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Anonymous said...

Here's part 2 (The Financials):

Anonymous said...

Why should we listen to cheezmeh people? This is just a gossip group trying to destroy our city. I hate how they disrespect the mayor who has done so much for Brownsville. What has cheezmeh ever done? I ask you.

BobbyWC said...

Look I will not defend cheezmeh and in fact have gone after them - but you obviously drink as much as the mayor if you think has has every done a thing for this town except embarass it

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The Bv has never allowed for defamatory statements against anyone - and given Fly Flonteras established policy of running criminal records on anyone who challenges them, the BV will not be party to Gallaghers Stalinist tactics.

If you have a court order which proves what you are saying, the BV will certainly post it.

But anyone can post anything on the internet without an ounce of proof.

Now rather than attack Chavez on his character - how about challenging his findings

We both know you will not do that because a distraction is always easier than dealing in facts.

And for the record I am not saying his numbers are correct - I know enough about studies to know his numbers are probably as reliable as Quintanilla's which is not saying much.

There is no meaningful way for anyone to predict the number of people who will fly -

I can tell you I would not fly if I were a businessman - not on a 30 seater - I cancelled attending an important event in El Paso because I refused to fly Continentals commuter jet from Houston to El Paso and I will not fly SW unless the client is paying for it.

As a businessman coming from Monterrey to Brownsville I would continue to fly through Houston for the larger planes - it is that simple

The wealthy businessmen are going to continue to take the kuxury 9 seaters to Brownsville.

No one is going to fly to Brownsville to shop on a 30 seater prop - it is simply never going to happen.

If I am going to go shopping I will fly to Houston, Dallas or San Antonio before I fly to Brownsville - be real -

The Fly Frontera numbers are based on the idea that people currently flying through Houston will fly direct to Brownsville - two problems here - one this will not mean more people coming to Brownsville and 2 it assumes every travel - especially the busines traveller will choose the 30 seater prop over the 65 seater jet

A big and risky assumption.

But in the end both sides are using numbers which can never be proven

So moron whose loud all caps post I rejected how about using your brain and challenge the data instead of thinking the BV is going to allow an anony to post through defamatory statements supported by zere evidence.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Brownsville Cheezmeh has always apprecaited Brownsville Voice. We have been attacked by Brownsville Voice yet this does not diministh the respect we have for those that contribute and voice their opinion.

Brownsville Cheezmeh

Anonymous said...

Carlos Quintanilla is waging an internet and propaganda war to stifle opposition to the Fly Frontera proposal. He is an experienced infighter. He is using fake Facebook accounts to flood that internet site and the Brownsville Herald with praises for his scam. He is making various threats to those who oppose. Several of these have been recorded. He is desperate to earn his commission on this deal. He has the mayor and at least one commissioner in his pocket.

BobbyWC said...

The opinions are important - society is nothing without diverse opinions - but with Quintanilla it is not about opinions it is about terror - like others he called m and told me he was going to kick my ass all over Brownsville - gallagher is clearly using Stalinist tactics

I do believe with Homeland Security in a complete state of disbelieve that Gallagher is using a convicted felon to push an airline with flights from Mexico some commissioners are beginning to understand just how incompetent Gallagher really is.

I can say with hesitation that the Homeland Security officer who came to my home had a full picture of Quintanilla.

But my underlying problem with cheezmeh remains - opinions and typing win nothing - it takes real work and in this case a PAC

I will say thought, I was at Palm Resaca the other day and people were talking about the Herald article which mentioned Quintanilla being a felon - to a person and I think there may only be 40-50 people in Palm resaca at this time (winter Texans mostly already headed north) are now voting for Tony. My source at the park is telling me he has met with everyone who is a voter and that Tony has the park - they are mad that Camarillo would even meet with a convicted felon.

The more people who are educated with this knowledge the better.

But Camarillo and Longoria will not budge until they know mailers are going out on the issue or cards will be place on windshields informing people.

