Friday, April 22, 2011


Camarrillo's calabaza in the Fly Frontera mess is, in exchange for his vote to give upwards of $2 million to a start up airline being promoted by a convicted felon with over $100,000 in judgments against him and a pending lawsuit which involves $12,000 in bounced checks, Montoya working with Carlos Quintanilla and Jim Gallagher will publish one endless lie after another against Tony Martinez.

The latest lie involved a bogus allegation that Trey Martinez has already been anointed the new DA when Villalobos resigns to run for Congress.  This story is so bizarre in raises a serious question about whether or not anyone born alive with a brain still considers Montoya a credible source.


The BV first exposed the connection between the con deal of Fly Frontera and Camarillo when Montoya published the following lies about my conversation with Jim Gallagher.  To a word there is no truth in any of it.  Rather than assume Mr. Gallagher was party to the deception I gave him a chance to deny the story.  Why?  Jim Gallagher will lie and deceive to the bitter end if that is what it takes to deceive Brownsville of upwards of $2 million dollars.

From Montoya

"Reports indicate that Wightman claimed to be representing Zamora and mayoral candidate Tony Martinez, and warning Gallagher that he would "expose" him and his company for alleged associations with felons, child molesters, etc.
Additionally, the blogger also warned the firm's president that Martinez (once he got in office) would act to terminate the economic incentives that are currently being negotiated between the firm and the city and economic development entities.
Apparently, Gallagher was flabbergasted by Wightman's threats to "expose" his efforts and his company to bring jobs and new vigor to the city's efforts to establish a viable aviation industry here"

First of all we never even discussed Melissa Zamora.  The discussion concerning Tony Martinez only happened after Gallagher asked me how to overcome the toxic politics of Brownsville. I said that if Tony Martinez wins the election he would be able to bring calm and reason to the commission.  That was the extent of my discussion concerning with Tony Martinez.

I encouraged Mr. Gallagher in his endeavors.  I told him he needed to look into tour packages for Winter Texans.  We did discuss Carlos Quintanilla.  He knew he was a wild hair.  I told him the truth that Quintanilla would be a problem for him - if the events since that conversation are an indication of the accuracy of my prediction - then I was right.

It does not end there.  Montoya's latest desperate attempt to discredit Martinez with his bogus story about Trey Martinez becoming the DA when Villalobos resigns to run for Congress raises the question if Montoya and Camarillo are desperate.

We know at this point reality, facts, and the law mean nothing to Montoya - he lies because if he is not lying he has nothing to say.

From Montoya:

"If Villalobos does decide to run, it'll be up to the commissioners court on the advice of local party leaders to decide on his replacement. Insiders say Martinez The Elder, is already touching base with commissioners to have his son "Trey" appointed to the DA's spot."

The Cameron County Commissioners Court has no authority in the appointment of a new DA if Villalobos resigns or is indicted.

Two sources -

Governor Perry appoints Interim-DA

§ 87.041. VACANCIES FILLED BY APPOINTMENT OF COMMISSIONERS COURT. (a) The commissioners court of a county may fill a vacancy in the office of: (1) county judge; (2) county clerk; (3) district and county clerk; (4) sheriff; (5) county attorney; (6) county treasurer; (7) county surveyor; (8) inspector of hides and animals; (9) county tax assessor-collector; (10) justice of the peace; or (11) constable

You will note in both sources the Commissioners Court has nothing to do with the appointment of a DA.  Further, does anyone believe for one second that Governor Perry will appoint the son of a prominent Democrat over a Republican?


From Montoya

"Our sources tell us that an exploratory committee will meet this coming May 23 at South Padre Island to formulate the Villalobos candidacy for congress. It is rumored Mando has a $200,000 campaign chest to make the run for the position."  First of all a six pack of beer is not a source.

In a federal election you must  file with the Federal Elections Commission before you can raise money.  Villalobos has taken no such action.


Villalobos will have served his current term before Texas finishes with the redistricting process.  Given this reality, without knowing if Cameron, Willacy and part of Hidalgo counties will be joined to make a new congressional  district why would Villalobos resign his position? 

