Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am up at this hour because the back surgery failed. Tylenol does nothing for the lumbar pain, and I am at the maximum dosage of gabapentin (an anti-inflamatory for the damaged nerves in my back. I take 2400 before bed time and 1200 more when the pain wakes me up. It is like knives cutting my legs apart.)

Anyway yesterday I went out for a breakfast taco and then spent the day in bed. I cannot stand.


I cannot get into the specifics. They sent a special agent to my home to retrieve documents in my possession. I was told among other things that Atkinson having meetings with a felon is conduct unbecoming someone who works for Homeland Security. Who knows maybe this is why he was suspended. They are very aware of Quintanilla. What was clear is my information is part of a larger investigation which appears to have been opened elsewhere outside Brownsville. They are checking on the idea that there is another investigation. Another investigation could explain how my documents were generated.

Anyway guys, I am off to bed - sitting is killing my lumbar.

Guys the deal is done. As anyone who can read - the Herald did not cover those who oppose the deal. The message is not getting heard. Without a PAC the commissioners have nothing to lose. It is that simple.

The VA is trying to fit me in for an immediate appointment in SA to maybe do another caudal raz and determine of the dura tore open again. The BV may be down for a few days depending on what happens.


Mayor Camarillo
Longoria and Atkinson each win by 55% or more.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, you are so right about the deal going through. Without a PAC or getting to Camarillo Brownsville Cheezmeh wull not be able to stop it. Please get a second opinion on your back. I hope you feel better.

BobbyWC said...

I will answer the question this way - Homeland Security can bar Fly Frontera from landing in the US. The airport, the mayor, and the city have no control over Homeland Security's decisions. So the city can give them the money to only learn Homeland Security is barring the airline from landing in the US.

I can assure you Ahumada has no interest in Homeland Security and will not order city employees investigate the matter.

But guys this is a done deal.

it is time we focus in throwing out of office those who made this deal possible.

Bobb y WC

Anonymous said...

Edward Camarillo has the most to lose politically if the Fly Frontera deal is pushed through before the elections. A smart move on his part would be to table the measure until after May 14.

BobbyWC said...

Longoria also has a lot to lose - also if it fails and Troiani votes for it he can kiss goodbye his hopes of being DA

I am told Rose is on the fence waiting for someone to guide her.

Obviously Atksinon and Ahumada will go down with the ship

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Ahumada's political career north of the Rio Grande ended with the Town Forum. It was a bold move, executed poorly. He had visions in his head of the cabbies, hoteliers, restaurantiers shouting in unison: "Viva Fly Frontera!" But they didn't show.

Only citizens lined up against the proposal did and onlookers. Ahumada showed his ass. Rudeness, arrogance, cockiness exuded out of the mayor's body like ectoplasm. After all of these years, he has never learned how to moderate a meeting, let alone run a city.

Anonymous said...

The above links are being provided so your readers can have a quantitative and statutory frame of reference for evaluating this fiscally horrible endeavor. Plenty of fodder for another one of your solid 'tell it like it is' postings.