not a simple witness - he is a convicted felon.

The perjury

Here is the problem - in 2010 Quintanilla testified as follows:

“25 Q. All right. And they're all sole -- I'm sorry. Go
page 26

1 ahead.
2 A. And Accion America the d/b/a, also.
3 Q. Okay. And all of these -- thank you. And all of
4 these are sole proprietorships owned by you, sir?
5 A. That's correct.
6 Q. All right. Are there -- do you have any other
7 partners? And when I mean partners, I mean people that
8 either participate with making decisions for these d/b/a's
9 and/or provide monies to these d/b/a's?
10 A. Could you repeat the question?
11 Q. Yeah. Do you have -- is it just Carlos
12 Quintanilla or do you have partners in this -- in these
13 endeavors of all these d/b/a's?
14 A. No. It's just Carlos Quintanilla.”

See page line 1-14. Note how he says sole proprietorship, but the DBA says General Partnership.

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