Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am willing to bet this child given a chance would eat the Easter Lillies. Today millions of Christians will spend millions of dollars on Easter Lillies and candy while thousands of children close their eyes and die of starvation. There is no doubt in my mind Joshua (aka Jesus) cries every Easter as Christians celebrate this fake holiday while caring not a rats ass about starving children. There are children in Brownsville hungry at this moment - where are the churches - with the exception of a few - no where to be found.

So enjoy your Easter Lillies while children die of starvation - we all know Joshua would prefer you spend your money on Easter Lillies and candies than feed a hungry child.


I did put together for Isabella an Easter basket - but what I put in it is important. I bought 4 different Graduates snack items. The fruit wraps are 99% real fruit. The yogurt covered strawberry drops are healthy. The animal crackers are healthy. I forget what the 4th thing was. I told the grandmother that before she went out to buy Isabella an Easter basket to let me handle it.

This morning at 8:30 when the Easter Bunny arrived at Isabella's door she was all excited to have her Graduate fruit wraps. So, I do not consider this to be a waste of money. I spend a lot of money on Isabella's educational toys and items and Graduate snacks. Now is the time to teach her there are healthier alternatives.   Making your kid fat on candy and junk is not feeding them, it is starving them.

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Anonymous said...

Some people before running for office used to post not so nice remarks especially about Sunday mass. Now that they're running for office they themselves have become "religious" and there are no more commments like before. Politics!!! Gotta love it!