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Brett Springston is devoid of a conscience. He is unfit to be in education. He refuses to even consider taking action against the principal at Pace, while her own thugs defend her by telling the students this child self inflicted her own wounds.

Brett - fuck you you worthless piece of human excrement. What kind of professional allows his thugs to attack a child and destroy her reputation to protect themselves? Brett Springston that's who. I have confirmed from students at Pace teachers are protecting the principal by telling students the injured child self inflicted her own wounds.  This is unacceptable and the principal should be immediately suspended.

One source is telling me Brett told him the father refused to meet with him and in fact failed to attend a meeting. They did call the father on the phone during the meeting but the father explained to them he would not be there. There was no preaaranged meeting. They just wanted him to drop what he was doing and rush to meet the great Brett Springston. You do not get to call a meeting after the father decides to file complaints. The time to meet with the parent is before the complaints.

The story has gotten so bizarre you would think it is being reported by Carlos Quintanilla. Here is the latest - after the altercation between the coach and the girls the coach failed to secure the situation and allowed the girls to leave campus. Both sides agree on this. Fine - fire the coach today for failing to call security and securing the situation. There is no excuse for this - the coach should be fired now for failing to take immediate action to secure the situation.  According to Brett Springston this is acceptable conduct.

They are claiming they have eye witnesses who will testify this child self inflicted the wound after the fact. The father wants to know the name of this piece of shit teacher who is the eyewitness so she can be reported to law enforcement for failure to report an injury to a child. According to this lying sack of shit teacher she saw the child injure herself and never bothered to report to the parents the child is presenting a threat to herself through inflicting self injury. What would have happened if the child had killed herself? Brett this witness should be fired now.  The bottom line is, it is probably lies.  When a teacher sees a child doing injury to herself you call the parents and seek immediate help for the child - this was not done - why?  because it is all lies the worthless piece of shit Brett Springston himself is spreading through non-BISD employees.

Brett Springston on his mafia squad of thugs have teachers and students on campus defaming this child thereby making for a hostile learning environment. This is a black and white violation of federal law.

Bottom line - Brett Springston ran cover for the principal and coach without any regard for the truth.  He did not give a rats ass about speaking with the child or father until his reputation got put on the line. He is telling people the child self inflicted the wound. By speaking to people outside BISD he is violating the child's right of privacy. The TEA will be asked to investigate whether or not he violated the child's right of privacy by spreading the lies to non-BISD employees and lawyers.  At no time has Brett Springston asked to see the medical report  from Valley Baptist.  He clearly has no interest in the truth - he simply cares about a cover-up. 

The father has asked that I push for an outside lawyer because be believes finding a local lawyer willing to go against Springston will be difficult.


I said I am giving license to Presas-Garcia's clan to tell all of the lies they want.  Brett is a coward who will not only not defend himself, but supports attacking an innocent child allegedly assaulted by a coach.  If he will neither defend himself nor the children, why should I defend him?

Now I was asked why I have not responded to Quintanilla's claims about Peña's tax problems by posting the judgments against him which exceed $100,000.  One has nothing to do with the other - it would the same distraction I have always denounced.  Peña - pay your taxes.  You are now disqualified from voting on any contract for a law firm to do tax collections.  It has now become an appearance problem.  Peña needs to leave the board and find a part time job to pay her taxes.  This issue is fair game and raising Quintanilla's own failures is only a distraction from the truth about Peña and the BV does not play that way.

Yes, I too have had tax problems.  I negotiated an agreement with the IRS and paid off the lien early.  This is not uncommon among small business people.  But I paid it ahead of schedule and I am not voting on contracts as to who will get the tax collection contract from the political entitiy wherein I am an elected official.  And for the record my credit report is perfect - no collections, no judgments, no liens.

So no, I will not defend Peña or use the fact Quintanilla is a deadbeat to justify Peña's tax problems.  It is a valid story which compromises her ability to vote on the contract for which firm will be allowed to collect BISD taxes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, what is wrong with people paying their taxes on a payment plan that is allowed by law? Those who own little pay little taxes those who own more pay more taxes. Right? Why must people insist on attacking people. Why???

