Monday, April 18, 2011


"Bobby, give it up, stop with your petty threats and harassment. You seem to think we have to answer to you and all your made up accusations.  ... You are not credible and you hurt this city in so many ways. If you think we are all on the take then call FBI or PD internal affairs. Considering you make your money by suing and begging for candidates to pay you for your endorsement, its obvious that you are making this project political. The commission will look at the facts of the project and not take the threats of a guy who lies and assumes all commissioners are crooked. Paying can mean a hand shake. Paying can mean a gesture, paying can be cash, paying can be sensual, paying can be giving you self gratification. Paying can mean slapping you in the face and you liking it.

Charlie "

The highlighted one is my favorite - are we learning something about sorry Charlie Atkinson in that one.

Here is the bottom line - I have never been paid by any candidate to endorse them.  I have never been given a penny.  I will not attend the  food give aways because that would be taking something. 

Now because it is relevant to this discussion I have taken a meal from Pan Am - At their inaugural event they had free food for everyone in attendance.  I ate.

Charlie cannot accept people can actually think for themselves and do not need to get paid to think.

But facts matter, when his employer came to me (based on how the comments were coming through I do believe it was someone from Homeland Security) and asked that I post he was suspended I said no.  I felt like it was a political ploy to influence the election.  I took a lot of nasty hits  for that.  I also gave Charlie an opportunity to post what ever he wanted on the subject.  He accepted my offer.  I posted it.

Charlie would call this me going after him.

Now here is another chance Charlie

List the lies I have  told and list the politicians who have paid me. 

You cannot and will not - because even in your convoluted polluted mind not even you can make up that level of fantasy.

And to be clear me asking what the current fares are going to be given the rise in fuel costs is harassment according to Atkinson.

And to be clear me asking how these 30 seaters are going to hold all of the purchases of the flood of shoppers who are going to come to Brownsville is harassment according to Atkinson.

And to be clear me asking why anyone would fly to Brownsville to shop when the shopping and medical tourism flights are already established between San Antonio and Monterrey is harassment according to Atkinson.

These are the questions which our commissioners should be asking, but they are not - and if I ask I am a liar and engaged in harassment - but Atkinson doing criminal background checks on people and announcing it at city commission meetings helps the city's image and is not harassment.


Anonymous said...

Charlie takes the adult out of adult beverage.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is a pompous ass....period!!!

This guy has his head so far up convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla's ass, he can taste what the con had for breakfast.

BobbyWC said...

And it proves how two faced he can be - he claimed to be Joe Rod's friend and supporter and all along he was with the person trying to destroy Joe Rod - this town understands that and he hates that he is now known as a Judas.

Sorry Charlie is about Sorry Charlie - he has no morals,

I wish I had move confidence in Jessica's write in campaign but I think it will be a miracle for her to win

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen. No worries.

Anonymous said...

Let's make it happen Bobby! Just imagine the alternative - 4 more years of a dumbass thinking he's better than everyone else.

Charlie needs to go down!!!