Tuesday, March 8, 2011


FIRST A NOTE:  Thanks for the kind words on my health.  The problem is multi fold.  Yesterday my pain management doctor doubled the hydromorphone to help with the post surgery pain.  It is like someone is pounding on my lumbar with a baseball bat non-stop.  I am to be in bed on my back, but certain events are preventing that.  To understand how if a VA administrator speaks they lie, we can take the case of Sarah Bass in Harlingen - she is incompetent so she chooses to just lie rather than do her job.  Yesterday morning I contacted general counsel for the VA over the battle royal between San Antonio and Harlingen over the budget problems.  I then went for a dental appointment.

After the appointment I went to go see the person in Harlingen who is over prosthetics about the status on my back brace.  Same bullshit - he claims to have approved it, but the vendor claims to not have the approval.  He made a phone call and got me the brace.  I have no complaints with Mr. Corkwell. I never should have left the VA SA without my back brace - but the budget war has veterans being told if you are from the valley you will not be given prosthetics in SA even if ordered by your  doctor on an emergency basis.  I am wearing the brace.

This had been my second conversation with Mr. Corkwell.  I will say from the first conversation Thursday last he printed out an authorization and sent me to the vendor.  The problem then became the invoicing.  It took a complaint to Washington to get the invoice fixed. Either the person at the VA failed to send the invoice approval over to the vendor as ordered, or the vendor lost it.

BUT WAIT - several hours later a Sarah Bass, Operations Administrator for Coastal Bend, calls me and says, "I do not know why you need a back brace because I checked your records and your doctor never ordered one so we will not be providing you the back brace.  At this moment I am actually wearing the back brace.  On Thursday last I hand delivered the prescription from my doctor to the vendor which was printed out from my records by Mr. Corkwell.  You see she decided she did not care and she was not going to do her job so she just lied.

The law requires that veterans be given lodging when they go to SA.  My surgery was at 8 a.m.  I was refused lodging.  My doctor ordered I remain in SA on my back for several days.  I was was refused lodging.  On my follow-up post surgery appointment I will be refused lodging and gas money.  Between gas and lodging and meals it will cost about $350.  I will pay it.  In the course of 2 minutes this Sarah kept on changing her mind on who pays for it, Harlingen or San Antonio.  Veterans from the LRGV are sleeping in the parking lot of the VA in their cars because they cannot afford to pay for their own lodging.  This according to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John Cornyn and Blake Farenthold is acceptable.  It is not.

I have a friend in Dallas helping with a lawsuit.  The goal is to sue the Secretary of the VA to compel him to fire Marie L. Weldon, Director over VA San Antonio, and Jeff Milligan, Director over VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend which handles Corpus, Harlingen, McAllen and Laredo.  The system is so bad, no one in Harlingen knows Mr. Milligan is their boss, so they refer you to an Elliot Moore.  These two administrators do not give a rats ass about veterans.  We are caught in this war over the budget and who pays for what - their solution is to deny the veterans while they fight it out.  This is not acceptable and must stop.  The lawsuit does not seek money - just a court order to compel the VA to pay for veterans lodging and gas, while these morons fight it out behind the scenes.

Yes, this is the best the VA can do - it will take a court order to stop Marie L. Weldon, Director over VA San Antonio, and Jeff Milligan, Director Valley Coastal Bend to stop fighting like psychotic parents in a bad divorce because neither has the professional sense to put the veterans first and work out their differences on their own time.

I am more than willing to mediate the war, but neither side is willing to find a solution.  The Sleep Inn off of Medical Drive provided lodging for years.  The Valley veterans are very happy at the Sleep Inn.  Right now they are charging veterans $49 a night.  All it will take is for the lodging office in SA to issue the vouchers to the Valley Veterans with the bill going to Harlingen - nope - not going to happen.


As the BV reported a coach allegedly assaulted several female students at Pace.  The parent who is consulting with me is mad as hell.  He is mad as hell the lying sack of shit Springston is telling people Pace did call the parents - lies all lies. the father on the day of the incident wanted to file assault charges on the coach but was barred from doing so by the BISD police at the scene.  The parent was denied the name of the coach.

To all of you supporters of Springston you are worse than Presas-Garcia in her lies against him if you can support him on this issue.  I am reporting facts I have verified.  If it were not for Presas-Garcia's endless lies people would be up in arms over Springston's mismanagement of this mess.  If you cannot see this then you are as blind and biased as the people backing Presas-Garcia in her efforts to fire Springston on lies.  The parent is going to file a formal complaint against Springston, the principal, the police chief  and the coach.

Let me tell you something you worthless piece of shit Brett Springston - it is never - ever - and I mean never acceptable for a coach or teacher to touch a female student in way which causes injury.  Your acceptance of this makes you unfit to be in education.  It is time you are  fired and in this case on the merits of your cover-up of the incident,.  Any superintendent who thinks assaults on  female students by  coaches is acceptable is not fit to be employed in education.

The parent has been patient - the parent has yet to receive a phone call from anyone telling him what happened.  Springston's allegations to the contrary are all lies.  I suspect one of the corrupt four trustees is running interference for either the principal or coach.  Springston's mishandling of this mess is certainly a basis for his discharge.  Their (the corrupt 4) silence on the matter tells me one of them is protecting either the principal or the coach.

