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Fly Pan American Airways

Take the time to read the press release - it is good - it speaks to the value of open government and calls for the COB to define a process for seeking incentives for airline service and make it known to the entire industry.  Pan Am is calling on the city to do this while it considers Pan Am's offer.  Pan Am is not asking to be the only one allowed to bid - it is calling for a more open process so that other companies may bid against Pan Am.  Jim Gallagher of Fly Frontera never supported such a process.  He was and remains about back door deals.

The Calabazistas, Camarillo, Ahumada, Atkinson and Longoria were so desperate for any deal they were willing to by pass an open process.  Guys I will bet the farm Camarillo has already told Jim Gallagher that the deal is back on if he is elected.  He has put out lies to cover the fact he was a supporter of this - Camarillo needs to man up and confess judgment to his mistake rather than continue with the lies.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Guys this is far from over - I will bet the farm Camarillo has commited to bring this back if elected.  Quintanilla is not going away - he is still pushing it.

From the BEDC Report - COB was on the hook for 100% of their start-up - including $35,000 in hotel and transporation for Mr. Gallagher and his staff.

See Page 2 of report - this is what Camarillo, Ahumada, Longoria and Atkinson called a fair deal for Brownsville.

Below is the Solis plea agreement.

Confusion from press reports and a lack of clarity in the Limas Indictment left open whether or not Judge Alejandro or Judge Limas denied the Brownsville Herald's motion for summary judgment in the Coronado case.  We now have a clear time line - the MSJ was denied by Judge Limas on Nov 26, and the case was then transferred to Alejandro as promises on December 1.  This clears up this part of the matter.

The issue before the Texas Supreme Court is not Judge Limas' order.  The issue is the opinion of the court of appeals.  Now like I said the Texas Supreme Court will reverse based on a finding the cause of action does not exist in Texas.  This will end it, which is sad, because although Texas has a very strong constitutional guarantee to one's reputation the courts have found the right of the press to defame innocent people is stronger than your liberty interest in you name.

The real sad part is, each lawyer and each judge (more coming) will get off easy.  Judge Hanen will thank them for cooperating in the investigation and then go light.  Every attorney in town knows he is an attorneys judge, instead of being a judge of the law.

The key to our democracy is a strong and independent judiciary.  The judiciary is the single greatest threat to our democracy.  This is why the sentence of each judge and each lawyer should be the maximum allowed by law.  In my view their conduct was tantamount to common law treason.  Their conduct attacked our freedom - our constitution - our very way of life.  It was an attack on American and should be treated as same.


"Mr. Wightman-Cervantes

Tony wanted to be sure you saw the response to the commentary currently going around on facebook to the fly frontera mail piece. It is a direct reply to the question asked so is posted in the comments to the picture/question. I hope this clears up some misunderstanding. Please let me know if I can be of additional help.


From Fly Frontera's own website:
"On March 15, we brought that aircraft and provided an introductory flight to 23 passengers including board members and some city commission members. That evening, the commissioners voted 6-1 for the airport board to seek funding for the project."

This was the vote I was referring to in my recent mailer: Under the banner of "How We Got Here," Fly Frontera referred to March 15th commission vote on their website, that resulted in commissioners voting 6 to 1 to have the Airport Advisory Board seek funding. Carlos Quintanilla mentioned in public comment at the commission meeting and on more than one occasion that he had been working directly with Commissioner Camarillo, Mayor Ahumada, and Commissioner Atkinson for months putting this deal together. And the mayor told the Brownsville Herald that Commissioner Camarillo was supportive, until the political pressure built up and he backed off. But what I found troubling is that he remained silent on why this proposal did not follow the proper protocol of going to BDEC first, before GBIC. He also remained silent on what he was looking for in "due diligence" that would form the basis for his vote. As the saying goes, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

So what is clear Camarillo sought funding for Fly Frontera without even asking if they could fly in the US? Brownsville cannot afford this kind of failed leadership or complete and total incompetence.


The BV has endorsed Tony Martinez - it does not seek to hide that fact.  People need to know this when then  consider my posts on the issue - it is called being transparent.

The Cheezmeh moderate claims they have not endorsed anyone but continues to run cover for Camarillo while now speaking for Camarillo while claiming it has not taken sides.  At the least the BV is honest.

Moreno asks the question how does Tony Martinez know who voted no in the 6-1 vote?  This is Moreno at his worst - Obfuscation.


Melissa Zamora has spoken out against this from day one - there is no published comments by Camarillo denouncing this.  Zamora was attacked by the FF mouth pieces - these are documented facts.  So Cheezmeh moderator instead of participating in the obfuscation how about demanding Camarillo give a straight up and down answer - was he the one no vote.

Ah, yes, we all know how you feel about asking Camarillo for his position on this issue - CENSORED

From the cheezmeh moderator who has not endorsed anyone - lies all lies

Brownsville Cheezmeh
Rodrigo Moreno RESPONDS: Mr. Martinez, I want to know where the proof is where Edward voted to fund the deal, I still don’t see that in your respond. How do you know who voted yes or who voted no? It was not a unanimous vote. How can you a statement like “VOTED YES TO FUND THE DEAL”.
I find it kind of odd that you now hold the words of Mr. Quintanilla like they were written in stone and use them as reference in your mailer. I believe that if were true, you would have put them as reference in your little flyer.
As for the reference of the Mayor telling Camarillo was supportive of the deal, I recall that article coming out after your mailer was sent, so I guess either you have a crystal ball to look in to the future or you mail this crapy paper before you got your facts straight.
Please Mr. Martinez, show us where is the proof that EDWARD voted “YES”. You have to have it on hand to be able to send a mailer like this. So please Sr. don’t delay.
See More

12 minutes ago ·


Unlike so many people celebrating the release of the BEDC report I have no idea what the truth is - certainly Mr. Gallagher using his non-reformed convicted felon as his mouth piece does not help his case. Quintanilla has been proven a liar so many times it is inconceivable to me why Gallagher would want him to speak now at to the truth.

The BV discussed that Homeland Security could deny landing privileges from Mexico. On this issue it does not surprise me they did not have privileges.

From the herald

"Among the authorizations Norton specifically cited PCI as lacking was permission from the U.S. Department of Transportation to operate flights to Mexico, which he noted could be difficult and time-consuming to obtain. PCI did secure an Air Operators Certificate from Mexico."

This was huge. So my question is, who at the city stated due diligence was done and missed this issue. We can debate the issue of Gallagher's assets - but that is irrelevant if they did not have permission to fly and land in the US.

It is inconceivable to me that on this mistake any voter could give Ahumada, Camarillo or Longoria a pass. Fly Frontera would have had taxpayer money with no permission to fly into the US.

