Monday, March 14, 2011


So the clueless celebrate Juliet Garcia will no longer be president of TSC and it somehow means something was won - nothing was won - absolutely nothing. How easy it is to deceive people who love to be deceived.

It was not until late last night that I finally read Trey Mendez's ad in the Herald. First of all it was tragic that for the people to hear what he wanted to say he had to pay for it.

This is all that matters - the trial separation - not divorce "should" lead to lower tuition. If you carefully read what Trey said TSC/UTB remain one - all they did was secure more power for the Board by being allowed to select their own president. It is an empty victory so long as there is no total divorce between UTB an TSC.

To understand how misleading Trey's ad was, just look to Roman Perez's campaign promises as made in the Herald. He has taken a page from Pat Almighty - promise everything while you know damn well there is not a penny in the budget and the city employees are facing possible loss of their jobs. Roman Perez has become Pat Almighty's mini-me. (God I wish I knew how to use the programs which would allow me to put their heads on the real mini-me and Austin Powers) It is sad there is no one challenging Rick Longoria - this should be an easy win for Rick - everyone in Southmost knows Roman's promises are all lies - he is not stupid so they have to be lies.   Please Roman - do tell - where is the money going to come from - how does the city commission lower utility rates when the only way the city can pay its bills is to rob from the BPUB? 

Such as Trey's ad was all deception.

The goal - and that is all that matters - was a free standing TSC from UTB. The battle has been lost and Trey has admitted to same. So long as the two entities share anything there can be no TSC - period - what we have is a TSC board which has fought for more power without any benefit to Brownsville or more importantly its students.

POINT ONE: Freshman History - how can they charge one rate of tuition for TSC students and another for UTB students - they cannot. This is why Trey used the word "should" when he referred to tuition - he knows tuition under the current plan tuition cannot go down so he left himself an out with the word "should."

POINT TWO: Community college instructors not only teach the subject they teach how to prepare the student for succeeding at the university. Community college instructors are hired for knowledge of subject matter and the ability to teach. University professors are hired on publish or perish. University professors are not qualified to teach at the community college level. If the two institutions share freshman and sophomore professors, the community college students will not receive a true community college education.

POINT THREE: This polite bogus separation which in reality only means more power for the board, does not mean UTB has to pay TSC the $10 plus million dollars owed to the people of Brownsville. It means - you gave us the board more blind power - so you UTB keep the money.

I get people love being conned. You were told if we can just get rid of Juliet Garcia all will be well - well here is the news flash - she was not the problem - politics was the problem and politics cut this deal - so nothing has changed except you the people were conned again with another gimmick.


Anonymous said...

This is the best explanation about the current UTB-TSC situation that I have heard. Thanks Bobby!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you complain about the Herald all the time. When it suits you, you have no trouble taking their paraphrases and assume they are fact. Case in point, where did Roman promise anything? I didn't read any promises other than working towards something positive as a community. Let me guess, you are going to claim I can't read or I'm a distraction. Takes one to know one. Cue endless tirade...

Anonymous said...

You are right. Juliet has not been president for TSC for sometime now. In fact, most faculty and staff are not paid from TSC, but rather UTB. Who came out with this ridiculous pay structure? This is the reason why there is only one partnership between a college and a university. It just simply does not add up and never will. What do you think UT was trying to do? They wanted it to be corrected, except at the expense of the local taxpayers. Where are leaders of the city, the politicians, the unions on this? No where to be found. On real issues, everyone remains silent. Only on petty ideas to do they come out of the woodwork. YEA BROWNTOWN!

Anonymous said...

Great post BV.

The min Adela Garza started to campaign to serve on the TSC board, we all knew something like this would happen.

Everything she touches turns to crap.....

Just wait until they start filling jobs.....aye aye aye....

Stay on'em BV