BobbyWC said...

Did you not read what I said - I myself went through a payment plan with the IRS -I am AOK with it - the problem is now she has an appearance problem when it comes time to vote on the contract - put as to payments - I have no problem with it - it happens a lot - did I like paying the late fees and penalties - not but I did - I paid

So I have no problem with the payment part - I have a problem with the appearance issue when dealing with an elected official who gets to vote on who gets the contract.

Even if she can prove she got teh same deal as everyone else - there will still be an appearane problem in the eyes of the public - she should have known this

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

On the salaries charts, you need to disclose the classes of levels of positions that are not in the classroom as well as the teacher's matrix of salaries to better understand how salaries are set up.

Anonymous said...

Whether administration at Pace High School did wrong or not, reading your posting is disgusting and a waste of time to this reader. Your recent article on the topic of the situation at the local high school is as bad as those printed by the BRL and El Runn Runn. There is a saying in the Mexican culture that you need to learn, "Respeta y seras respetado." I have yet to read any where that BISD administration or staff has personally attack you or have shown disrespect to you. So, why can't you write an article without personally attacking and showing disrespect to school administration and staff? If you cannot do it, you fall under the same category as those publishing the BLR and El Runn Runn.

BobbyWC said...

Respect - you are truly kidding -I spent months defending BISD against all of the lies and was thrown under the bus without any support from BISD - during this time Springston refused every email request of mine

Now they are acting like thugs against a child victim and intentionally destroying her reputation to defend their own incompetence and you say I should show them respect

Who in their right mind shows thugs respect? Thugs do not deserve respect - they deserve exposure

I never heard any of this while exposing Presas-Garcia and her gang - but now it is the coward Springston helping to spread lies about a little girl to defend the incompetence of his administration and the BV is all of a sudden disrespectful -

move on reader - the BV has no use for readers who only want to hear the lies which support their own delusions of reality.

You never defend yourself by spreading lies about children

The day Springston and his thugs learn something about respect for the truth and children you might be able to say they are entitled to respect.

Now how about addressing the facts:

The coach rather then secure the situation allowed the children to leave campus. Competence or incompetent

A teacher is an alleged eye witness to the children inflicting the injuries on themselves - never reported to the parents so the parents can protect their children and get them help - competent or incompetence

Principal aware these lies are being spread all over campus about this child and does nothing - competence or incompentence

Springston has made no personal effort to meet with the parents or children to get their side, but yet goes around town defending the principal and coach - competence or incompetence

Springton and his administation never worked with the parent to learn the truth or security the medical report and x-rays - competence or incompetence

The parent was blown off for two weeks before he said enough is enough and sought out the complaint forms - patient or impatient

Springston - if you have a half of brain you will resign - because this truth when the TEA gets ahold of it will seal your lack of future in education.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Guys, I am not going to allow for BS attacks on this child - so go else where to post your garbage

BUT HERE IS A QUESTION: Let's say for argument sake this child self inflicted the injury - it is a violaton of the law for BISD to not have immediately notified the parents. The child would have been endangering herself

Why was BISD's approach to have thugs post teh allegations on the internet rather than call the parent and discuss the allegations.

Why does BISD have school employees telling people this child self inflicted the injury.

Their own pathetic defense makes things only worse for them - and where is Brett Springston - violating the rights of privacy of this student by calling people and repeating the lies while never ever asking - why was the parent not called when it was allegedly learned the child was injuring herself?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Blog websites deserve no loyalty. If defend a cause, you do so because the cause is right. If you attack, again if the cause is right. Using profane or foul langauge just discredits the objectivity of the website. Present the facts, if known and accurate, take a stance and then keep at it until issue has been resolved by the parties involved, whether we like the outcome or not.

BobbyWC said...

I am not going to say reasonable minds cannot debate how I have used some of my language - clearly different people can have different views on the matter - this is a fair comment.