So I have two demands for the new city commission which will be in place after the elections.

The people deserve a full investigation into the so called due diligence done by the city before this issue exploded onto the internet and Pan Am and the people started to complain. We need to know those responsible for failing the city are fired. This was a huge mistake.

Second, and I know those celebrating the release of the BEDC report will not like this, and that is fine - we can agree to disagree - but I want to know who gave it to the Herald.


If the person goes unpunished then no corporation can be assured their financial records are kept confidential. We are also dealing with possible proprietary in formation. At this point we are not talking about Fly Frontera, we are talking about the BEDC's ability to do its job. At this point I cannot see why anyone would trust them in the future, until and unless the person who released the report is punish.

The Herald was reckless in its reporting - It cared more about its ego than in Brownsville - it could have discussed the issue and why they learned without disclosing they got a copy of the report. It was a stupid move which hurt Brownsville ability in the future to recruit business.


Quintanilla complains about the release of the report and it never should have happened - it's funny now that information came out which shows he was conning Brownsville he complains about confidentiality - he was the exact opposite and praising Presas-Garcia when she gave him Joe Rod's


You cannot be considered legitimate as a political voice of the community when you have sacred cows. The moderator of Chezzmeh has made Camarillo his sacred cow. Camarillo has no defense for meeting with Quintanilla since October. He has no defense for failing to call for a proper due diligence investigation by BEDC. A real leader would have chastice GBIC for bypassing BEDC.

Caamarillo has shown he has no leadership or integrity - the Fly Ftonterea matter proves this - so why is the cheezhems moderator's sacred cow? This is unacceptable and cheezmeh as a group will find itself not credible if it starts to choose sacred cows.

The BV has no sacred cows. Tony Martinez messed up in his add on the vote issue, and the BV called him on it. The BV gave Tony and "F" on the accuracy. Why, even though the BV endorses Tony- there are no sacred cows.

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James6 hours ago Report Abuse
A politician flies 1st class; a soldier flies a C-17.
A politician's pension is not reduced; a soldier's is clawed 50%.
A politician enjoys an expense account; a soldier must justify extra rations.
A politician vows to defend their country; a soldier actually keeps that promise.



This message serves as a reminder of the PFLAG BROWNSVILLE meeting on Monday, May 2 at 6pm at Shoneys on the Expressway in Brownsville. If you cannot attend please let us know. We are taking a head countas to how many people will be in attendance. We will be discussing some regular business as well as Margaritas on the River, our first big fundraiser/membership drive. We will also be welcoming Ms. Josephine Flores from the Valley AIDS Council. She will be discussing the services the organization provides, the current status of the disease and how it has impacted the area. After that, we will have a Raymondville mother who will be discussing her daughter's coming out and how the school is handling the situation.

So there will be a lot of information and a lot to discuss. If you are interested in becoming a member, please talk to Felix Espinosa, Eileen Dominguez or Yolanda Speece. If you would like more information and wish to contact us, the number is (956)433-FLAG or you can call my personal cell number at (956)266-9169.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you there. If you cannot make it, please let us know and hopefully we can eventually see you at future meetings.

Yolanda Speece


Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]


It took a lot to end this deal. What we learned this morning is Fly Frontera failed with BEDC. But more importantly we learned that GBIC failed to seek BEDC review as provided for by the rules. When we read Ahumada's defense for bypassing the process we know for sure this was a back door deal rushed to avoid proper review. The BEDC needs to look closely at GBIC to insure this does not happen again.

We learn from this mailer something I have been explaining - there were behind the scene things happening. Camarillo knew there would be a Pan Am lawsuit. This put him in a position of having to publicly defending the deal in light of the lawsuit, BEDC non-support, Pan Am bid for incentives, and the voice of the people - BV had established for Camarillo it intended to put out 10,000 No More Calabaza cards on windshields with direction to a web page - that may still happen. Camarillo also knew there was a PAC prepared to take out ads in the Herald.

Obviously, this mailer was prepared and mailed before the decision to cancel the meeting to vote on Fly Frontera. But it is still important because it tells the people the truth about Camarillo - now he can defend his conduct. It was bad judgment to work with a non-reformed convicted felon. He knew GBIC did not follow proper procedure by getting a review from BEDC. Camarillo wanted the calabaza of looking the voters in the face and saying "I worked to bring air plane service to Mexico." He did not give a rats ass it was not properly vetted under the rules. Upwards of $2 million taxpayer dollars to a venture not properly vetted so that Camarillo could use it as a campaign ploy.


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It is what makes America - we challenge one another - we accuse each other of bogus speech and ideas - this is a time honored tradition - only someone with no conceptualization of who we are would make a statement so stupid that the blogs should work together. I am not so arrogant as to presume I am right and everyone should agree with the BV and just get in line - Brownsville would thrive if it could add a few more blogs with diverse opinions. The BV has stated over and over again - its best readers consider my works and evidence and then use their critical thinking skills and decide. If a reader decides the BV is wrong - cool - just do it using critical thinking skills. God would I hate if we had to live in a get along world with no diversity of ideas.

Chris Davis and I on BISD proved two people who normally would not agree on the time of day can work together to accomplish something good - Chris, if my readers remember spent his own money and used his own time to put BISD meetings on the internet so that more people can watch the live coverage. Does this mean Chris and I will all of a sudden work together on everything no - it means we saw a need to cooperate and we did - people need to grow up and understand how life and politics really work.

A COMPLEMENT TO MCHALE - I hate posters who say "why are you not investigating this or that" This morning McHale gave the poster the perfect answer "since you have the inside information then do the story yourself." You know guys as bloggers we are not paid and in fact I can say in the case of the BV it loses money every month. No one gives me money to do the research I do- a lot of it is not free. So to everyone who things any blogger is not covering enough of this or that - hey - start a blog - build it - work your ass off going to meetings and introducing your blog to the community and business leaders - and then you will know what it is like. I spent two years going to meetings I hated - But that was the only way I knew to get the business community and political readership to read my blog and it worked.

MONTOYA - This guy is a lost sole. (you cannot be a lost soul if you have none - I meant sole) Lehmann loses his control of contracts at the Brownsville housing authority and Montoya calls it a conspiracy by Ahumada - Montoya called it a little nothing when the BV exposed the million dollar contract Rendon and Lehmann gave to Escobedo's brother 15 days before Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon.

Montoya stands for overcrowding in our schools. Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra are complete failures. He cannot accept his so he has to keep on blaming Zayas and Cortez - just because economic hard times have hit the entire country does not mean classroom overcrowding is a good thing. Whether it is in the Fall or a year from now the new elementary school will be filled with students preventing overcrowding elsewhere. Overcrowding limits the ability of children to learn. It takes vision to build new schools when the funds are available. Brownsville is growing - if BISD is going to meet its demands it must keep on building. Otherwise we will end up like so many other school districts with classrooms so overfilled with students learning cannot occur.

