Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have no idea if Zeke Silva got a raw deal or not. Both he and his lawyer failed to put out how it is he does not have a felony conviction. My view was and remains - go to DPS - if it shows a felony conviction he has a felony conviction - if it shows he does not - he does not. Now to be fair - I just corrected a domestic abuse record for a friend wherein DPS had it all wrong - so they are not always right. But if Silva believes they have it wrong I can assure him they were 100% professional with me in correcting my friend's record.

I do not know if she is a good or bad person - I do believe Sossi is playing games and doing everything he can to keep Atkinson on the commission. Sossi knows that if the wrong people get on the commission his job is history. Sossi represents Sossi and no one else.
If someone can find the election code section for me which outlines the process for filing a ballot access lawsuit, I will prepare a draft of one Jessica can use to file pro se if she has to. Obviously I cannot charge a fee and never would even if I could. These are the type issues which merit free representation.

I will go one step further, if she can find someone to prepare the ballot access lawsuit I will pay her filing fee and the fee for the process server. I believe in ballot access. This does not mean I believe in her - for all I know I may end up hating her - But she has a right to be on the ballot.

I strongly recommend she not hire Ben Neece or Ed Stapleton - they both proved incompetent in the Rubio case. In a ballot access case the court should set it for immediate hearing. If the court does not under TRAP - Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure - she can go directly to the Texas Supreme Court.  Depending on the date for printing the ballots, she can go directly to the Texas Supreme Court the same day the trial court rules against her.  In fact if the print date is around the corner she may be able to get the Texas Supreme Court to stay the printing of the ballot until the trial court can rule.
I wish her luck - my dear - my check is ready for the filing fee - just find the statute so we know how to file the lawsuit. Good luck - and thank you for bringing us choice - although to be honest I may find I do not like you - but I will fight like hell to get your name on the ballot.


Everyone knows I went after Roman Perez for making promises he could not keep given our budget problems. But I believe in choice and our democratic process. I was down in his area on Friday and was pleased he had raised enough money to put out some good size signs. Does this mean I endorse him - no - it means I am happy he is getting a fighting chance to participate in the process. But I certainly do not endorse Longoria. If you believe Roman will do a good job for the district then send him money. The more signs the better. If you believe Longoria is your man - then send him money - but decide and then send money to your candidate - you would be amazed how going to your neighbors and raising a $100 here and there can help.



If you want these 4 running our city then remain silent. I initially boycotted the election - but not now - we must defeat Atkinson and Camarillo and then send Sossi packing - I fully support bringing Jim Goza back as the city attorney.
People you know I have never been strong on endorsing people - but I profoundly believe Tony Martinez will bring a professionalism and poise to the meetings which will restore the commissions' reputation. Everyone will be heard, but the child like behavior will end.

They say he is connected to Juliet Garcia and cannot be trusted, but then they endorse Camarillo -
FACTS: For a job guarantee Camarillo worked to raise tuition and student fees to record highs at UTB/TSC - no elected official in Brownsville worked so hard to bankrupt our children and their families as Juliet Garcia's punk boy Edward Camarillo. 
They continue their rightful attacks on Juliet Garcia but push Camarillo for mayor while opposing Tony Martinez who never voted to raise fees on anyone. In fact Tony gives a free education to some of the poorest children in Brownsville through Guadelupe Middle school.

Given these simple black and white facts you have to know the group of 4 corrupt and unethical Sossi. Atkinson, Quintanilla and Camarillo have something up their sleeves to help themselves while milking Brownsville.

Camarillo and Atkinson - every person in Brownsville will be reminded that you voted to raid PUB to pay the city's bills, and then allowed for a rate increase and late fee increase on the very people in Brownsville who are living day to day and some days go hungry.  But yet there is a million dollars for the convicted felon supporting their campaigns and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher.
There is a clear contrast between Camarillo and Tony Martinez - Tony brings a free education to the poorest of the poor in Brownsville - Camarillo helped Juliet Garcia defraud our children to near bankruptcy, sides with a convicted felon who wants to milk the taxpayers out of a million dollars, and authorized the increase in PUB rates and late fees on people who go hungry - all while saying - "btw we have a million dollars for a convicted felon to gamble on an airline while telling Pan Am who already is established in Brownsville - sorry no money for you."

Something is real rotten - a vote for Camarillo is a vote for the continued milking of some of the poorest people in the US for the wealthy few willing to throw scraps at Camarillo.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville is getting more rotten each year and now more than ever. Camarillo is doing this for his personal gains, its so obvious but there is still a lot of people out there that don't see it. Atkinson, man, does he even hold a job or is it all payback$$$$. Its so sad to come down to Brownsville and see that its the same as ever. We are so far behind.

