Friday, April 22, 2011


Original Open Records Request

Open Records Request Denied

If you read Mark Sossi's denial letter in hopes of hitting a justification he does a kitchen sink approach - he lists a laundry lists of possible reasons to justify denial of the information. 

I have no idea whether or not the city will win on its request.  But here is the scoop - the people are being told they have no right to know what is going on with the process even though the people will pay for this.

Effectively the people have been told - you are not entitled to information related to your own investment into this prospective airline.  This is not open government - it is CALABAZA IN THE MAKING.

Oh, I am up at this time because my legs felt like they were being filleted.  I am at 6000 mg on the gabapetin.  The VA is trying to get me in for the first available date or cancellation for another caudal raz before redoing the back surgery.  Guys, I would not wish this on anyone.

Tell your Mayor and City Commissioners how you feel about being denied access to information related to an investment you will have to pay for.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

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