Ah, Ernie Hernandez - funny thing with Montoya on this one - when Ernie was paying him Ernie was the hero of humanity - he dismissed the use of politiqueras stealing mail ballots as the way business is done here and we should get over it. Now Ernie refuses to pay him and every one Montoya does not like is accused of being an Ernie lemming.

I hate nothing more than anything else when people use this stupid tactic - so and so is a lemming of the devil. My readers know how I feel about forming their own opinion - the BV is just a place people go to help them form that opinion. Anyone who votes based on claims any candidate is a lemming of Ernie deserves the bad results Brownsville always gets.

We can look to known facts and form an opinion on the known facts. Rick Longoria and Edward Camarillo knowingly worked with a convicted felon and two-bit con artist for months. This is evidence of poor judgment. Now being a convicted felon by itself is not a bad thing if the evidence shows they have reformed themselves. During the BISD election Longoria and Camarillo received repeated requests from the BV to denounce the lies by Quintanilla and the PAC and to come to the defense of BISD - they knew exactly who Quintanilla was - they knew of the cons he was pulling in Dallas and his endless judgments,  they knew he was not a reformed convicted felon - but yet they worked with him anyway.  What makes any intelligent person thing that if they were willing to work with Quinanilla once they will not work with people like him in the future if reelected?  They showed their ways and judgment and now they must be held accountable for that poor judgment.

It boggles my mind that there are people who know this and will still support both of these people for reelection. This is why Brownsville is the cesspool of politics it is - intelligent people cannot form a simple opinion - Longoria and Camarillo showed a complete and total lack of respect for Brownsville and amazingly poor judgment by working with Quintanilla and to some people this is not a basis to remove them from office.

The fact both voted to allow BPUB to raise your rates and impose hirer late fees on the poorest of the poor so that the COB could raid the BPUB means nothing to these same people who will continue to support Longoria and Camarillo. Facts of poor judgment and facts of a bad voting records will not persuade them - why? they are lemmings to the idea that if they like someone reality should not guide them - facts and reality should be systematically ignored and anyone who dislikes Longoria or Camarillo is paranoid - exactly what Quintanilla would say - rather than address head on their voting records and bad judgment you call their opponent paranoid - pathetic and why Brownsville is the cesspool of politics it is.


On the DA issue of who appointes in case of a vacancy - guy your information means something to me - I am working on it - Monday in SA messed me up for two days - but you have given me cause to believe maybe in Cameron county because of a quirk in how the DA's office came about the commissioners court may do the appointment - I will not stop the research until a get a clear answer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fly Pan American Airways


If you carefully read the letter from Pan Am they were basically threatening litigation if they were not given the same opportunity as Fly Frontera. Thursday's meeting has been cancelled.

Quintanilla wants people to believe Camarillo and Longoria killed the deal. No - Quintanilla killed the deal with his threatening con-artist ways coupled with a bad business model.

Pan Am is not looking at just flying the Brownsville market to and from Monterrey - it is looking at flying the medical tourism and shopping tourism from Monterrey to San Antonio via Brownsville which ends up benefiting Brownsville and San Antonio.

There is no doubt in my mind Sossi told the commissioners that Pan Am was going to take action if they moved forward without giving Pan Am the same consideration it gave Fly Frontera. Pan Am's commitment to Brownsville saved Brownsville this bust and will now provide Brownsville non-stop service to San Antonio while opening the Mexican market for both Brownsville and San Antonio.

Our next step is to insure the Calabazistas, Ahumada, Camarillo, Longoria and Atkinson fall. We need fresh faces on the Brownsville City Commission to insure Pan Am gets a fair shot at making this service happen.

The fact Camarillo and Longoria pulled their support at the 11th hour means nothing. They showed poor judgment in working with a convicted felon. Commonsense should have told them it would end badly. This is not leadership - this is not who we need on the Brownsville city commission.
Fly Pan American Airways


This is why the city set for on an emergency basis a vote on Fly Frontera - so it would seem - but according to the Herald Larry Brown is saying Fly Frontera has yet to submit a contract.  So who knows.

What is important about the Pan Am offer is it gives Brownsville non-stop service to San Antonio.  This will mean Brownsville will have non-stop service to Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  If Pan Am gets the deal I will no longer be driving to SA.  So long as with an advance purchase I can  fly for $250 or less I will always fly.

The service will include continuing service to Monterrey and Tampico.  The reason this model works is - a lot of the medical toursim and shopping tourism will fill the Pan Am flight because of its final destination being San Antonio.

San Antonio Prime to become Medical Tourism Hub

Below is the Pan Am press release on the issue with supporting documents.

This is simple - do we give the incentive money to a company authorized to do business in Texas which is offering 737 jet service which includes adding San Antonio as a non-stop service from Brownsville, or do we give it to a company with offices out of the Dallas home of a convicted felon and has failed (as of last week at least) to register to do business in Texas?


It is amazing to me how one person so consistently lies and misleads people. As is always the case with the BV when documents are available they will be posted.

The first document is the docket sheet in the Voz radio case against Quintanilla. I printed this last night at about 11:30 or so.  Yesterday morning before leave for SA I checked to see if he had filed a sworn answer to the lawsuit. He had not. This is why I knew his bogus attempt to post to the BV under cheezmeh's name that the lawsuit had been dismissed was false. I had already seen the docket sheet and knew there was no motion to dismiss pending before the court and no hearing set on a motion to dismiss.

You will note the last entry is April 1, 2011, ordering the parties to mediation and setting the matter for trial. The December order of notice of dismissal is a general order issued in all cases telling the plaintiff that if the defendant is not served by a date certain the case will be dismissed. You will note that upon Quintanilla filing his bogus answer the court set the case immediately for trial.

The second document is the order of mediation. The parties were to complete mediation by Wednesday. Because I know he did not go to court and the court did not dismiss the case - the docket sheet proves that - then what happened.

One of two things happened - he sent the plaintiff's lawyer a letter agreeing to settle and pay by a date certain, or he went to mediation and he agreed to settle. But because I know this attorney would never accept a check from Quintanilla the mediated settlement is pending Quintanilla turning over a cashiers check. I agree this is speculation based on Quintanilla's word the case was dismissed.

When parties settle a lawsuit, the plaintiff files a notice of non-suit with the court. I can assure you the plaintiff's lawyer will not be filing a notice of non-suit with the court until he has the money. the court will then issue a notice of dismissal, although it is self-executing upon the notice of non-suit. Quintanilla has no money- At best he is waiting for the COB to turn over money to Fly Frontera and then he intends to use some of that money to pay the plaintiff.