This is why a PAC is needed. I I have the art work done on cards for windshields - I will check on the pricing next week. I have people ready to help me put them on windshields -

I just have to make the decision to spend the money. For me it is about protecting Brownsville.

Leaving Zamora and Gowen as the only two surviving members of the commission will send a clear message to all elected officials - we can and will unelect everyone of you.

Whether it is cheezmeh or any individual - I have a hard time with anyone who sits and refuses to do what needs to get done - I have more respect for people who say nothing - at least I expect nothing from them.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

too tired to proof - but should have said "without hesitation"

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am a Cheez supporter and have always respected and appreciated the opinion and insight of BV. We all have a common goal, to make Brownsville a better place to live for generations to come. Isn't that what this is all about? I will place cards on windshields for you if decide to do it. And if Cheez agrees, you will have more than you would know what to do with.

BobbyWC said...

The BV will not be used as a place to play out Jum Gallagger's Stalinist tactics to force the people to fund his bogus airline - I will not post through allegations that people are under criminal investigation without an ounce of suppor for the post -

Further a criminal history does not bar a citizen from speaking out against what they believe to be bad policy - but a criminal record and an active ongoing history of conning people and being sued for one bad business venture after another is relevant if you are the one asking for the public to fund your bogus airline\

Jim gallagher is going to take a major hit here to his reputation. This guy is as dishonest as they come. Who but a corrupt and a dishonest businessman supports to the use of criminal background checks to silence political dissent.

Gallagher will be held accountable and any elected official who votes for his bogus airline will be held accountable.


just because I meet someone does not mean I know them - just another example of Quintanilla and his professional conartist ways.

I do not know Bett Midler because we have had a conversation - I do not know Susan Lucci because we have had a conversation. I do not know Ed Bradley because we have had a conversation - I can go on and on - but I think my point has been made.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Carlos Quintanilla has also slandered Mr. Chavez with false accusations that he swindled Fernando de Pena, and ex-business partner.

These accusations couldn't be further from the truth! I hope Mr. Chavez sues him good for his insinuations and slanderous remarks, which have caused harm to Mr. Chavez's good name.

As I read on Cheezmeh, Mr. Chavez has no criminal history whatsoever, has had no bankruptcies in his past, and has never been divorced. And, I don't even think he is endorsing any particular candidate at this point.

Could it be possible that an ex-con from the big city is using his life's experiences of fear and intimidation against folks who have plenty to lose by being smeared?

It's no wonder good people refuse to step forward.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Quintanilla found a core group of public officials who think the way he thinks. They were "oh so close" to closing this deal when a group of very ordinary people spoke up. BV says the deal gets done irregardless. Maybe.

But in the interim Quintanilla is lighting diversionary fires all over town. He is a one man army of fake Facebook pages, disinformation blogs, threatening phone calls, criminal background checks, etc. Commissioner Atkinson is a a more than willing yard dog.

The propaganda onslaught may confuse some but it enrages others. Fly Frontera does not seem to be that popular in the coffee shops.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Quintanilla is waging an internet and propaganda war to stifle opposition to the Fly Frontera proposal. He is an experienced infighter. He is using fake Facebook accounts to flood that internet site and the Brownsville Herald with praises for his scam. He is making various threats to those who oppose. Several of these have been recorded. He is desperate to earn his commission on this deal.

He has the mayor and at least one commissioner in his pocket.


BobbyWC said...

What I know for sure is Longoria an Camarillo have refused to denounce this terror campaign - neither is worthy of holding public office.

I do not know that their interest in approvel this airline is anything more than being able to say - see we brought service between Mexico and Brownsville - their interest may be nothing more than being able to use it as a compaign tool

$2 million of your tax dollars as a campaign tool so Longoria can get reelected and Camarillo can be mayor

Only a complete idiot would vote for either of these calabazistas

Bobby WC