Unlike during the 2000 redistricting, this time Texas will have a new map by the end of the current legislative session.  The Republicans have a super majority in both Houses so there should be no delay.  But then the map must still undergo DOJ review.   We can expect strong opposition from the Democrats - especially legal organizations which represent Latinos.  The DOJ can then reject the map as violating the Voting Rights Act.  What do you think the Obama Administration is going to do?  Do you believe they will  allow the  first map to just slip through without cow-towing to the Latino community?  Be real - but to be honest - I hardly expect a Republican legislature with a super majority and over 100 anti-Latino new laws pending review to be fair to the Latino community when redistricting.  I expect the first map to be rejected with just cause.  Now I will say they are trying to find a Republican Latino district in SA. 

Then there is still the issue of federal lawsuits.   It will be 2014 before Texas sees its first real election with formal primaries which involve the new districts.  It will be 2013 before Texas sees an interim election which will not include primaries.  If experience teaches us anything the courts will order an open election without primaries.


From Montoya:

"Mando is a natural," said a Democrat insider. "He has managed to keep himself fairly clean, even in the (Abel) Limas cases. He objected to having (Amit) Livingston freed but all the action took place in the judge's chambers. He emerged relatively unscathed in the process."  Again Montoya the bottom of a beer bottle is not an insider.

We must remember that Villalobos former law partner made a pretty penny on the Amit Livingston deal.  We must also remember the family of the victim signed affidavits that Villalobos  referred them to his former law partner Eddie Lucio.  Contrary to Montoya's lies Lucio practices law in Brownsville and not Dallas.

Law Office of Eddie Lucio
932 E Van Buren St
Brownsville, TX 78520-7143
I know Eddie, I helped to train Eddie in Dallas - He was lazy and expected handouts.
In the Amit Livingston case any competent - sorry honest - DA would have asked Limas to stay his order pending an emergency Application for Stay of the order to the Court of Appeals.  Villalobos took no such action.  It was a con which netted his former law partner a pretty penny. Limas never would have allow Livingston to walk out of court if he did not have Villalobos consent.  Limas knew an emergency appeal would have humliated him.
Villalobos should have been indicted for the million dollars he stole from the taxpayers of the Brownsville Navigation District. To refresh your memory he dropped the investigation against Dannenbaum in exchange for one million dollars paid to his office under the guise of a forfeiture.  The con was the money Dannenbaum paid Villalobos was not money it earned  from someone who earned it as a consequence of criminal conduct, it was one million dollars of the money paid to Dannenbaum by the Brownsville Navigation District.  It was a one million dollar heist against the taxpayers for the benefit of Villalobos office.
Then there is the Joey De La Garza mess.
This is what Montoya calls Villalobos remaining clean.
Guys, the DOJ is still investigating the Limas affair.  The matters involving Villalobos were not included because the DOJ did not want to play its hand in advance of further indictments.  Like I said, if I were Villalobos I would be looking to moving to Cuba about now.
So there you have it - Montoya, and Jim Gallagher will do what ever it  takes to discredit Martinez to get the two million dollars from Camarillo for Fly Frontera.  Camarillo has no shame.
One will also not the dirty campaign by Camarillo to disparage Martinez, his marriage and children.  Does it sound like the smut used by Cisneros used against Zamora - because if it does - it is because the same person is behind the anti-Martinez lies under the direction of Camarillo.


Anonymous said...

Let's just say Montoya has taken the art of "politiquero" to a new level. But what the hell, becoming a publicist is just a step away from journalism; maybe he'll come back one day.
"He could not stumble 'cause he had no place to fall."

Anonymous said...

Our DA is also our county attorney. The county attorney is appointed by commissioners court. Can the governor appoint a DA while the county commissioners court appoint a different county attorney?