Because of the timing of this Mark Sossi needs to confirm with the plaintiff's attorney that Quintanilla has not committed COB money to pay off the plaintiff.

Beyond settlement there is no possible explanation that the case has been dismissed. A dismissal pursuant to non-suit as incident to settlement is not going to court and winning your case - it is you Carlito paying off the plaintiff.

I will keep an eye on the filings - but what I know for sure is - there was no dismissal after a court hearing - I know this because there was no court hearing - well unless plaintiff's counsel dragged his butt over to court and demanded he put the settlement on the record. There was no motion for dismissal filed with the court prior to April 25th, 2011. . So with 100% certainty, I can say this case was not dismissed pursuant to a dispositive motion filed by Quintanilla

With this being something 100 verifiable by Mark Sossi - he will continue to tell the COB Quintanilla is trustworthy.

Okay Carlito, I posted my documents as proof - lets see the order of dismissal and your motion seeking dismissal.

Monday, April 25, 2011



"This is part of my comment - it was the 5th but should have been the 6th "We need to know the answer to these questions. Waiting until half the early voting is done to tell people not to vote for them because they voted for Fly Frontera is tantamount to doing nothing. here is the reality - right now I predict a..."

What was censored was this - the questions.  Without this post my statement "We need to know the answer to these questions" makes no sense.

Here is what was censored.

"I say to those who continue to support Longoria and Camarillo to send the following email and see if you get an answer - you will not.

Do you support the use of defamation, disinformation, criminal background checks, and threats being used by those who support Fly Frontera? Further do you support the decision of the BPUB to loan money to FF after they came to the city asking for an increase in late fees on the poorest of the poor in Brownsville and the unemployed? Will you put on the agenda a repeal of the authorization of the BPUB to increase the late fees now that it has been shown they have money to loan interest free?

Rick Longoria

Edward Camarillo

I will bet the farm they will not answer these questions. That is all any of their supporters should need to know Longoria and Camarillo are making saps of them. "

Why is cheez protecting Camarillo and Longoria? 

His argument that after I ran a national blog for more than 4 years "balancing the issues"  before blogspot even existed and you had to build your page using the program "Front Page" and after 5 years of now running "BV" I do not know how to post a comment - In substance who ever runs cheez is Carlos Quintanilla - when he/she is caught in wrongful conduct they use distractions and insults and accuse you of being a hired hand rather than simply admit to the wrong doing.


A person debating me on the issue of who appoints the DA - Commissioners Court or the governor has raised an interesting question.  The law is clear the DA is appointed by the governor when there is an vacancy - it took a while for this person to clarify their position - they are arguing in substance that Cameron County does not have a DA in the sense as provided for the governor making the appointment.  I know enough about the Texas Constitution to know this could very well be true.  We need to get to truth so  I am researching it.  I am sending out emails.  I will have the result on Wednesday.  If I was wrong I was wrong - but it would be a quirk in the manner in which the Cameron County DA was created -

Two bottom lines - the governor still appoints DA's when a vacancy occurs- Cameron county just may not have a regular DA which therefore allows the commissioners court to make the appointment - and two - the redistricting process will not be complete until after 2012 which is the end of Villalobos current term.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brownsville Cheezmeh


They are a con job and anyone who believes otherwise is a sap. The people want to know what back door dirty deal did you cut with Longoria and Camarillo that for the 4th time now Cheezmeh has censored the following:

I say to those who continue to support Longoria and Camarillo to send the following email and see if you get an answer - you will not.

Do you support the use of defamation, disinformation, criminal background checks, and threats being used by those who support Fly Frontera? Further do you support the decision of the BPUB to loan money to FF after they came to the city asking for an increase in late fees on the poorest of the poor in Brownsville and the unemployed? Will you put on the agenda a repeal of the authorization of the BPUB to increase the late fees now that it has been shown they have money to loan interest free?

Rick Longoria

Edward Camarillo

I will bet the farm they will not answer these questions. That is all any of their supporters should need to know Longoria and Camarillo are making saps of them.

The difference between Carlos Quintanilla and Cheezmeh when it comes to fraud on the people - nothing - they are the same.

Again the people demand to know - what back door deal did you cut with Longoria and Camarillo that you keep on deleting my above comment?  I have tested this - it appears after I posted and shortly later every time it is censored.

If you are looking to Cheezmeh or their bogus PAC designed to protect Longoria and Camarillo you are a sap - Brownsville is what it is - a cesspool of corrupt politicians because they can count on the people who run Cheezmeh to keep it that way.

Again - what deal did Cheezmeh cut with Longoria and Camarillo? -

Guys if you donate to their PAC you will remain the problem with Brownsville - I'm done with Cheezmeh - they have proven themselves to be liars and to have no use for honestly, transparency, and integrity.

And guys just because you have over 4,000 friends - compelled friends who must register in order to read your drivel does not mean you have 4,000 people who find you credible - it means 4,000 people have been forced to register in order to read our drivel - that is all it means. 


I am willing to bet this child given a chance would eat the Easter Lillies. Today millions of Christians will spend millions of dollars on Easter Lillies and candy while thousands of children close their eyes and die of starvation. There is no doubt in my mind Joshua (aka Jesus) cries every Easter as Christians celebrate this fake holiday while caring not a rats ass about starving children. There are children in Brownsville hungry at this moment - where are the churches - with the exception of a few - no where to be found.

So enjoy your Easter Lillies while children die of starvation - we all know Joshua would prefer you spend your money on Easter Lillies and candies than feed a hungry child.


I did put together for Isabella an Easter basket - but what I put in it is important. I bought 4 different Graduates snack items. The fruit wraps are 99% real fruit. The yogurt covered strawberry drops are healthy. The animal crackers are healthy. I forget what the 4th thing was. I told the grandmother that before she went out to buy Isabella an Easter basket to let me handle it.

This morning at 8:30 when the Easter Bunny arrived at Isabella's door she was all excited to have her Graduate fruit wraps. So, I do not consider this to be a waste of money. I spend a lot of money on Isabella's educational toys and items and Graduate snacks. Now is the time to teach her there are healthier alternatives.   Making your kid fat on candy and junk is not feeding them, it is starving them.


Do tell us Sorry Charlie why in law does venue for the lawsuit have to be in Dallas? This is total bullshit - pretend for a second that reality and the truth matters. Gallagher wants Dallas because he is forum shopping, and you are such a moron by and through your post you provided Pan Am the evidence - that the use of Quintanilla's address is purely to commit fraud on the court. Good show Sorry Charlie.