Man, I wish you feel better each day and take care!

Anonymous said...

FACTS: For a job guarantee Camarillo worked to raise tuition and student fees to record highs at UTB/TSC - no elected official in Brownsville worked so hard to bankrupt our children and their families as Juliet Garcia's punk boy Edward Camarillo.

How so? Did he use his position as commissioner to convince the previous TSC board to increase tuition & fees? Did his job functions at UTB/TSC enable him to convince the old TSC board to raise T&F? Inquiring minds want to know.

BobbyWC said...

Great question - sorrry for the late delay in posting - I was out.

When Camarillo was president of the student association he used his position and lobbied for and won most of these increases for Juliet garcia - true he is not a trustee who voted on the issues - he just used his position as student council president to get the students to go along - his pay off was ajob.

the question is good and fair - thanks for teh question

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(Camarillo and Atkinson - every person in Brownsville will be reminded that you voted to raid PUB to pay the city's bills, and then allowed for a rate increase and late fee increase on the very people in Brownsville who are living day to day and some days go hungry.)

Longoria, Gowen, and Troiani did too.

Anonymous said...

Let's see:
Who is the lesser of two evils?
Is Ernie Hernandez is behind Roman Perez?
Can Roman Perez pennies afford that many signs?

Is Juliet Garcia and her minions behind Camarillo Marketing?

Can Camarillo afford those big signs with him Home Health salary?

Can Atkinson aford to have so many enemies?

Can there be another District 2 candidate that is willing for free democracy put him/her self in the ring and be trashed, bully, and blackmailed just beacause Charlie's friends want him to run Un-Opposed?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby! What's up with Brett Springston saying he's responsible for 50,000 kids in today's paper when he couldn't even help protect the little girl from Pace? What is happening to her father's complaint?

BobbyWC said...

since I do not red the Herald I have no idea what h is saying - but I am working on the complaint and the board should have it on time for the next meeting

But you should know Escobedo and Springston have this think locked up - Escobedo will always vote to protect Springston

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No question Ernie hands up is the worse and if we let him get his way he will be controlling both City Hall and the County. We hear its Ernie behind that Little lady who lives with her moma and her husband at the same time.

BobbyWC said...

Normally I would not have published the above comment because it is the type garbage which spreds disinformation - but I was thinking about Ernie when the ding went off to tell me there was a comment.

I praised Ernie Hernandez, notwithstanding a history I find repulsive - why - be worked hard and brought Brownsville Continental.

If Fly Frontra can make a go of it - then so be it - it will be good for Brownsville - no one can question that -

But for everything Ernie is - he did not go on the immediate attack against anyone and everyone and defame them if he felt like they would not back the Continental deal.

The primary problem with Fly Frontera is Quintanilla - not because of his past as a fraud but because rather than let the process play out - what did he do - he went on the attack with the same game of defamation and lies he always does to try an make his business deals work.

That is the problem - if you want corrupt goverment then you support such conduct - if you want open and transparent government you tell people like Jim Gallaghger - number one Quintanilla did not come up with the deal - Pan Am had already announce the air routes and made the connections in Mexico - all Quintanilla did was go to Gallagher and say - let's steal Pan Am's deal -

This is the problem -

But clearly in an open and fair fight in a bid before the city commission Pan Am wins - contrary to Atkinson's lies Pan Am is already flying cargo in and out of Brownsville to and from Mexico

Pan Am unlike Jim Gallagher studied the market and did not go to a convicted felon for a stolen idea.

Right now people in Monterey are paying upwards of $350 RT for shopping and medical tourism to SA. Any Brownwsville routes must include SA to take advantage of the medical tourism.

Pan AM's plan which would already be in the air had COB not turned them down includes allowing the people of Brownsville to have non-stops between Brownsville and San Antonio with the flights continuing on to Mexico non-stop - on 737's not small 30 seaters.

No one faults Atkinson for wanting to bring business to brownsville - the problem is how he does it and like Quintanilla threatens people who do not get on board - again this is not how business is done.

So anyone whether it is Quintanilla or Atkinson or Camarillo who brought knowledge of he market to Jim Gallagher deserve credit - but they also deserve to be vilified for supporting the terrorist like tactics of Jim gallagher to intimidate Brownsville to go with his plan.

Anonymous said...

My brother works in finance at BISD. He says there is a Wednesday by noon deadline for agenda items for the April 5th meeting. Good Luck!