Thursday, March 24, 2011


Although I am prescribed morphine for pain related to my back surgery I do not take it every day simply because of what it is. Without it I sleep nearly all day. If I sleep I do not feel the pain. With the exception of my legs and a stiff back, I think the surgery to date has been a 100% success.

So today I will choose sleep to deal with the pain, ather than use certain pain killers to keep me awake.  The VA is moving forward on testing - but the VA is the VA - idiots to a person when it comes to the administrators. Yesterday I came close to being arrested because I lost it with their incompetence. This is their policy - if they get behind on MRI for brain tumors and it is 4 p.m, they send you home to die. When I dialed the chief medical officer for Coastal Bend which is the new name for our area of VA care, they all of a sudden found a supervisor who agreed they would not cancel all of the appointments of the vets who were not seen my 4 p.m. Imagine it is Harlingen's policy to tell all vets - "if we get behind on doing the MRI's, sorry time to go play golf - your appointment is cancelled."

On Friday I have a procedure on my kidneys. The VA is looking to find the cause of the fatigue. I have had only 3 testosterone injections so it is way too early to know if that will solve the problem. I will tell you it has killed the libido.  By being back on 50,000 units of vitamin D a week all of the headaches, blurred vision and eye pressure have gone away again. There is something wrong with the pituitary gland - yesterday's MRI was focused on specifically looking for any object including a benign tumor which may be putting pressure on the pituitary gland.

I have had three ultrasounds which show problems with my carotid arteries. Cardiology in SA has taken the position that all three techs who did them are incompetent and cannot be trusted - but yet they still work for the VA. Well a well trusted doctor in SA noticed how when I move my head in certain ways I get dizzy or feel like I am going to pass out. This has been happening for years, but once cardiology took the position the test results were not trust worthy - everything stopped. Well now I am nearly falling off tables while at the doctor so a decision was made to do a specialized MRI of the carotid arteries.

My primary care doctor as always was 100% my advocate. Well yesterday while undergoing the MRI on the pituitary gland I learned the radiologist in training in SA, (these guys are under no supervision - I have had multiple doctors tell me they will not trust the reads of anything coming out of SA) rejected the approval for the MRI of the carotid artery. Well the chief medical officer for the VA is demanding an explanation how it is possible that three ultrasounds show a problem and a radiologist in training is allowed to just summarily ignore the request of a highly qualified clinician with years of experience. Oh, I was also told - someone is going to explain to this chief medical officer why veterans are having their MRI's cancelled if they cannot be completed by 4 p.m. He agreed this policy is stupid and in fact dangerous.

Something is wrong. Anyone who knows me knows I am happiest when I work long hours. My days working 80 hours a week on the B1B Bomber were some of my best. I use to love to crawl into the fuselage and ask the floor supervisor if the bracket I was pointing at was the one he was telling the VP was the reason production was shut down. When I left LTV my unit was the only one on schedule.

In law school I worked from 4:30 until 8 p.m. every night at a law firm except Tuesdays and Thursday when I had two American Government classes I taught at  Houston Community College. I would be at the gym by 6 a.m. every morning, which was near campus - I would study during the day and until midnight every day. I love work - it is just who I am. Being tired is literally killing me.

If they can fix this fatigue thing I will take the test for my import export licence. I see a long term investment in running a privately owned firm searching out business for Pan Am and other cargo companies. Latin America is a gold mine for anyone looking to make money. Brownsville will be the new destinaton for cargo coming from Latin America.  Pan Am long before Gallagher and Quintanilla came begging for welfare from the taxpayers for their airline had already announced direct flights from Brownsville to various destinations in Mexico. Everything is moving forward on that deal without welfare payments from the poor people of Brownsville. It is a company supported by private investors who believe in the project. It is not a company throwing free plane rides at children like candy in hopes they will use taxpayer money to fund a questionable project.

I believe before years end Pan Am will be flying direct flights to Mexico City and Monterey. It is my understanding all of the studies have been completed to show the planes can be filled if they originate in San Antonio with connections in Brownsville with the non-stop to Mexico City or Monterery. This will also mean people in Brownsville will be able to fly direct to SA from Brownsville.  Cargo is already flying. People in Brownsville are already getting good paying jobs. All of this is happening without the taxpayer having to fund the projects.  Where is the Herald on this success story without taxpayer funding - nowhere to be found - I guess Pan Am needs to pay  for ads before they will get news coverage.

Fly Frontera is a con - it was created after Pan Am already started the process - and announced to the world Brownsville would be its international headquarters. Again - without Brownsville taxpayer money. Pan Am is paying money to Brownsville and not taking it away. It has created jobs. It is already helping to build our economy - again without demanding the people of Brownsville forgo the repairs of their roads so a convicted felon can start an advertising company using taxpayer money.