I know of no legal ban on Fly Frontera to fly under that name because Pan Am reserved the name as a corporate entity.    This is not a new issue.  We are dealing with a trademark issue, and it is clear to me Gallagher and his moronic lawyers fail to understand the interaction of statutory and common law trademark law. 

Other than to show Gallagher was not serious in terms of Fly Frontera I can think on no reason why Pan Am reserved the names.  Trust me if I am going to start a corporation whith a trademark, I am going to register the trademark and incorporate before I  tell anyone about my plans.  Gallagher's incompetence is not a basis to make bogus threats against Pan Am.  If Gallagher sues, which he will not because he does not have the money, ($250,000 minimum in attorneys fees for a trademark case.) he could find himself having to pay Pan Am's attorney's fees.  My advice to Pan Am is, let it go conditioned on Gallagher incorporating in Texas under the Fly Frontera name. 

Imagine I open a restaurant and call it Nica Cuisine (Nica is a term which refers to the people of Nicaragua).  Then a large corporation decides they like the name and they incorporate in Texas Nica Cuisine Inc.  Does this mean I can no longer call my restaurant Nica Cuisine?  No - the incorporation of Nica Cusine has zero impact on my rights. 

Fly Frontera will fly as a DBA of Public Charters.  The name to the best of my knowledge has not been filed as a trademark by anyone - all we have is a start up company claiming the name for  the Brownsville market.  Unless the law has changed they can still fly under that name.

Gallagher, Quintanilla and Atkinson consistently show their incredible ignorance.  But Charlie telling some mythical story that the law requires the lawsuit be filed in Dallas is simply that - bogus - and if Charlie thinks Dallas is better than Cameron county - he might check to see how the Dallas judges  feel about Quintanilla - when he played this forum shopping game and sued me, without having to lift a finger the judge dismissed me from the lawsuit.  Anything involving Quintanilla in a  Dallas court will be received as suspect of fraud.  And with Sorry Charlie's dumb ass post - the evidence of forum shopping is now established.

And not that Texas law matters to these incompetent morons.  Public Charters the last I checked still did not have authority to do business in Texas.  This is a condition to bringing a lawsuit.  So againt Sorry Charlie - where do you lies end.

"A foreign filing entity or the entity's legal representative may not maintain an action, suit, or proceeding in a court of this state, brought either directly by the entity or in the form of a derivative action in the entity's name, on a cause of action that arises out of the transaction of business in this state unless the foreign filing entity is registered in accordance with this chapter."
Now Sorry Charlie will say I am biased against him - yes this is clearly seen in my response to the claims related to a camera facing Jessica's estranged husband's apartment.  My response has basically been - what is the issue? - I have out right defended the property owner's right to place the camera where he chooses.

While I am certain based on what I have been told in terms of Sossi's review of the matter and the fact I successfully defended Dallas City Commission John Loza on the same issue, that Jessica has nothing to worry about.  On the issue of the camera, based on the known evidence, I simply do not see a story. 

It is Sorry Charlie's absolute right to seek evidence that Jessica lied on her application for a place on the ballot.  (At this point we do not even know if Sorry Charlie had anything to do with it) Are we saying that if a candidate believes their opponent lied on the application for a place on the ballot  they should not investigate?  The FBI would be doing a lot more than placing a camera across the street.  This is politics - if you cannot handle it then don't run.  But in the end unless the camera shows she is sleeping there every night, she is in the clear.  But of course all of my words on this is evidence of my lack of objectivity and bias against Sorry Charlie Atkinson.   Now I will admit, assuming Sorry Charlie had something to do with the camera and nothing comes of it, while I agree he had a right to investigate and prove his claims, the people are less forgiving and will use this act against him. 

But here is the bottom line and I stand by this.




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Friday, April 22, 2011


If this is part of the campaign, it brings this campaign to the same level of those who filmed Cisneros. I have no idea what the legality of any of this is - only time will tel.!/photo.php?fbid=115081318573444&set=a.107868902628019.16332.100002147306783&type=1&theater


Quintanilla's claim Fly Frontera's name was already claimed prior to Pan Am reserving same is yet another lie. They did not do the DBA until March 31, 2011.!/brownsville.cheezmeh?sk=wall


Camarrillo's calabaza in the Fly Frontera mess is, in exchange for his vote to give upwards of $2 million to a start up airline being promoted by a convicted felon with over $100,000 in judgments against him and a pending lawsuit which involves $12,000 in bounced checks, Montoya working with Carlos Quintanilla and Jim Gallagher will publish one endless lie after another against Tony Martinez.

The latest lie involved a bogus allegation that Trey Martinez has already been anointed the new DA when Villalobos resigns to run for Congress.  This story is so bizarre in raises a serious question about whether or not anyone born alive with a brain still considers Montoya a credible source.


The BV first exposed the connection between the con deal of Fly Frontera and Camarillo when Montoya published the following lies about my conversation with Jim Gallagher.  To a word there is no truth in any of it.  Rather than assume Mr. Gallagher was party to the deception I gave him a chance to deny the story.  Why?  Jim Gallagher will lie and deceive to the bitter end if that is what it takes to deceive Brownsville of upwards of $2 million dollars.

From Montoya

"Reports indicate that Wightman claimed to be representing Zamora and mayoral candidate Tony Martinez, and warning Gallagher that he would "expose" him and his company for alleged associations with felons, child molesters, etc.
Additionally, the blogger also warned the firm's president that Martinez (once he got in office) would act to terminate the economic incentives that are currently being negotiated between the firm and the city and economic development entities.
Apparently, Gallagher was flabbergasted by Wightman's threats to "expose" his efforts and his company to bring jobs and new vigor to the city's efforts to establish a viable aviation industry here"

First of all we never even discussed Melissa Zamora.  The discussion concerning Tony Martinez only happened after Gallagher asked me how to overcome the toxic politics of Brownsville. I said that if Tony Martinez wins the election he would be able to bring calm and reason to the commission.  That was the extent of my discussion concerning with Tony Martinez.

I encouraged Mr. Gallagher in his endeavors.  I told him he needed to look into tour packages for Winter Texans.  We did discuss Carlos Quintanilla.  He knew he was a wild hair.  I told him the truth that Quintanilla would be a problem for him - if the events since that conversation are an indication of the accuracy of my prediction - then I was right.

It does not end there.  Montoya's latest desperate attempt to discredit Martinez with his bogus story about Trey Martinez becoming the DA when Villalobos resigns to run for Congress raises the question if Montoya and Camarillo are desperate.

We know at this point reality, facts, and the law mean nothing to Montoya - he lies because if he is not lying he has nothing to say.

