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Who is paying for Wednesday's campaign rally for Ahumada, Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria? Because if they think the taxpayer is going to pay for this ra ra at Amigoland mall they may want to check with real lawyers and the Texas Ethics Commission.


"I think its a great exercise in democracy and 1st amendment rights. Exactly, what I said, makes our efforts to provide service and secure the $3 million dollars on our own even more honorable. It was not in our plan, but we still intend to do it as a service to Brownsville and are willing to absorb $162 per seat to help. By the way, you can go to and see our complete plan and ticket pricing options. Posted your on the internet if you have one. Where were you (Fly Frontera) in August 2010 when Pan American Airways travelled to Monterrey to discuss air service? Where is your office in Brownsville? Where is your foreign corporation operating in Texas filing with the State of Texas? By the way, where are you Incorporated? How much have you spent here to help Brownsville? We didn't ask for a handout; only for what is available. That is a very good post on utube. I like it! Send me a copy so I can keep it in my family files for posterity"

Robert Hedrick
April 11, 2011

President - Pan American Airways, Inc."

A note, Charlie Atkinson continues to post all over the internet Pan Am only pays $.20 a square foot to rent the Pan Am building and that the city spent millions renovating it for Pan Am - proof - none- he refuses to produce the agreement with Pan Am which tells the truth.  Making matters worse, our mayor and city commission refuse to denounce Charlie Atkinson for his lies and threats.  The Brownsville city commission is a joke.  I cannot image why Pan Am would stay in Brownsville while it has Houston willing to work with it in a fair and open manner.


In these type cases, Fly Frontera would normally have to go through Cameron Works for the hiring process.  Why did the GBIC and the City of Brownsville exempt Fly Frontera from this  requirement?  According to Carlos Quintanilla the Administrative offices of Fly Frontera are out of his home and he has received over 200 applications for jobs.  You cannot be a convicted felon and work anywhere near the planes or on the tarmac, but yet Jim Gallaghger has a convicted felon working the job applications.

People -  Fly Frontera is a done deal - it will fly.  We the people must demand that any agreement mandates that all hires go through Cameron Works and that no current or former city commissioners are hired for a two year period and that no family members of current of former commissioners after the election be hired.   I can see it now- Sorry Charlie Atkison in charge of security and the convicted drunk Juan Montoya waiving in the planes to the gate.  This is just another example of where our city commission dropped the ball.  Why?


For years people have been trying to get me to do a story of Charlie Atkinson's history of being a "switch hitter"  I have refused - it is not what we do at the BV.

But now we are dealing with Calabaza which is the new code word for bribe, payoff - kick back - special favors.  I am using the word Calabaza in a very encompassing way- it does not always means money - it can mean a job for yourself or a relative.  I can mean support  for a political campaign.  It can mean a  direct payment of cash.  I use these three examples because I want people to understand Calabaza is more complex than money.


Charlie Atkinson blamed Chris Davis for Joe Rod's downfall at BISD.  In fact in one of his many tirades he posted the following to the Herald.

From the herald:

"commish wrote:

"Chris Davis from Davis Contruction is squirming because his wife is Monica Davis, Joe Rod's daughter who is the beneficiary of his non-profit. Chris Davis is being asked where all the money went from a non-profit organization. Seems that money is missing everyowhere this guy goes. Joe Rod probably doesnt know that Chris Davis has a spending problem. I feel sorry for the Rodriguez family. Mike and Patrick, take this guy out back and kick his butt for once. He is making your family look bad. And tell Davis to pay the Huaraches organization back that is missing. "

The Herald immediately took it down and I of course immediately forwarded it to Homeland Security and the FBI.

"Accion America, the Hispanic activist group calling for the ouster of four majority members of the Brownsville Independent School District Board of Trustees, said Tuesday it will release two reports today that are highly critical of BISD Athletic Director Joe Rodriguez."

When Quintanilla was attacking Joe Rod according to Atkinson he was a convicted felon to not be trusted - now all of a sudden Quintanilla is the hero of humanity.  Which is it Charlie.  i am certain Joe Rod is not surprised by your switch hitting.