BUT I do not do it all of the time - some people can understand the language is used as a form -a method - a style - to demonstrate how outrageous this conduct is and that it is so outrageous it merits offensive language

What really bothers me is the Springston defenders absolutely refuse to address the issues

They are the ones alleging the child did this to herself - then why not answer the question - why were the parents not notified their daughter was inflicting injuries on herself - do you wait for the child to put herself in the hospital before you call the parents.

From day one - I said the coach was assaulted - the coach was correct in not allowing the students to go outside with the trays - Springston was home sick but that he was going to get on top of it

I wrote the story in a way to give them an opportunity to get to the truth without me condemning the coach or springston

They refused all communication - if we believe them the child self injured herself and they never called the parent

They are on the internet, in school and Springston in his case violating the rights of the child by disclosing her name to outside sources and not one of you Springston supporters see anything wrong with this.

God save you if you have children because it is clear you would never come to their defense.

I never printed the coach's name for two reasons - we still do not know his name, and two I never would have printed his name until there was a full investigation and he was found liable.

These thugs which you people refuse to even acknowledged have engaged in bad conduct have now started a terror campaign against this girl at Pace - how can you not condemn this?

I am waiting on the parents' permission to have a lawyer file a formal civil rights complaint against Brett for violating this child's right to privacy by taking the discussion and his lies outside BISD to private individuals.

It is not my call. The decision belongs to the father. the father is very concerned his daughter may drop out of school rather than deal with the hostile environment created by the principal and Brett Springston - again it is not my call - the decision belongs to the parent.

This morning I had to go out to help someone in housing and forgot by backbrace so I am in intense pain and off to bed - it is not that I am ignoring comments - I am just off to sleep for several hours to deal with the pain and fatigue.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

For your information, when a student is injured at school. Administration, police, security or school personnel has the responsibility to take the student to the school nurse or call the school nurse to the scene of the accident. The school nurse provides the appropriate medical attention and documents the incident. The school nurse will determine if the student need further medical assistance and will advise parents by calling them. The injury report is signed by the school administration. Assuming that not everybody is a thug as you call them at Pace High School, is there evident of a nurse's report? Also, I would assume that there is police report on the incident. Parents can request such report to prove their case. If you notice no foul language was use in this posting other than borrowing your word "thug." As Anonymous stated, the credibility of your posting is affected by the use of your profanity and foul language.

BobbyWC said...

Not that reality matters to you - or you simply do not listen - the parent has been rebuffed at every turn

What you are saying is, it is acceptable for BISD officials to spread rumors at school that this child injured herself - I think intelligent people understand there is zero credibility in your post - zero

the father was patient for two weeks - he chose to allow BISD to investigate and do its job - they rebuffed every effort he made to get information - this according you is acceptable.

And not that intelligence matters - but the child was x-rayed with a full report issued by a medical doctor - this according to you is not trustworthy by any report which the father has not been allowed to see is credible

He say there at the school with everyone giving him the runaround - the principal refused to return his calls

What is more offensive than any words I used is your existence - you will not even acknowledge how unprofessional and unethical the BISD administration has been.

And you have yet to hear me accuse the coach of assaulting the girls - I keep on saying alleged

I have made clear from day one - well until I learned the coach failed to secure the scene - that my problem has been with the administrative side and not the coach - I get kids and I know we need to proceed with caution.

But obviously you believe it is not obscene for the administration to trash this child on campus - for Springston to go outside BISD and trash this child, and for BISD to believe the child self inflicted the wound but not call the parents to warn the parents the child may be a danager to themselves.

Again notice I am not focusing on the coach or the assault - I am focusing on teh conduct by teh administration -

The only thing obscene is your defense of all these abuses

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Trashing this child on campus"
I am assuming that the school has posted the student behavior on the weekly newsletter to the faculty and staff. Announcements have been made to the student body over the intercom. The school marquee is displaying the incident to the public. The school website has published the incident to the world. A newspaper ad has been bought by the district to announce the behavior of the child to the community.
You have always refused to publish gossip, stick with the facts.

BobbyWC said...

