Friday, April 29, 2011

Below is the Solis plea agreement.

Confusion from press reports and a lack of clarity in the Limas Indictment left open whether or not Judge Alejandro or Judge Limas denied the Brownsville Herald's motion for summary judgment in the Coronado case.  We now have a clear time line - the MSJ was denied by Judge Limas on Nov 26, and the case was then transferred to Alejandro as promises on December 1.  This clears up this part of the matter.

The issue before the Texas Supreme Court is not Judge Limas' order.  The issue is the opinion of the court of appeals.  Now like I said the Texas Supreme Court will reverse based on a finding the cause of action does not exist in Texas.  This will end it, which is sad, because although Texas has a very strong constitutional guarantee to one's reputation the courts have found the right of the press to defame innocent people is stronger than your liberty interest in you name.

The real sad part is, each lawyer and each judge (more coming) will get off easy.  Judge Hanen will thank them for cooperating in the investigation and then go light.  Every attorney in town knows he is an attorneys judge, instead of being a judge of the law.

The key to our democracy is a strong and independent judiciary.  The judiciary is the single greatest threat to our democracy.  This is why the sentence of each judge and each lawyer should be the maximum allowed by law.  In my view their conduct was tantamount to common law treason.  Their conduct attacked our freedom - our constitution - our very way of life.  It was an attack on American and should be treated as same.

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Anonymous said... for IMPARTIAL panels to appoint judges, local and state ....

Elections of judges, great in principle, BAD in actuality ....