From Montoya:

"If Villalobos does decide to run, it'll be up to the commissioners court on the advice of local party leaders to decide on his replacement. Insiders say Martinez The Elder, is already touching base with commissioners to have his son "Trey" appointed to the DA's spot."

The Cameron County Commissioners Court has no authority in the appointment of a new DA if Villalobos resigns or is indicted.

Two sources -

Governor Perry appoints Interim-DA

§ 87.041. VACANCIES FILLED BY APPOINTMENT OF COMMISSIONERS COURT. (a) The commissioners court of a county may fill a vacancy in the office of: (1) county judge; (2) county clerk; (3) district and county clerk; (4) sheriff; (5) county attorney; (6) county treasurer; (7) county surveyor; (8) inspector of hides and animals; (9) county tax assessor-collector; (10) justice of the peace; or (11) constable

You will note in both sources the Commissioners Court has nothing to do with the appointment of a DA.  Further, does anyone believe for one second that Governor Perry will appoint the son of a prominent Democrat over a Republican?


From Montoya

"Our sources tell us that an exploratory committee will meet this coming May 23 at South Padre Island to formulate the Villalobos candidacy for congress. It is rumored Mando has a $200,000 campaign chest to make the run for the position."  First of all a six pack of beer is not a source.

In a federal election you must  file with the Federal Elections Commission before you can raise money.  Villalobos has taken no such action.


Villalobos will have served his current term before Texas finishes with the redistricting process.  Given this reality, without knowing if Cameron, Willacy and part of Hidalgo counties will be joined to make a new congressional  district why would Villalobos resign his position? 

Unlike during the 2000 redistricting, this time Texas will have a new map by the end of the current legislative session.  The Republicans have a super majority in both Houses so there should be no delay.  But then the map must still undergo DOJ review.   We can expect strong opposition from the Democrats - especially legal organizations which represent Latinos.  The DOJ can then reject the map as violating the Voting Rights Act.  What do you think the Obama Administration is going to do?  Do you believe they will  allow the  first map to just slip through without cow-towing to the Latino community?  Be real - but to be honest - I hardly expect a Republican legislature with a super majority and over 100 anti-Latino new laws pending review to be fair to the Latino community when redistricting.  I expect the first map to be rejected with just cause.  Now I will say they are trying to find a Republican Latino district in SA. 

Then there is still the issue of federal lawsuits.   It will be 2014 before Texas sees its first real election with formal primaries which involve the new districts.  It will be 2013 before Texas sees an interim election which will not include primaries.  If experience teaches us anything the courts will order an open election without primaries.


From Montoya:

"Mando is a natural," said a Democrat insider. "He has managed to keep himself fairly clean, even in the (Abel) Limas cases. He objected to having (Amit) Livingston freed but all the action took place in the judge's chambers. He emerged relatively unscathed in the process."  Again Montoya the bottom of a beer bottle is not an insider.

We must remember that Villalobos former law partner made a pretty penny on the Amit Livingston deal.  We must also remember the family of the victim signed affidavits that Villalobos  referred them to his former law partner Eddie Lucio.  Contrary to Montoya's lies Lucio practices law in Brownsville and not Dallas.

Law Office of Eddie Lucio
932 E Van Buren St
Brownsville, TX 78520-7143
I know Eddie, I helped to train Eddie in Dallas - He was lazy and expected handouts.
In the Amit Livingston case any competent - sorry honest - DA would have asked Limas to stay his order pending an emergency Application for Stay of the order to the Court of Appeals.  Villalobos took no such action.  It was a con which netted his former law partner a pretty penny. Limas never would have allow Livingston to walk out of court if he did not have Villalobos consent.  Limas knew an emergency appeal would have humliated him.
Villalobos should have been indicted for the million dollars he stole from the taxpayers of the Brownsville Navigation District. To refresh your memory he dropped the investigation against Dannenbaum in exchange for one million dollars paid to his office under the guise of a forfeiture.  The con was the money Dannenbaum paid Villalobos was not money it earned  from someone who earned it as a consequence of criminal conduct, it was one million dollars of the money paid to Dannenbaum by the Brownsville Navigation District.  It was a one million dollar heist against the taxpayers for the benefit of Villalobos office.
Then there is the Joey De La Garza mess.
This is what Montoya calls Villalobos remaining clean.
Guys, the DOJ is still investigating the Limas affair.  The matters involving Villalobos were not included because the DOJ did not want to play its hand in advance of further indictments.  Like I said, if I were Villalobos I would be looking to moving to Cuba about now.
So there you have it - Montoya, and Jim Gallagher will do what ever it  takes to discredit Martinez to get the two million dollars from Camarillo for Fly Frontera.  Camarillo has no shame.
One will also not the dirty campaign by Camarillo to disparage Martinez, his marriage and children.  Does it sound like the smut used by Cisneros used against Zamora - because if it does - it is because the same person is behind the anti-Martinez lies under the direction of Camarillo.


Original Open Records Request

Open Records Request Denied

If you read Mark Sossi's denial letter in hopes of hitting a justification he does a kitchen sink approach - he lists a laundry lists of possible reasons to justify denial of the information. 

I have no idea whether or not the city will win on its request.  But here is the scoop - the people are being told they have no right to know what is going on with the process even though the people will pay for this.

Effectively the people have been told - you are not entitled to information related to your own investment into this prospective airline.  This is not open government - it is CALABAZA IN THE MAKING.

Oh, I am up at this time because my legs felt like they were being filleted.  I am at 6000 mg on the gabapetin.  The VA is trying to get me in for the first available date or cancellation for another caudal raz before redoing the back surgery.  Guys, I would not wish this on anyone.

Tell your Mayor and City Commissioners how you feel about being denied access to information related to an investment you will have to pay for.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

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Vote Viro Cardenas


This is by far my favorite campaign sign.  I saw it today on the corner of 802 and 77.  There is a level of integrity in the sign not seen in anyone else's sign.  I have no idea what he stands for, but his campaign sign is refreshing and somehow real.


"Charlie Atkinson April 21 at 12:23am Reply • Report

YOU have what you have because of the drugs you hide in your trucks. Come on Zeke, do you think you are a success story? You are the reason Customs employees have a job. You are the scum that poisons our kid's mind and you use god to hide behind your shenanigans. One day it will all come to an end. People hate success stories coming from shady people like you. Everyone thinks it but I have the balls to say it and the idiot Craig Grove endorses a scumbag like you. Its not hard to pass drugs through the checkpoint but the stupid ones get caught eventually so its only a matter of time."

