Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Charlie Atkinson April 21 at 12:23am Reply • Report

YOU have what you have because of the drugs you hide in your trucks. Come on Zeke, do you think you are a success story? You are the reason Customs employees have a job. You are the scum that poisons our kid's mind and you use god to hide behind your shenanigans. One day it will all come to an end. People hate success stories coming from shady people like you. Everyone thinks it but I have the balls to say it and the idiot Craig Grove endorses a scumbag like you. Its not hard to pass drugs through the checkpoint but the stupid ones get caught eventually so its only a matter of time."

This was posted at Brownsville Cheezmeh - allegedly.  If in  fact Sorry Charlie posted this Zeke has a defamation per se claim to his business and on the false felonious allegations.  If Sorry Charlie's homeowners covers this they will just pay $100,000 to $150,000 rather than fight it.  these are black and white cases of defamation per se.!/photo.php?fbid=144067138994838&set=a.115395258528693.15576.100001746598482&type=1&theater

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Anonymous said...

Here you go Charlie and Continilla aka Shrek and Donkey.....explain(lie about)how the current market dynamics described in the linked story below will have no effect on Fly Frontera.