Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Again - Fly Frontera is out of Quintanilla's home - but the lying mayor says he is not involved

The mayor cannot be trusted bottom line.

Mayor Pat Ahumada gets an A+ for how he is handling this mess. I can honestly say he is doing his best to make good of a bad situation. It is a nightmare. I have to be honest - Mayor Ahumada is in a very difficult situation and is doing a great job managing the unimaginable.

Atkinson had a complete breakdown over Craig's discussion. 

Now the mayor is outright misleading the people.  It is true they cannot just go out an offer money, but the truth is Pan Am was never told money was available.  They were told no money was available.  All along he was doing business with Quintanilla. 

The mayor now just points misleads the people - he says Pan Am cannot do it for three years.  Lies all lies - Pan Am said three years when they were told no city money - the mayor lies because he has no conscience.  Pan Am was never offered an opportunity to bid the flights with city incentives.  That is the lie.

Now that Pan Am knows there is money they attack him for not being willing to do it without incentives.

The mayor and Longoria lie and says Quintanilla is not involved.  Then why are the administrative offices in his home?


Until the mayor answers this question it is all lies - just lies -
Lies all lies.

The issue is why was a decision made to provide money to Fly Frontera and not to Pan Am - bottom line.  Then the mayor attacks Pan Am for not offering service with no incentives, but justifies the incentives for Fly Frontera.

To be clear - I support 100% incentives to any airline - that is not the issue - it is the disrespect to Pan Am and the behind the discussions with Quintanilla which bothers people.

We must invest money to make money.

But not with lies

Again - Fly Frontera is out of Quintanilla's home - but the lying mayor says he is not involved


Zeke Silva, is talking - he is impressive - he has blown me away.  Yes he made mistakes in his life, but his  story is the exact opposite of Quintanilla's - he redeemed himself and is now a a successful businessman.

Zeke is awesome - wow - what a samrt businessman - god he is good  -real good



I spoke with Gallagher - he asked me about the toxic politics in Brownsville and all I said was tony Martinez is his best bet.  He then allowed Montoya to lie- when asked to verify it was lies he refused.

Gallagher was asked to denounce the lies and defamation and threats - he refused.


My advice to Gallagher - take out a full page ad in the Herald - apologize to Brownsville for Montoya's and Quintanilla's conduct.  State clearly that this is not how you do business.  Brownsville will support honesty and truth.

Question:  Do you simply apologize or continue with the lies.  I hope you apologize for Quinanilla's and Montoya's conduct - then Brownsville can move forward.


Our finance officer just said he does not know- Not even Larry Brown can give a ROI - answer no idea.


First  I will say the business issue is correct - it is a money maker - no one disputes that.

But why was Quintanilla given the opportunity to grand stand?  While he was alllowed to interrupt others.  Why the grand stand - the same respect was not given to Pan Am?  Why?


Anonymous said...

What a big circus show. Aother reason why people should not be allowed to make comments on live TV during the city Commission meetings, these people are making jack asses of themselves on live TV and embarrasing themselves and the city.
These people who make comments often don't know what they are talking about and don't have their facts right, we should leave this up to the experts who know what they are talking about no some dum asses.

BobbyWC said...

What comments are wrong - total bullshit

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your assessment on Pat. I thought he was really rude to speakers.

BobbyWC said...

you ar eright - I originally tyoed the words when it started - but then he became a complete jerk - you are right

Allowing Quintanilla to grand stand broke every rule of teh city and opened the city to litigation - any of the people told to sit because there 5 minutes was up are now free to sue and win - these cases are slam dunk

But I want to be clear - I have always supporter direct service to Mexico for all of teh reasons I have stated in the past.

The issue is how it was done.

I have said if after pan Am is allowed to bid and Fly Frontera is still the best - then I say the city should make the gamble.

But lies do not fly with me -

Fly Frontera is out of Quintanilla's home - the mayor lied.

The mayor lied about Pan Am - they were never given incentives - they were told no incentives which is when Pan Am write the letter saying three years.

The mayor lies because he can and he can interrupt at will.

I would hope one of the speakers told to sit down sues over the mayor breaking the rules on 5 minutes.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It is clear that the contempt showed to the public by Ahumada and Atkinson and how they laughed when Zeke came up to speak and how they treated the other speakers, some like Dino who was asking legitimate questions, was appalling. The fact that this was an action item on the agenda and that they admitted that they didn't go their due diligence is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this circus so called commission mtg is that people have had a chance to see how terrible King Patrick acts.

Anonymous said...

And another thing bothered me. If Carlos Quintanilla has no ownership interest and is just doing this to be kind, why was he the one speaking? Why didn't the owner get up and do the presentation? If it was my company, I would be up there answering the questions making sure everything was as transparent as possible. All I could gather was the ROI no one really could answer it, no projections, no due diligence, and the owner let someone who supposedly doesn't have a say in the operations of the business do all the talking. Makes me wonder. I support the concept of a regional airline, but I'm also about the process and I don't like that some on the commission lied to the public about how this matter transpired. Nor do I like the contempt shown to the guy from Pan Am, a business man who has invested here.

BobbyWC said...

They put Quintanilla upo there because it was racial - I say it is time pan Am look at racial discrimination.

Old fat white man picking on Latino community activist.

It was racial - 100% racial - It sickened me

I hope Pan Am's lawyers can find a way to sue the hell out of teh city.

If I were Pan Am I would sue the city and move to Harlingen - no honest business has an interest in Brownsville

larry Brown proved himself the scum of the earth - he knows what Pan Am is about to do - he stood there and did not defend Pan Am -

Pan AM is nuts if they ever give larry Brown teh time of day again.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Larry Brown or Pete Gonzalez or even the City Manager stand for anything?

They are about self preservation. Plain and Simple. The same could be said of the rest of the administrators. Don't look towards administration for leadership. You will find none.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping Brownsville informed. The BV is doing an excellent job on exposing the leaders that are not being honest. It takes alot of time and patience to clean up a community. It seems that more good people are standing up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Weren't Quinatnilla, atkinkson and Camarillo having secret Mosca meetings discusing calabazas before october?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:03 is correct. Politics is not a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

Atkinson might have beein rude to Craig, but Craig is not flower.
Craig has a personal vendatta with Atkinson.

CG "V" Vendetta