If you think using limited taxpayer money to fund Fly Frontera so a convicted felon can make a fortune on advertising for this airline email our city commissioners and tell them to vote yes.  If you prefer the money for for city services and road repairs, then email them and tell them vote no.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Ot better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez -

All you people who claim to believe Quintanilla did nothing but tell endless lies about Brett Springston and Tony Fuller need to tell the city commission how you feel about your tax dollars being used to fund a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher.  - If you do not then you remain the problem.

The lies against the Honorable Tony Martinez should tell you all you need to know - they fear Tony will clean house and with a clean house there will be no place to for these scumbags to feed off the public.

Let me tell you the difference between the Honorable Melissa Zamora and the drunk who goes on endless tyrades Sorry Charlie Atkinson - At the Pan Am event when the mayor disrespected Charlie Atkinson Melissa Zamora whose job it was to present a plaque to Pan Am invited Charlie Atkinson to stand by her side - this is class - it is the type class need by Brownsville.  It is the type class Tony Martinez will bring as mayor to Brownsville.  the more I research Tony the more I understand he may be the one man who  can bring civility back to Brownsville.  I do not like that he has to remain silent on certain issues to insure the various political machines turn out for him, but I get it, it may be one of those few examples where we must ignore our principles. for a greater good.

And again I never made those comments about Tony - this is Montoya lying because he believes he can get away with it - a federal judge is reviewing what Montoya can and cannot get away with.  If I win the issue Jim Gallagher will be out of business.  Jim Gallagher is scum prepared to use a convicted drunk and professoinal con-artist to destroy anyone who does not support his demand for taxpayer money to fund his con jobs on the people.

He is told Melissa Zamora will is asking questions so he has his thugs attack her - Montoya and Quintanilla do not want Tony Martinez as mayor so they tell Jim Gallagher a bunch of lies and then attack Tony with lies.  Jim Gallagher is the type businessman who knows no honor.  He wanted the money - a convicted felon told him he could get it for him.  It did no work - so what does Jim Gallagher do - he goes on the attack and destroyes anyone who seeks to stop his con job. 

Here is a news flash to the LINO racisist Quintanilla and his white trash buddy Jim Gallagher - we are not the bunch of backwater ignorant Mexicans Quintanilla told you we are - His consistent use of corrupt anglo businessmen to take advantage of Latinos who believe we are dumb when we are not will not fly in Brownsville and neither will Fly Frontera.  We are a proud people and only racists like Quintanilla and Gallagher use the concept of dumb Mexicans.  Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and all Latino's will fight tooth and nail to destroy racists like Quintanilla and Gallagher.  We live with our pride out front and will fight back against carpetbagger racists who think we are easily played because of our Latino heritage.  

If he is so successful why does he need some of the poorest people in the US to fund him and his convicted felon advertising guru?  Answer - he is a failure.  He is a con man - he is Quintanilla's mate in conning people who are desperate to make money or  finds jobs. 

How about putting more people in Brownsville to work by using the money to repair more potholes?

Finally to Troiani, Camarillo, Atkinson, and Longoria if there is an ounce of manhood in any of you, you will publicly denounce the attacks by Gallaghers henchman on Melissa Zamora.  This is unacceptable.  When Pat Ahumada disrespected Atkinson at the Pan Am event, I defended Atkinson in spite of our differences - why?  because that is what good people do.  It was a public event and the mayor shamed himself and the city through his conduct.

To each of you so called men, your failure to denounce Gallagher for his attacks on Melissa Zamora make you less of a man to a person.

To Camarillo - If you fail to publicly denounce Gallagher for his acts against Melissa Zamora, I will buy 5,000 cards for posting on windshields telling the people of Brownsville the truth about you and Gallagher and how you threw Commissioner Zamora under the table and allowed her as an honorable woman to be disrespected.  I can assue you the information I have on Moreno will make you look like a man who has nothing but contempt for women.

Off to Sleep


Anonymous said...

"I can assue you the information I have on Moreno will make you look like a man who has nothing but contempt for women."

spit it, Bobby!

Anonymous said...

"The Charlie Atkinson part in this mess may be enough for his forced removal from the City Commission"
Bobby, why not denounce him publicly?

BobbyWC said...

my source on this new information is solid. I was told they are trying to get a verified transcript of teh recording from the victim. I think the victim is worried given justy how dirty Brownsville's politics are

I am working on it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it can be done before the elections.

Anonymous said...

I just want to inform you that massive doses of vitamin D can cause kidney stones.

God bless you and get well.
You are a sweetheart!