This is the bottom line people - Pan Am was asked by the city of Brownsville to consider commercial flights to Monterrey.  Pan Am told the city it could not do it without incentives such as had been given to AA and continental.  This was in August 2010, when Pan Am met with officials in Monterrey. 

At the same time Pan Am was being told there was no incentive money, Ahumada, Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria were telling Fly Frontera they could find the incentive money.  These are the  facts.

Why was Pan Am lied to?  Why this orchestrated attack on a corporation paying rent to the city of Brownsville and actually on the ground providing jobs, versus a gamble?  It is called Calabaza my friends.  And now your tax dollars are being used Wednesday to have a campaign event in support of Ahumada, Camarillo, Atkinson and Longoria.  They need to justify their conduct.  It will be done on your tax dollars.

Jim Gallagher could have claimed to be an innocent victim of the city's conduct in lying to Pan Am.  But instead of denouncing Quintanilla for his conduct he embraced it.  Jim Gallagher does not have clean hands. 

The investigation as I understand now focuses on whether or not Charlie Atkinson or any other commissioner or mayor turned over proprietary information to Quintanilla.  We know Presas-Garcia got away with it in the Joe Rod case.

I have friends who have been pushing me to open a piano bar in Brownsville.  Most of the investors are from Dallas -  I tell them the same thing every time.  "yes the upper class of Matamoros will come and spend big at the piano bar, but the city of Brownsville will kill it.  there is no place in Brownsville for honest business."

People do not understand - this is no longer about Fly Frontera - this is all on the internet - real businesses understand what it means when a city like Brownsville lied to Pan Am.  They will never come to Brownsville.

Our city commission refused to denounce the conduct of Atkinson or Quintanilla.  They have sent a clear message to the business community outside of Brownsville wackos and felons are running Brownsville.

BUT TO BE SURE:  Fly Frontera will fly, and if you love Brownsville you will hope for their success. 

And to be clear because the lies will fly

Brownsville needs this service.

Incentives are standard in this type agreement - but not lies to one airline while providing the incentives to another.  All of this other stuff only supports that the lie is part of a bigger dirty campaign, but it is the lie which hurt Brownsville and this was done by Brownsville not Fly Frontera.

In the right hands these flights will make money for Brownsville.

The BV can only speak for itself -  Fly Frontera will fly and I hope they succeed - because their success is Brownsville's success.

Cheezhem proved Brownsville will never fight - it went for coffee while Quitanilla got a 30 minute commercial.  Corruption wins in this town because they will put up the money to pay for the message.  Honest fails because cheesmeh is Brownsville - leaving the comfort of their home is more than we can expect of them.

Why does Quintanilla win these battles such as this one which he has clearly won - because he knows - lies work and honestly will never lift a finger to fight back.


For the second time this morning I have rejected comments coming through as spam - google sees it is the same language so it puts it in the spam box.  Here is the gist Pan Am has yet to deliver.  Pan Am said it's cargo will  fly in 2011.  In 2012, if Pan Am does not have its cargo flying as promised the BV will be there asking the question did Larry Brown give us another bad deal.


Larry Brown gave us Taylor Craft - a failure - according to Gallagher, Quintanilla, Atkinson, and Ahumada Pan Am is a complete failure - because paying rent on what was an empty building and actually employing people in Brownsville makes them a failure.

So this is Camarillo, Ahumada, Longoria and Akinson's argument - Larry Brown says this is a good deal so we should go with it - never mind Larry Brown gave us the failed Taylor Craft, and according to Atkinson and Ahumada the failed Pan Am.  This time Larry Brown got it right?  It is time Larry Brown is fired.



BobbyWC said...

