Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It is in my nature to build things - it is in the nature of Brownsville to tear thing down. Nothing gives me more joy than my sort of adopted Isabella and watching her learn. 16 months old and every morning she goes potty on her own - she does not like poopy diapers and on her own figured out how to the potty on the potty I bought her. Right now we are working on two words at a time using wooden blocks. She can sometimes place a picture of a cat with "CAT" and dog with "DOG". He gets better every day. She is a joy. She is being given every opportunity in the world to get a head start on learning. We have one simple rule - if she says no she does not want to play - we move on. She loves her cabbage patch doll Jack and loves to ride with him on the rocking zebra I bought for her for Christmas.

This is building something. The handful of kids I work with on their school work or adults with their reading brings me extreme joy - I am building something. I am giving them skills.

The BV builds nothing. Before my trip to Peru I was going to shut it down, but I was brought into the BISD election against my will. I will defend myself - and as the Dallas judges use to say "at least a bulldog eventually lets go."

I am ready to rest. The BV for me is a prison. Thousands of readers mean nothing to me if all they do is read and wait for the world to pass them by or fix their community.

On the BISD mess I defended Springston against every lie and put myself on the line every time. His moronic supporters were happy - but the second I tell a truth they do not like, they become like Presas-Garcia's convict friends. This is the problem with Brownsville. Loyalty is not to an idea or justice or right from wrong, but to personality cults.

This father for two weeks sat and waited for BISD to give him information so he could make an informed decision about how best to proceed with the alleged assault against his daughter. BISD blocked his every effort to get information, so he decides to file a complaint. Now out of the blue Springston's thugs go on the internet with lies about his daughter. His daughter finds herself being ridiculed at school. When it becomes obvious to BISD they are now in even bigger trouble for the lies because now they have to explain why they believed the child's wounds were self inflicted and the parent was never told the child was injuring herself, they have to explain why the parents were denied this information.

Scum of the earth play this kind of game with children - not human beings.  Springston was born scum to cut bad deals with Escobedo and will go out scum while Escobedo finds some other fool to make his deals with.  Springston was a political hire to do the dirty work - he did his job well.

These people who are evil at the core of their soul say "fuck" is obscene, but assaults on children are not. They say "sorry sack of shit" is obscene but destroying a child's reputation to protect themselves is not obscene. My words were carefully selected to prove the point - evil people put more emphasis on the sequence of letters which form words than on actual acts. This is why it is okay to them that children are assaulted and destroyed to protect bad leaders and administrators. This is BISD - it is the way it is because it is lead by a coward.

People, the BV builds nothing - it is read by thousands and then ignored. What is the point? My time is better spent building and educating people in need who will remember 50 years from now who helped them to learn to read. It is better to plant a small seedling in the middle of nowhere and watch it grow than simply talk about how wonderful trees are.

To my long time loyal readers - thanks - but it is time to move on. I am lucky to have two good hours a day when I am fully awake. Even now after waking up about 5:10 p.m. (Thursday) I am struggling to keep my eyes open. (originally written on March 10, 2011.) 

On April 5, 2011, I will formally take the BV down and the page will go blank.

Someone else is free to start a new blog - it is not easy - unless you are obsessed with just printing lies for a fee.

As to BISD, I learned that because the Board covered up the FERPA violations related to Joe Colunga's son, they can be sued individually if they fail fire Springston over the current violations.  I will do my best to have the formal complaint before the  Board on Friday.  I sleep all of the time.  Even today I tried to take three hours to eat lunch and make an appointment at Valley Regional for a procedure on my kidney.  I waited an hour and 20 minutes and no one could see me to schedule the appointment so I went home and slept for 5 hours. I will try again tomorrow and then forgo the procedure if I start to fall asleep again.  Valley Baptist and the VA are at odds over the billing so they no longer accept VA vouchers.  If Valley Regional is too busy to schedule appointments, then I will forgo the procedure.

Any way, I am done.  Brownsville will always have two type people - those who complain endlessly and do nothing, and those who are forever looking for ways to steal from the people.  What Brownsville does not have are people who will fight.

The BV will take no comments on shutting down.  This is the final post with no comments to follow.


Anonymous said...

Bobby you will sorely be missed, but I do understand, good luck with your health issues and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I will fight. Being on the inside fighting has caused many special interests to go after me because they do not want a fair level playing field. They have the money cast doubt and they surely have underlings that do their bidding to disrupt the good things I have done. They control the Brownsville Herald and they even can get law enforcement from all different entities to do their bidding> Its scary to be in politics in Brownsville. The only reason I stay is because there are so many like me who just want things to be fair so I can't let them down. My satisfaction has been seeing special interests drop like flies. One day we will better people serve on the commission because a day will come when citizens can serve for the common good. That day is not here yet but I move forward. I am forced to play a game that I don't like because I hate having to go down to low levels to survive but hey, you have to fight fire with fire. Good luck and sorry you felt your cause was unjust. I think you did what you could. The mindset is changing little by little but I think you did make enough of a splash to make people think twice!!!! Later
Charlie Atkinson

Anonymous said...

You should take care of yourself primarily. Helping others is in itself rewarding. Thanks for what you did as far as informing the public with your blog. I don't agree with your viewpoint that continuing the blog is a waste of time. I see that things have gotten better because of your blog. Remember, Rome was not built in one day. Irregardless, you need to do what you feel makes you feel better. May God Bless You in your future endeavours.

BobbyWC said...

I am deleating the poster's email from this.

Please do not post. Thank you for your sincere reporting all these years. I hope your health improves. I am sure that in another town away from Brownsville the people as whole would have fought to make a positive change with all of your help. Someone that is genuine like yourself os not common around here. For whatever it is worth you have left your imprint with me and a few others. Take care and if you ever want another friend my email is ..... Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Before you leave, did you contact any of the Board Members or the attorney concering the student from Pace? This is very serious and you shouldn't let this go.