BobbyWC said...

assuming this is the case then yes there would have to be two different appointments

The people who wrote the Texas Constitution understand that the last person you wanted appointing the DA is the commissioners court - it would only promote corruption

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are quite mistaken. The County and District Attorney will be appointed by the Commissoners Court should the present D.A. leave the office. Or it could remain vacant until the next election, depending on what deal was cut. The present D.A. remaind in office until a suitable replacement found,. thus never filled.

BobbyWC said...

And now for reality

Gov. Appointes Interim DA

Anonymous said...

Sorry please see
Tex. Const. Art. V, § 21 (2010)

BobbyWC said...

and your point is - where did you learn to read - cameron county has an elected Criminal District Attorney

Sec. 21. COUNTY ATTORNEYS; DISTRICT ATTORNEYS. A County Attorney, for counties in which there is not a resident Criminal District Attorney, shall be elected by the qualified voters of each county, who shall be commissioned by the Governor, and hold his office for the term of four years. In case of vacancy the Commissioners Court of the county shall have the power to appoint a County Attorney until the next general election. The County Attorneys shall represent the State in all cases in the District and inferior courts in their respective counties; but if any county shall be included in a district in which there shall be a District Attorney, the respective duties of District Attorneys and County Attorneys shall in such counties be regulated by the Legislature. The Legislature may provide for the election of District Attorneys in such districts, as may be deemed necessary, and make provision for the compensation of District Attorneys and County Attorneys. District Attorneys shall hold office for a term of four years, and until their successors have qualified.

We are not talking about a county attorney - we are talking about a district attorney

Do you really believe people are that stupid that they cannot tell the difference.

the statute and constitutional are clear - only a county attorney can be appointed by commissioners court - not a district attorney

In regards to the newspaper articles - do you think the Governor just usurped the power of teh commissionerrs court and appointed the interim-DA and the commissioners court had nothing to do with it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

3) the county attorneys performing the duties of district attorneys in the counties of Andrews, Callahan, Cameron, Castro, Colorado, Crosby, Ellis, Falls, Freestone, Lamar, Lamb, Lampasas, Lee, Limestone, Marion, Milam, Morris, Ochiltree, Orange, Rains, Red River, Robertson, Rusk, Swisher, Terry, Webb, and Willacy.

We have a county attorney performing the duites of the District Attorney

Anonymous said...

and you wonder why people are so rude to you nothing in my post was anything but straight foward. We have a County attorney performing the duties of a district attorney. Thus In case of vacancy the Commissioners Court of the county shall have the power to appoint a County Attorney until the next general election.

BobbyWC said...

the issue is district attorney not county attorney.

"but if any county shall be included in a district in which there shall be a District Attorney, the respective duties of District Attorneys and County Attorneys shall in such counties be regulated by the Legislature."

The Legislature has stated who Commissioners courts can appoint - they do not include a DA - this is so simple - but you will just keep with the deception - last post on this issue

Move on to Montoya's page where you will not be challenged

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Tex. Local Gov't Code § 87.041 (2010)

§ 87.041. Vacancies Filled by Appointment of Commissioners Court

(a) The commissioners court of a county may fill a vacancy in the office of:

(1) county judge;

(2) county clerk;

(3) district and county clerk;

(4) sheriff;

(5) county attorney;

(6) county treasurer;

(7) county surveyor;

(8) county tax assessor-collector;

(9) justice of the peace; or

(10) constable.

(b) The commissioners court shall fill a vacancy by a majority vote of the members of the court who are present and voting.

(c) The person appointed by the commissioners court to fill the vacancy shall hold office until the next general election.

BobbyWC said...

and where does this say district attorney - it does not try Tex. Const Art IV, § 21 gove fills all district level offices

BobbyWC said...

My argument has been that under the Texas Constitution and statutory law the governor appoints the DA when there is an opneing. This is correct.

After endless argument and unable to overcome he black and white law, the poster is now claiming Cameron County does not have a DA in the traditional sense and therefore the law does not apply.

It is true some counties County Attorneys and not true DA'/s I will send an email to Judge Casco on Monday and post the response.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

this is just a post to cause my phone to ding so I can find it