Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Tuesday night I got a call about the endless problems with the budget battle between VA SA and VA Coastal Bend (Corpus, Harlingen. McAllen and Lubbock). I was point blank told that it was a criminal act for the VA in SA to deny me lodging. I was told the low level administrators have been warned about the rules but do not seem to care. I was told there have been specific complaints against the Director in San Antonio similar to the ones I have lodged against her.


The bad people in San Antonio are being told that they will no longer deny lodging to veterans who are discharged from their appointment after 2 p.m. or for veterans who have appointments on or before 11:00 a.m. This may change to 10:00 a.m. - They are checking on the rule. The rule for Brownsville and Harlingen is we are given 5 hours of travel time. We must be able to arrive back in Brownsville by 7 p.m. after the appointment or be given overnight lodging. The issue on the morning is whether or not we are expected to leave for San Antonio by 5 or 6 a.m. That is being checked on.

A simple sign with clocks on it will be posted at the reception desks in Harlingen telling veterans that if their appointment is on or before 10 a.m. they are entitled to lodging the night before. It will also say that if they are discharged on or after 2 p.m. they are entitled to lodging for the night. The sign will have clocks to make it easier to read. They will be in plexiglass frames. The request for approval of this will be made on Wednesday morning.

Veterans will be told what their travel pay will be in their appointment card. This way if the VA San Antonio refuses to pay they will have an appointment card directing San Antonio to pay the veteran.

How did I get this result - I documented for the VA lawyers the problems with real evidence. That was this morning. By tonight I had top administrators at the VA working with me to solve the problem. It may take a few weeks to get everything in place, but I can assure you the Director at the VA San Antonio on Wednesday will get a firm letter explaining the nonsense will end and it will end now.

People- when you have good people working hard to fix problems you can fix them. The VA legal department has never failed me. They know me - they know they can check out my factual allegations and fix the problems.

Where was Farenthold for the veterans - no where to be found- his office has yet to take the time to respond to my complaints. Farenthold is a joke when it comes to veterans. It took a simple well documented complaint to the VA legal department and a key administrator putting out letters and veterans will have their rights restored.

You know why no lawsuit will be filed, because I am dealing with honorable people who know right from wrong - something which completely eludes the judges of Cameron County.

Why do we not have such leadership at BISD? Because under Springston since day one it has been about cutting deals to protect his own ass and the children are not even on his agenda. Unlike these people I worked with today at the VA, Springston has no knowledge of his mission - he is too busy stuck in the mode of self survival. He must resign now.

People think about this - this is serious with Springston - Presas-Garcia has fabricated lie after lie to get rid of Springston. We have real reports about this alleged assault and witness statements - where are the corrupt 4 demanding an investigation? - nowhere - I will bet the farm one of the corrupt 4 is running interference for either the principal or the coach.

I am sending Springston an email this morning demanding he clearly state those BISD employees claiming they saw the girls self inflict their wounds are lying to the extend the claims of these so called eye witnesses are true. If it were true then BISD screwed up royally by not informing the parents that their children were self inflicting wounds on themselves. Either way BISD looks real bad. Springston must end these false claims or be assumed a party to the false claims.


Anonymous said...

On the VA victory, WAY TO GO BOBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE DONE. Now please give BISD the same courtesy in reference to any case you are dealing with when dealing with BISD. Thanks I pray you continue to get good news my man. :)

BobbyWC said...

BISD for two weeks refused to provide the psrent any information - on Monday they had hit sit their like a fool while refusing to procvide him information - he gave them two weeks before deciding to pursue a criminal complaint

what more do you people expect of this father - his daughter needs to know he will defend her from such conduct - why are so many people having such a hard concept it thid - he gave them two weeks to provide and explanation - now he is teh bad guy for filing complaints

Be real

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do a public record request. Let the truth be what it may.

And ... get better.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "The BV is done - no more on BISD"? I like it more when you are complaining about the VA. Vets need our support.

BobbyWC said...

Well I may have won the battle on lodging and ravel pay but rigt now on my health it is bad. I think after 5 I will try and get admitted to Valley Baptist - the VA phone system is down for all practical purposes

My doctor has truly tried to get ahold of me but I sleep nearly non-stop- the hydromoprhone has caused some really bad side effects so I stopped it - so I sleep - I never hear the phone when she calls because I am asleep and the phone system for calling is so overwhelmed you cannot call the clinic -

My dogs must have heard the last call and woke me up but I missed the call and cannot now get through.

All I know is I cannot wake up and my head feels like it is going to explode - I have fallen twice today -

The system is so broken - I will probably get hit with the bill rfom Valley Baptist but fuck it does not matter at this time

They know the system is overwhelmed - they have worked hard to hire doctors but no one seems to want the jobs - so the veteran suffer

I am off to bed - all I see is double vision-

I was told for 10 years my back and leg problems were imaginary until a competent doctor believed me and did the necessary testing to find the tear in the dura -

10 years of sleeping in hopes some day the VA finds a doctor willing to understand the problem is not going to work or me

Oh, btw Springston and his clowns have taken no interested to call this father and deny the false charges against the girls - what a man - a real man

Bobby W C

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for yoru post - I will not post it through - if I go to Valley Baptist it will be Brownsville - more likely than not - although based on where I live I think they are equal distances.

well I am off to bed - all I know is my head is going to explode and I have double vision and i am struggling to stay awake

for two years this symptons have gotten worse - what little treatment I have received came after I stopped going to the quacks at teh VA in SA and was allowed to see a local specialist - and it may be I just need a month or two of allowing the treatment to woek

Bobby Wc