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Again, it was Quintanilla and Montoya who went on the attack from square one. After Quintanilla announced Fly Frontera I said nothing - in fact I shut down the BV. It was his attack on Melissa Zamora which doomed this deal.

FACTS: All the while Pan Am was being told no incentive money, which I support by the way, by Quintanilla's own admission he was conspiring with Camarillo, Ahumada, Atkinson, and Longoria. He cannot deny it - he said it on camera.

When Montoya printed the lies about my conversation with Mr. Gallagher, I asked Mr. Gallagher to denounce Montoya. He did not - he was party to the Calabaza - he knew he was negotiating with Camarillo in the background. This is why Camarillo also given a chance to distance himself from the lies refused.

People this is not how honest businessmen work. This is how Jim Gallagher works. He was asked to denounce Quintanilla for his defamation of people and lies and threats - he refused. This is not how honest business people work.

The mayor being a delusional pathological liar point blank looked the people in the face and lied on two key issues.

Fly Frontera is out of Quintanilla's home - but the lying mayor says he is not involved

The mayor's source - Mr. Gallagher.  Well Mr. Gallagher - you too are a pathological  liar - the web page clearly shows you have the Administrative offices of Fly Frontera out of Mr. Quintanilla's home.

Mr. Ahumada is so involved in his own delusions that although with black and white evidence before him that Mr. Gallagher is lying he calls Mr. Gallagher trustworthy.


He says Pan Am wrote a letter stating it could not do passenger service for three years.  At the time the letter was written Pan Am was told by Larry Brown that there was no incentive money.  Pat Almighty knew what he told the people was all lies, but he has no conscience so he lies.

The question is, which Pan Am has not been allowed to answer is, how long before they can provide passenger service with incentives?.  And remember Pan Am wants to fly 727's which originate in San Antonio with stop over in Brownsville to Monterey, Tampico and Mexico city.  This means Brownsville will have non-stops to San Antonio.  Fly Frontera does not offer this.

Why did the mayor lie and say Pan Am needed three years?  Pat Almighty is a liar - he is doing business with an unethical businessman Jim Gallagher with the assistance of a convicted RICO felon who he defended, notwithstanding the evidence shows in a Cameron county court he lied under oath as to the ownership of his bogus civil rights organization.

Camarillo's calabaza is a guaranteed regular trashing of Tony Martinez in exchange for his vote.  Camarillo is one worthless calabaza. It is my understanding a PAC will now be formed to challenge the four on the verifiable lies and Quintanilla's own words.

People all over the LRGV watched when Pat Almighty trashed and disrespected the president of Pan Am while allowing a convicted felon with endless judgments against him take the floor uninterrupted for well over the 5 minutes - I suspect for nearly 30 minutes.

Brownsville is the laughing stock of the world - and its chief clowns are Ahumada, Camarillo, Longoria and Atkinson.


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Any Body but Charlie PAC,
Ahumada, Bullies and Charlie PAC,
Against Bullies and Charlie PAC,
Longoria, Atkinson Camarillo Ahumada PAC,
Atkinson, Ahumada, Camarillo, Longoria PAC

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Does this refer to the transcript you were talking about? Where is it? If Bob wanted to play it last night, why doesn't he give it to YOU?
Bob Hedrick, President of Brownsville Pan Am tries to play a recording of a Charlie Atkinson threat. Ahumada stops him. The mayor's total disdain for Hedrick was very obvious to those in attendance. Ahumada's facial expression during Hedrick's comments was one of total disgust. When Hedrick tried to talk later about his airline, he was repeatedl interupted..

BobbyWC said...

Mr. hendrick does not live in Montoya's drunnkville wherein Montoya thinks that Henrick can do just anything which comes to mind in a drunken stupper.

Henrick must take these matters to his lawyers and key board members - he is bound by a process whereas nothing binds gallagher, Montoya or Quintanilla.

I suspect Henrick is just going to let it go - it is not cost effective for him to have lawyers on this on an endless basis.

Brownsville is what it is -

My view is Henrick needs to sue Brownsville for fraud, and racial discrimination to get back his investment and move to Harlingen - it is time he realize Brownsville is no place for honest business.

I will be shocked if he does not move his corporate office to Houston and his operations to harlingen - there is now no reason to stay in Brownsville

Bobby WC

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i guess you didn't see the video

BobbyWC said...

I saw the video, I know what happened - but he still needs clearance from his lawyers - he cannot just go on youtube as the president of a company with lawyers, board members and shareholders and possibly compromise the company.

It is one thing to play it at the commission yet another to just post it on the internet.

He has a lot of people to please

Bobby WC

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Ok, first I will say that you are mistaken when you say that no one was there when Quintanilla was speaking; if he spoke more than the time given it was becuase he has control of most of the city commission;

i will admit, I (singular) am pretty stupid sir; were WE (plural) played? I think not;

and for your information, we sit on lazy boys, not chairs;

no one has approched us about a PAC;

I am surprised at your article, because we have never crossed words and I have always admired your writing and your material;

Thanks for lending me your ear;

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