Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sorry I have not been posting, but I am doing as I was told - staying in bed and mostly sleeping. I am just now getting up.

In the past I have called our elections nothing more than recycled trash. This election cycle is seeing a lot of new faces. I do not know if any of them are any better than the old recycled trash. But I do want to look at them.

I invite the candidates to speak out on why they deserve our vote. Of course I do not expect this to happen. Candidates tend to believe the less we know the better. I will do my best to cover the candidates.

Over the last few days I did reject two comments - the first was an attack on people not even running who are supporting a certain candidate along with a complex conspiracy theory. While I generally agreed with the assessment of the private citizen, the BV had no proof to support any of it, and further attacking private citizens is not the path the BV will take.


Let's begin with what we know - we do not want Pat Almighty, although he will be in the runoff. This Garza person went before the city commission and made it as clear as a bell he is going to put his business interests ahead of Brownsville's imagine. While Camarillo was an excellent city commissioner for his district, his voting pattern consistently showed a lack of leadership and maturity in terms of leading a city.

This really only leaves us Pat Almighty and Tony Martinez for the runoff. A key difference between these men is one loves self promotion and one loves to promote Brownsville without making web pages to himself celebrating his accomplishments. This is why people do not know about his major contributions to making the Guadelupe Middle School a reality.


This tells us about his character. It is a real piece of proof.

UTB is a nightmare. The concept of the original partnership probably made sense at the time. It was in fact based in racism. If Browntown wanted a university it was going to have to help pay for it. In my view it was a mistake. The community then such as now would have been better off suing based on racial discrimination.

But we cannot throw under the bus everyone who stood with the partnership in the past or now, UTB is too complex of a question to simply say anyone who stood with one side or the other is bad. They are not. Both sides took a view on how best to advance education in Brownsville. This is separate from Garcia's and the past TSC Board's complete and total mismanagement of the partnership.

The runoff will be between Pat Almighty and Tony Martinez. You can vote for a man who is a walking ego of self destruction or for a man who has put his money into the education of poor children, the building of a better Brownsville, and who does not go around promoting himself like a king over his children.

This is the hard core choice. If the problems at UTB are the only reason you have to not for for Tony Martinez then you are why Brownsville is the way it is. Reasonable minds can differ on UTB. Both sides believed in education. We as intelligent people can agree to disagree on how best to promote that education. UTB failed not because of the partnership agreement, but because of a spineless Board which allowed Juliet Garcia to rule without any checks or balances.

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Anonymous said...

". . spineless Board which allowed Juliet Garcia to rule without any checks or balances." Which Board are you talking about? One from the past or the present Board? What check and balances are you talking about?