I do stick to the facts - you know damn well I am not talking about announcing it over the intercom but you play your little game because you are desperate to protect Springston

I have independent confirmation it has been discussed among the staff to the students -

So I know my facts

All you have is some stupid game which says it is only announced if it was over the intercom or news letter

You people are only digging Springstons's hole deeper

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

A friens just called me and noted - these so called "rumors" were posted by Springston's thugs yesterday not me - I have independent confirmation as to what has been said on campus and from the horses mouth as to what Springston said to this person - there are no rumors - his thugs started it yesterday with their lying posts - Springston followed it up with phone calls to people outside BISD

It seems to me now that Springston has no pathetic explanation for why BISD did not contact the parents that their chldren were injurying themselves they now want to call what they themselves started "rumors" too little to late

This father waited 2 weeks to be blown off each time - Springston does nothing - now he runs to protect a bad principal gets caught and now wants to attack the child and family

Not going to happen -

If Springston had a half of brain he would simply resign and say his presence at BISD is creating a distraction and so long as he remains the board will not function.

This allows him to save face - he won't

So be it

Bobby WC

turning off phone so I di not hear rings everytime I get an email - I am halg asleep

Anonymous said...

Posted where? Who is your independent information (administrator, teacher, clerk, student, janitor, bus driver, security, etc.) and what have been said to whom? What is the validity of your independent informant?

Anonymous said...

You must be feeling better because you are cursing. Your blog was one of the blogs I respected because of our professionalism. I understand that you are upset but if you have facts (concrete, visable) then post them or have a link so we all can make a judgement for ourselves.

The posting of all of the salaries is a bad idea. Although it is public information, being so close to the border don't you think that individuals who are desperate can start picking and harassing BISD employees.

The confirmations are worthless unless you have audio and visual proof. Word of mouth does not count.

How come the father has not forward to the media?

When you speak of administration, you are clustering all employees together. You are wrong to do so. There are several employees (administrators, teachers and staff) dedicated to the best interests of BISD (students and staff).

I have kept you in my thoughts and I hope and pray that you full recover. I mean you no disrect, but please show some degree humanity towards BISD. Not everyone is bad and we all deserve some degree of respect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, in reference to the child at Pace, why did you post the information on you blog. You made her incident known to all the HS students. You are aware that the students read your blog. Why did you choose to embrass her by continuing to blog about this daily. Why, Why did you not consider the child before you went off like a loose cannon? Rumor now is that her father is your roommate. Is that true? How do you think the students at school look at her. Just wondering. As a courtesy to the student, do not post this through, do not even answer on your blog, BUT do think about it. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Stay Healthy my man.

BobbyWC said...

Some variance of this post may appear twice - it did not seem to publish the first time.

I will say this - Springston is going to which he was only dealing with Presas-Garcia - he can resign by noon tomorrow or face a reality news story which will kill his reputation in education for good.

I will say, at this point I will take all of the lies and deceipt from Presas-garcia's convicts and herself as more human than the garbage being posted by Springston's thugs.

First the father lives in an apartment with his two sons on the other side of town from me - but I get you sick pathetic Springston lovers - oh they're fagots having sex and they live together - this is Springston at his best.

Anyoen who suggests I am bad mouthing all of BISD employees is a liar. I praised the teachers the other day as the force behind the success and that the success is not coming from Springston.

I said I was sorry to the principals whose names I could not remember who were part of the NCEA award - i have defended every BISD employee Presas-garcia and her convict friends have wrongly attacked - so stop with the lies because my regular readers know hey are lies.

Low income BISD employees are facing possible lay-off - they have a right to know who how much the top people earn.

Only a complete and total liar would blame the BV for the students at Pace knowing about this story - students talk - every student on that campus knew the story before I did - amd for the reocrd I spoke with the young lady today and she told me no students are giving her a hard time -

But the students are aware that a Michael Mares is the source of the false claims she injured herself. On student told he me he told the lie to his entire first period class. The victim told me that one of Mr. mares told her he is telling people he saw a video of her injuring herself.