I am being told I need to check out teh discussion on cheezmeh - i will be damn if I understand facebook - I cannot find anything

if someone wants to send me a link to the current discussion I will post it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Just go to Brownsville Cheezmeh if you have an account and are their "friend," then you will be able to go to their wall, comment, or just read. Once on their wall you can read each status and their comments. If there are too many comments in one status thread, then it will take you to a new page. You have to go back to the original page. If the status was way far down, then you will have to scroll down all the way and start over again.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Why are you trying to paint Rick Longoria with the same brush? He has done nothing but represent his people for 8 years. He is not involved in the fight, and he didn't spend any money on the sports park. Leave him alone. Quit being so negative. You are such a hater, Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

Rick Longoria has been given muiltiple chances by the BV to distance himself from this - he has refused.

Why not just come out and say - you know what - someone did not play fair with Pan Am - this is not how Brownsvlle does business.

This would not be a judgment on Fly Frontera or the need for the service - which again I support 100% - or the need to not always do bids - which I understand

It would be a simple statement about how Brownsville does business.

He refused to denounce the attacks on Zamora.

He refused to denounce the tactics of Quitanilla and Montoya.

This is all hurting our city.

And for the record - I have refused to endorse anyone in his race.

I deal in facts. He has had multiple opportunities to protect Brownsville from all of this mess and he has sat quietly and said nothing.

As a commission he should have noted Camarillo's 5 minutes was up - he said nothing.

You cannot remain silent while Brownsville's way of business is under attack and then say you represent Brownsville.

Even though I support Tony martinez I have noted he silence on the issue and how it is costing him votes.

Do I hate Tony? I write the reality - you hate it.

Maybe Longoria needs to ask his opponent to take a stand on the issue and then take the debate from their in his district.

Longoria was ready to vote for this without knowing if their is Return on Investment - is this protecting Brownsville

Is Fly Frontera using a convicted felon and drunk to tash Pan Am helping Brownsville?

No - honorable commissioners denounce this conduct - Rick is dead silent - too late - the campaign is under way.

This is no longer about Fly Frontera it is about the message these 4 have sent to the world about how Brownsville does business.

This is not how I want our city to do business. Am I being unfair when I say Fly Frontera is not responsible for the lies told to Pan Am? I am trying to be fair. Fly Frontera could have been the good guy here by denouncing Quintanilla's tactics. I gacve Gallagher good solid advice on how to navigate teh city commission and get his airline - but he wanted dirty.

No fret - Fly Frontera will fly and like I said everyone in Brownsville should wish them the best because their success is our success.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

One of the problems with facebook is this apparent rule you muct claim to be friends with people you do not know and may not even like.

I have never liked facebook and never will. What kind of people set up a system which compels you to be their false friend in order to read their comments about public issues.

It has a very cult like mentality - it also makes it appear that the friends numbers are all BS - if you begin with a lie - you will always remain a lie.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(Longoria was ready to vote for this without knowing if their is Return on Investment - is this protecting Brownsville)

I'm not surprised he was willing give away taxpayer dollars to Fly Frontera without doing his due diligence. It's not the first time. Did you see the special meeting from March 24, less than three weeks ago? Longoria admitted he had not seen any information much less a contract before voting to give $20,000 to a United Brownsville lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

All Commissioners were extensively brief not once but twice.

Anonymous said...

(All Commissioners were extensively brief not once but twice.)

I beg to differ. Rick claimed they weren't. At the March 24 city commission meeting, Rick Longoria said, "I'm making a decision on city money and not having any previous information to base my decision on. For as favorable as this is, I really do. Like I told you [Carlos Marin and Fred Rusteburg], I am in agreement with what Patton Boggs is offering. I just don't want to be caught not following the proper directives or not following the proper lines of procedure in being able to dispense this money to this firm."

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous April 11, 2011 4:32 PM....he didn't spend any money on the sports park.....

Where did that come from?

Anonymous said...

(All Commissioners were extensively brief not once but twice...)

You should go further and state that the beloved commissioners you mentioned above did not reallly care to listen. It appears that they only listen and do favors for the politicos they like as well as receiving their fair share of the calabazas.

Let's be serious here. How many of the politicos are policy wonks. None. It's all about the calabazas. Everybody knows this.

Anonymous said...


Hendricks wouldn't have to move much sine he isn't moving the 70 boxes of cargo daily as he has posted on his website and stated in his press release on Oct. 22, 2010.