This was posted at Brownsville Cheezmeh - allegedly.  If in  fact Sorry Charlie posted this Zeke has a defamation per se claim to his business and on the false felonious allegations.  If Sorry Charlie's homeowners covers this they will just pay $100,000 to $150,000 rather than fight it.  these are black and white cases of defamation per se.!/photo.php?fbid=144067138994838&set=a.115395258528693.15576.100001746598482&type=1&theater


Brownsville Fire Fighters Association

To all City Employees

Re: Commissioner Charlie Atkinson Letter sent March 30, 2011 at 2:04 A.M.

The BFFA Local 970 would like to apologize to the civilian employees for the effort Commissioner Charlie Atkinson is placing on discrediting our Association.
Commissioner Atkinson has left out some facts that may change your perspective on his recent e-mail claiming that we are the reason that you have not been given a raise.
The BFFA has been negotiating contracts with the City since 1972 after we obtained collective bargaining rights. The ‘me too” provision is in the contract so that we have a fair opportunity to negotiate our own pay and benefits without getting left out. City employees have increased their pay quite a number of times since 1972 and the BFFA has NEVER claimed a “me too” on civilian employee raises. Mr. Atkinson is making an issue out of a non issue.
The only way we can file a “me too” claim on an existing contract is if any other city employees get a raise that is MORE than what we agreed to on the current contract.
Out of respect to our brothers and sisters in the Police Department, we also refused to file on a legitimate “me too” claim for a retention bonus that they received for staying with the department for a number of years in order to keep them on the force instead of losing them to other law enforcement agencies.
Mr. Atkinson failed to mention that the Brownsville Fire Fighters have not received a raise since 2007, just as you have not. The city attorneys are forcing our hand into litigation as opposed to negotiating in good faith at the table. The losers are all City Employees and the ones that stand to gain are the lawyers representing the City.
Fire Fighters take the right to negotiate our working conditions very seriously and we respect the right for all employees to get a raise. We will not abuse this right.
Finally, Mr. Atkinson has not once placed on the City Agenda any proposal for a city employee raise. If he really was concerned about you and your families he would have placed a proposal for consideration long ago.
Jorge Lerma – Recording Secretary
Brownsville Fire Fighters Association Local 970


I have been wanting to do a post on "What does different mean?" for some time, but did not really have a medium for the story. I think this young man provides me the perfect opportunity to have this discussion.

This kid has the most amazing parents in the world.  This young man of 5 years will do more to educated the world on the importance of acceptance than any live civil rights leader during our time.  I am so proud of this young man and his parents - such incredible love - and yes I know, I will get posts expressing hate and ignorance - but it is not my problem - it is the poster's problem.

Several weeks ago someone said to me "thanks for accepting us even though we are different."  I said - "what do you mean by different?"  "Well we dress in lots of leather, wear black, have lots of body piercing and tattoos."  I said "So what do you mean by different?"  They said "well we are not like everyone else." 

Stuff like this drives me nuts - "if you cannot be yourself, who can you be."  A coworker said this to me when I was a foreman on the B1B project. 

My definition of different - "being someone other than yourself."  Where in hell does it say body piercings are bad.  My 40th crisis was solved by piercing my nibbles - yea - did not like it - a waste of $500.00 - I went all out with the best gold rings.    It just did not feel normal for me - but that does not mean it is not normal.  Now, my two tattoos feel very normal.  I want a 3rd, but do not know where to put it.  I feel like George of the Jungle swinging on a vine on my right butt cheek is balanced out with the leather dressed Teddy Bear on my left pec.  Another ta too on my right pec will make the Teddy Bear less dramatic on my left pec.  I am  considering building out the jungle scene around George and then put Curious George in a tree.  When I am in NY in September I think that is what I will do.

Where is it written we must all look the same and act the same?  Where is it written that boys wear pants and girls where dresses.  It was not long ago men in Europe wore a form of dress.  Why is the Pope wearing a dress okay but this little boy just wearing what makes him happy wrong?

I get the concerns of what will happen when he enters school.  But I think he will be fine.  Children can be cruel, but the school can make this happen.  Yes some parents will tell their children terrible things about this young man, but is that a basis  for this young man to be someone other than himself.


So long as you are being yourself you are not different.  Different is rejecting yourself to be someone you are not.  The only way wearing leather, having lots of tattoos and piercings is different is if doing it is not you.  Then you are being different from who you are.

Be yourself.  As someone who loves the nude beach as an act of liberation, I hate the people who have to sexualize everything.  Because of these perverts those of us who can be nude on the beach in a very non-sexual way are punished for the perversion of those who must sexualize everything.  It is who I am - why should I fear being arrested for tanning in my own back yard.  There are no two story houses - the only way anyone can see me is if they look through the fence or over the fence.  We need stronger laws to prosecute the peeping toms.  We need strong laws which allow me and others to tan in the nude in our own back yards.  This will never happen - because perverts control the laws on this issue.

Boy - I went off on that one - but the point is - you are only different if you are not yourself.

In the past I have talked about the closet syndrome.  People who must hide aspects of who they are at some point lose the ability to tell right from wrong.  It  could they are gay, into heavy leather, are straight and want to wear a  dress.  By rejecting their natural instincts they cause major mental health issues for themselves.  It causes young adults to commit suicide, to turn to drugs, to turn to abusive relationships with older predators who have no real interest in them other than their own sexual gratification.   As adults they become sociopaths  - I can tell you people suffering from the closet syndrome are a dime a dozen in the legal profession.  We have both lawyers and judges who are sociopaths - the Cameron County court house is a bastion of closeted gays cheating on their wives, husbands, and more importantly themselves.

Again what is different? - in Egypt no one would look twice at me if I wore a gallibaya, but in Brownsville I would be labeled with all sorts of bad names - sorry guys pants were designed by two different people - gay men in hopes things will pop through the original tights wore by men and by men who have a thing for having their genitalia restricted.  I would love to be able to wear a gallibaya - but not so long - just below the knee would be fine - about 2-3 inches below the knee.  It should have a very nice very strong male collar - whatever that means.  It is more natural for junior and the twins to live liberated than restricted and packed away in a sardine can.

This little boy has more courage than any politician in this country.  At age 5 he is fighting a battle which will change life for 10's of thousands of young people.  He is truly a hero who deserves our respect and admiration.

In his honestly he is more honest than any of the 5 mayoral candidates who refuse to take a clear position on the key issues .  All 5 mayoral candidates can learn something about honesty and self respect from this 5 year old.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TC Activity


The season starts June 1 - is this a sign of a bad season. The reality is, by the morning this thing could be gone already.


Based on his history in Dallas the answer to this question is yes. There is a truth here and the people need to know it.

Story by 10 a.m. - I have some morning appointments, but will have the story and documents by 10 a.m.