Funny thing about the video - the principal told the father that the video tape did not show anything.

The father will be demanding the immediate suspension of Mr. Mares who accoridng to public records that as late as 2008 was an assistant coach at PACE - yes one coach protecting another coach.

I can go on and on - but you know what - it will not make a difference to you Springston supporters

I defended him from lie after lie afgter lie and had my name dragged through the mud - I was your hero so long as I said what you wanted to hear - now you do not like the truth and I am the bad guy -

I have no use for any of you

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted the salaries. How evident the power of politics on salaries. Brett's buddy Jay Harris, been with the district 35 yrs. $72,369 Area Admin. Teresa Alarcon, Principal 93,688 with the district 21 yrs., but former personal friend of Enrique Escobedo during Hector Gonzales reign. What does that tell you???

Anonymous said...

Enough with the profanity issue. Sometimes the use is required to expess the gravity of the topic and the fervor of the author. In retrospect, if your christian beliefs are so strong, why aren't you more involved in removing Presas Garcia, Lucy Longoria, Enrique Escobedo, and Brett Springston? Why are you expecting this man to do all of your dirty work???

Anonymous said...

To answer about the salaries when that was reported Jay Harris was an elementary principal and was in a differnet pay grade/days of work. Ms Alacorn a HS principal is a 12 month employee and has a much larger student/faculty population.

Anonymous said...

To answer about the salaries when that was reported Jay Harris was an elementary principal and was in a differnet pay grade/days of work. Ms Alacorn a HS principal is a 12 month employee and has a much larger student/faculty population.

Anonymous said...

This student who supposedly got injured did not get a swollen arm from a coach touching the bottom of her hand. I saw the coach ask the girls to eat in the court yard. I also saw a coach grab the bottom part of her hand. I also saw the reaction of this young girl (not a lady) whom had her hand touched by a coach. She started yelling at this teacher. "Don't touch my hand!" "You can't touch me!!" I saw what really happened. I then told the girls in a proper way to go eat in the courtyard. Then they got even w/coach and threw food at him when he passed by. Now, Mr Bobby,Why did this girl do this? How can a girl get bruised and a swollen hand and arm by being touched? This student was being vulgar by speaking in spanish and saying bad words. It's obvious she wants to get even with the coach. I dont believe this student at all. All the coach did was reach over her shoulder and tried to grab the plate. I have seen the mess these students make when they sneek by with their plates. This is a case of mistaken false injury!! How could the injury happen unless they did it to themselves so they could get something out of this!! Really!!The coach didn't grab all her wrist and hand like that!! She is not telling the truth. Now the case of the other teacher, how can a teacher report a student whom she doesn't know or have never seen before? Then when did this student really hurt herself? That is the real Question. How could her whole arm have been swollen?? There is really something wrong here. Why would her whole arm be red?? Somehow, This girl isn't telling the whole truth to her parents. Now wait till the Dad reads this and finds out his daughter did this on purpose! She hurt herself to get even! I rest my case!

BobbyWC said...

This is why I know you are lying - I have it from Brett Springston to Rick Zayas this girl did nothing wrong - everyone agrees she did nothing wrong -it was another girl who threw the food - this was even told to the father

So keep up the lies - not going to work here

The coach once assaulted which I reported from day one should have secured the scene - he did not - the girls were allowed to leave campus and come back after lunch

I have from Rick Zayas that Brett Springston is verifying teh tape saw by teh teacher

So I can say wit h100% certainty to are a liar and are lying to protect the quilty

Bobby WVC

Anonymous said...

And why is Rick Zayas giving out confidential information given to him in his position as a lawyer? He thinks he is above the law and if he doesn't get in trouble with his doings in BISD, he surely can get in trouble for this.

BobbyWC said...

there is zero evidence anything was given to him as an attorney - being an attorney does not mean everything told to you is as an attorney

there are tons of people lawyers and non-lawyers who are talking t Brett

again zero evidence anything was ever told to Zayas in his capacity as a lawyer

bobby Wc