Monday, March 14, 2011


The following is from the Herald. 

"Perez called for better streets, lower electric bills, more police and firefighters and the equipment they need to keep residents safe."

The following is from a Roman Perez supporter attacking the BV for relying on the Herald.

"Bobby, you complain about the Herald all the time. When it suits you, you have no trouble taking their paraphrases and assume they are fact. Case in point, where did Roman promise anything? I didn't read any promises other than working towards something positive as a community. Let me guess, you are going to claim I can't read or I'm a distraction. Takes one to know one. Cue endless tirade...


So to the reader who accuses the BV - which is it - do I not understand that when you call for "better streets, lower electric bills, more police and firefighters and the equipment they need to keep residents safe.,"  that these things cost money?  Is my English so limited that no reasonable person can read these things to mean promises?

Now if it is Roman's position he never told the Herald these things, then he should have gone to the blogs and denounced the Herald for misrepresenting his position.  If he wants to send the BV a signed statement denouncing the Herald for misrepresenting his position the BV will certainly post it and in  fact question whether or not the Herald intentionally lied about his position so as to under mind his campaign.

If the truth is the Herald lied, the BV will publish that as Roman's response, assuming he will put it in writing.

Now people can say what they want about the BV, but every time Roman took the city commission to  task on the rules the BV was right there praising him and telling everyone he was correct.  The BV since day one has gone after every candidate who has promised things they  cannot deliver.  This is in fact how Pat Almighty got his name from the BV.  The BV set a standard and stays with it.


Anonymous said...

"I am contacting Department of Education lawyers and TEA lawyers to determine the best manner in which to proceed. This is a serious charge which may raise to the level of criminal conduct on the part of Brett Springston."

This was a statement made by you a few days ago. Did you do it or can we say that you lied? If you had done what you stated, I am sure that we would already have heard about it. However, nothing has happened. Are you a liar also?

BobbyWC said...

I am doing exactly as they stated - I have no control how long it takes to investigate

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Nor do you have control if they find no valid complaint. It is all in the interpretation. Don't you think???

BobbyWC said...

FERPA is complex

But in this case it will be outside Brownsville - there are shaded areas which make it easy for a complaint to be dismissed.

Also people do not understand perjury comes easy to people who need to protect their job.

A good investigator will do a good job - but ne clear - Auilar, Colunga and Pena will never under any circumstances vote for suspencion - escobedo will keep Springston so long as Springston is useful on the contracts - they own Springston plain and simple

It took a while buy I think Presas_garcia now knows Escobedo was a traitor to her cause since day one

All Presas-Garcia has to do is have her convict friend start to disclose all of the inside contract dsor withhold her vote for the contract for his family and firneds and Springston is toast - the question is - does she understand this

Bobby WCV