Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This post from last night demonstrates just how delusional the Presas-Garcia gang have become. "Not a good night for your team Bobby Caty is still President, Colunga motions fails, Minerva abstains and Brett gets a little breathing room."

In the course of two weeks Presas-Garcia failed three times to fire Springston.  This according to these morans (CPG spelling) is evidence she won.  On the issue of removal as board president, Escobedo and Saavedra went on the record and stated a  reconfiguration of the board is coming.  Last night was just not the moment.  WHY?

Escobedo and Saavedra were still negotiating behind closed doors as to what they get if they remove Presas-Garcia as board president.  They were not happy with what was being offered so they refused to keep their commitment to remove Presas-Garcia.  They went on the record and made clear negotiations were still open.

On  the Chinese wall issue. Michel committed malpractice with the specific intent to protect Presas-Garcia.  This morning I have confirmation of 4 votes to remove his law firm as soon as Presas-Garcia is removed.  At least 4 trustees are fed-up with his malpractice and lack of leadership in guiding the trustees.  This guy knows that every time the 3 hags, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra vote to not pay the vendors it opens BISD to litigation.  Michel has made it clear - it is better his firm make millions billing BISD defending these impending lawsuits than provide these  three hags with the proper legal advice.

On the Chinese wall issue, Michel knows the law and he intentionally mislead the board.  The issue is not a conflict of interest - it is about Presas-Garcia sharing information with outsiders.  Something she has done over and over again.  She gave Joe Rod's file to a convicted felon. 

The Board has a legal duty to protect BISD  from her.  The law is black and white on this issue.  To Pena - I believe GOD could stand in front of you and you would not know it - it is vile every time she says she is guided by GOD - some day she needs  to read the Bible and learn just how sacrilegious that is and just how 100% against the teachings of Joshua (aka Jesus) her words are.  She is a wishy washy ignorant religious fanatic who believes so long as she says she is guided by God her ignorance is okay.  I hate nothing more than people who hide behind Joshua to justify their ignorance and lack of commitment to right from wrong.

You cannot put on the agenda  the removal of Presas-Garcia and then say you believe in your heart she is working for  the district.  People are going to remember how bad she has been and how her ignorance and wishy washy approach has hurt BISD.  A week ago Monday she tells me she wants Michel fired as incompetent, but then he smiles at her and she gets all tingly and all is well.  BISD needs better than Pena.

I am hopeful the removal action against will be filed in a week or three.  It is my understanding they are vetting the plaintiff.  It is being made known to the plaintiff he/she will be destroyed with attack of lies and deception. 


Suing is not always about money - sometimes it is about protecting the truth.  This mess is where it is at because he has taken no action to sue Ted Parker, Healthsmart, Pat Lehmann, Jaime Escobedo, Quintanilla, Montoya, and Arg Miller for destroying his reputation and doing irreparable injury to BISD.  It is time he show leadership and sue.  It sends a message to Brownsville that he will protect Brownsville from this trash.  But he will do nothing.  WHY - he is not about Brownsville - he is about Springston.


As is always the case with Presas-Garcia and her convicted felon "lover", they take incomplete information and put it out there as true and then on the night they have to prove it Presas-Garcia shows she has nothing.  This will continue because Springston refuses to sue those responsible to stop it.  It is not about money - it is about sending a message to Ted Parker and his gang of talibanic morans (see CPG) - enough is enough.


'Springston needs to demand the TEA bring in a master now - this will send a clear message to Escobedo - we are no longer waiting for Escobedo to get want he wants in the negotiations before the removal of Presas-Garcia.


Anonymous said...

(Something she has done over and over again. She gave Joe Rod's file to a convicted felon.)

Could you give us another example to justify saying "over and over again"?

Anonymous said...

You know Bobby there were several of us standing there with you last Monday at BISD when Minerva Pena expressed her concern on the way Michel was guiding the board, and she did not say what you put in your blog. I thought you were about the true, but I guess you print the truth as you interpret the truth. Your comment about Michel makes me think you are attracted to Michel. Did you just describe how Michel makes you feel (tingly) when you see him or hear him speak during a meeting. Think about what you have posted. You are getting as bad as the other blogspots you insult. Way go Bobby.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2011 12:39 PM

Hey you moron! Yeah I'm talking you to you. Your comments and insinuations are completely uncalled for. You can never make it about issues can you? People like you always have to do distractions.

Eric said...

Bobby good evening. Please post our email address for all parties interested in funding the removal of Cata Presas and company. I will respond to all and explain how the process will work and how they will be able to track the money all the way to the court house. That email is You can call us group B.

Anonymous said...

Bobby you are correct on the issue regarding Springston, Aguilar, and Colunga. These people are allowing themselves to be to be injured by not putting a stop to it. The same smear campaigns as those before the last election have been starting to circulate.