Our municipal courts are a bastion of corruption.  This policy of allowing select individuals to be allowed to call judges at home or on their cell phones to get, get out of jail free cards must stop.  As I noted in previous posts Juan Montoya called his friend Ben Neece not once but 4  time to have Ben Neece sign get out of jail free cards by phone.  In fact as the evidence shows he was also able to get Ben Neece to convert a felony DWI into a misdemeanor DWI.  Also as I have noted, the Commission on Judicial Conduct has formally opened an investigation into the matter.

I do not know if Montoya's claims are true - and given the fact if he speaks he lies anything he says is questionable - if it is true Rick Zayas was able to call Judge Bellamy at home to get his get out of jail free card then we can say we have yet another abuse of the process.  This is not fair to the rest of the people who have to wait for a municipal judge to appear in court to set bails.

Now to be 100% honest - in the past I had someone I know call another person who did call a municipal judge at home who then set bail for someone on a get out of jail free card.  The charge was a class B misdemeanor involving alleged shop-lifting.  I was wrong for what I did and I am willing to admit I was wrong.  I take no pride in what I did.

The City of  Brownsville needs to pass a policy which bans this practice.  We are all equal.  There should be no calling judges at home to get bail set.  The practice needs to be banned.

Now on Rick Zayas - when a police officer tells you to stop - you stop - unlike everyone judging him  I was not there - I have no idea what the real facts are.  Now - based on my previous posts everyone knows I have tremendous respect for our police.  Every News Years Eve I remind people they are there to protect us and we need to respect them.  But Brownsville has a handful of police officers who are complete and total morons when it comes to traffic stops.  They care not a rats ass about safety.  They find the most unsafe place to pull people over and then stop them in that spot. 

Since these police officers demand to be treated like babies - I will  accommodate them.  Our police chief needs to set a policy which mandates that the officer assess the situation and determine if it is possible to direct the drivers they are stopping to a safer spot than where they were stopped.  The Walmart parking lot certainly would have been a safer place.

Based on the Herald's reporting - charging Rick Zayas with evading arrest is the result of an out of control police officer - how fast could Rick have been going if the police offer was able to follow him on foot  for 100 feet.  Let's be real - Rick was wrong for what he did, but this police officer needs to be disciplined for overreacting.


As I have noted  before, the Limas case is not done.  The parts involving DA Villalobos are separate.  This is why you do not see them in the current postings or indictment.  They have enough already on Limas to send him away for a long time.  They withheld the cases directly involving Villalobos because that investigation continues.  There will be more.  Like I said before, if I were Villalobos I would go to Matamoros and get a flight to Cuba.

I do not care who the attorneys are who were involved, the DOJ needs to charge everyone involved - no exceptions.  Part of the problem is in personal injury cases, the case can be transferred between attorneys 4 or 5 times with each attorney reserving a financial interest.  But regardless if the attorney actually worked on the case, the DOJ needs to check emails and every other source available to learn what was known and when.

The other problem about which I have complained is the endless transfer of cases between judges without any checks or balances.  What we know is, the corrupt lawyers considered Menton Murray and Judge Alejandro safe judges for the full execution of their conspiracy.  The DOJ must keep the investigation against these judges going.  Based on my experience this is why the attorneys have yet to be charged.  The DOJ I am certain is offering deals to the lawyers if they can produce credible admissible evidence Menton Murry and Judge Alejandro were willing participants in the conspiracy.

We have computers - the only way these abuses will stop is if when a judges remove themselves from a case that the case is reassigned randomly by the computer.  If you think Judge Rolando Olvera as the Regional Administrative Judge is going to give up his power to hand pick judges to carry out the political agenda of the corrupt judges, I have a $21.4 million bridge to sell you owned by the Port of Brownsville.


Okay Carlito, since you are too broke to hire an attorney - I will give you some free legal advice - when you are sued on a  sworn account you must file a sworn denial.  This is why the judge set the matter for trial so fast - July 5. 2011.  You will appear in court and he will default you and issue a judgment for Principle Broadcasting.  But then if you lie in your sworn denial, I know this judge - he will have you arrested in open court - this is not Brownsville where you have one of the most corrupt set of judges and DA in the country and perjury is permissible.

Quintanilla demanded I post his answer to the lawsuit wherein Principle Broadcasting sued him.  Well here it is.

The gist of his counterclaim is Principle Broadcasting allowed Preachers to compete against him for fundraising and it was fraud for the plaintiff to allow for this because Quintanilla was not warned in advance that other people would also be allowed to use the radio station to con people out of their money - his words not mine.  See ¶ 9

So the question is, if the COB allowed other airlines to start service to Monterrey and this causes Fly Flontera to fail will Quintanilla sue for fraud.  If the Principle Broadcasting case is a window into the future the answer to this question is yes, Quintanilla will sue the COB if other airlines or charters are allowed to run flights to Monterrey.


"(Preachers) were continuosly begging and unscrupulously using God to bamboozle the Hispanic community to make donations and offerings." 

Quintanilla argues his bogus radio program failed because he "was surrounded by money hungry preachers."

Now - lets look at the known evidence  - Quintanilla wrote $12,000 in bad checks to this company - but the preachers are the con artists and not him.

Quintanilla's Deposition[1]

(note - right bottom corner there is a search function - you can run words like voz and find every reference)

Page 6 he admits to being the Director of Voz radio and getting paid. Page 7 he testifies he has people buy sponsorships to finance the radio program. see line 9. Page 8 he talks about all of the cash donations - line 20. Just read through page 10 and see how the money just keeps coming in, even from children - but where did it go? According to the lawsuit he ran from, it did not go to pay for the radio time. Where did the money go?

Again, just a sampling of the judgments against this two-bit con artist.

Okay Carlito, we know you did not use all of the money you raised to pay the radio station, so where did the money go?  In your deposition you could not anwer one question about the accounting for the money other than you were paid for your services.  This is typical Quintanilla he accuses others of the very conduct which is his life.


You need to email this post to your ministers, preachers and priests and demand that they demand the Brownsville City Commission end their association with this professional con-artist.  His comments about the preachers is outrageous and must be denounced.  If you want me to send the message just provide me the email of your minister, preacher or priest.  In fact it would help me if someone has a list of a lot of their emails.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

You can also contact Michael Hoyle of Charter Air Transport  Mr. Hoyle is fully aware of what is happening with the ongoing threats, defamation, criminal background checks and has refused to denounce same because his planes are idle and Brownsville being conned is the only hope he has of putting his planes in the air.

Each of these people need to denounce Carlos Quintanilla for his outrageous comments about the religious leadership in Dallas.  They will not - because these people oppose integrity and honesty.

As I get this out to every major church in Brownsville we shall see how they feel about Ahumada's, Atkinson's, Longoria's, and Camarillo's continued refusal to denounce this two-bit professional con-artist.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011