Again to the defenders of Springston - before you send me nasty notes - it is your daughter who is assaulted to the point of torn ligaments and no one at BISD, the principal or Springston's office is willing to call you and tell you what happened or inquire if your daughter is okay.  How would you feel?

The parent spent several hours trying to secure the name of the coach so formal charges can be brought against the coach.  One person after another at Pace gave the father the run around while refusing the name of the coach.  The father finally left and was told the principal would call him - nothing.  This parent is done with BISD. 

I have told him to go to the information office at BISD and get a complaint form so that the board can initiate a formal investigation against Springston, the principal at Pace, the coach and the police chief.  I am asking for help if anyone knows a local attorney who handles these type issues.  The parent does not want to make a mistake.  He wants to make sure he follows every rule to the letter of the law.  He wants to go to the TEA and Department of Education.  I also have lawyers in Dallas looking for a high profile lawyer willing to take the case.  This is not about money - it is about a father telling his daughter - no man will ever be allowed to physically abuse her.  Springston's failure to see this in the father speaks volumes about his character.  He is so involved in cutting deals to save he sorry ass children are being assaulted and nothing is being done about it.

I am in bed on my back typing this on my lap top.  I cannot sit, even with the brace - it is way too painful.  Anyway the father called me and told me he was given hell by BISD for requesting complaint forms.  The security guard demanded a complete explanation, then someone in the information office did the same thing while refusing to give him the complaint forms.  They then had him speak with another man who refused to provide him the complaint forms.  He then demanded to see someone in charge and he was sent to Jay Harris, the AA Superintendent over Pace and Veterans clusters.  The father reports Mr. Harris originally refused to provide him the forms.  He still does not know the name of the coach so the complaint will be in the name of an unknown coach.  Even though yesterday the staff at Pace, including assistant principals refused him any information and the principal refused to call him or speak with him, Mr. Harris is demanding the father return to Pace - not going to happen.  The complaints will be filed and a lawyer will be hired.

It is time Springston is fired.  This is 100% unacceptable.  Again Brett - it is never - ever, ever acceptable for a man to lay a hand on a woman - especially when that man is a coach and the woman is a student.  This simple concept eludes you Brett - resign now - our children deserve better - how about telling us which trustee is running interference to keep this matter covered-up.

Tell us Brett, how many times must a parent demand the name of the coach who allegedly assaulted his daughter before you will give it up?  Brett - newsflash - there is no place in education for child abusers and people who seek to cover up for the child abusers.

UPDATE:  The father just brought me the complaint forms.  Unfortunately I will not be able to help him until the weekend.  I am on my back in bed.  I need to get out but am waiting on a ride from someone about 3 p.m.  Look people - this is bad - the father is reporting a man by the name of Tommy Bermudez (or Bermundez as written down by Mr. Harris) refused to give him the forms and when the father told him to either give him the forms or allow him to see a supervisor Mr. Bermudez ordered him to sit down and stop showing attitude.  For days Pace and BISD are refusing to cooperate and this worthless piece of shit Mr. Bermudez tells the father to stop showing attitude - maybe Mr. Bermudez needs to be told it is illegal to physically abuse children and that parents have an absolute right to protect their children.

Here is the 100% proof a cover up has been ordered.  The father had to run to Pace to provide his son some Tylenol for pain related to an extracted tooth.  Now that they know a complaint is going forward they are refusing to accept the Tylenol and the father is being told he must walk somewhere with an assistant principal and listen to all of their excuses.  The son was there - he gave his son a Gatorade and the Tylenol and left - he is not playing - the time to play by the rules is over

BUT THE PROOF:  They knew his daughter was examined by a  doctor and had x-rays.  The daughter has torn ligaments.  How can BISD possibly have a final report on the investigation when they refused to speak with the father or review the medical records?  The x-ray and medical records prove how hard the coach allegedly grabbed his daughter and Springston and his entourage of incompetents say - not interested in facts just complete the report and clear the coach.  The father is mad as hell that now that he wants to file complaints they are demanding he speak with them while all the while they refused to meet with him or return his phone calls.  They intentionally covered the matter up by not reviewing the child's medical records to determine the extent of the injury and then decide if the coach used reasonable force.  There was no interest in the facts or the child.

Mr. Springston - do BISD and the children a favor - resign today.  The children cannot afford a superintendent who spends his days cutting endless deals with corrupt trustees to save his own ass.  Time to move on before an investigation finds you intentionally ordered the cover-up of an assault on a child.  At a minimum there is willful neglect on Brett Springston's  part.

I know Brett's supporters are mad at me for telling the truth.  The BV has never protected anyone - it prints the truth - it has been attacked repeatedly for printing the truth.  There are no sacred cows.  The only person I feel sorry for is Tony Fuller - he is an amazing asset to BISD and unfortunately the corrupt 4 will target him next.  Hopefully he will find the courage Springston never had to sue the forces behind the lies.  Every 1st to 3rd year teacher owes their job to Tony Fuller and his brilliance in working the budget in such hard times. 


Anonymous said...

Now you are turning on Springston where is your loyalty.

BobbyWC said...

Not that reality matters - but I have denounced Springston since the day he was hired - I have never been a supporter

You are confused - I have only exposed teh lies - exposing lies about someone is not the same as supporting them -

you solve problems on truth not lies

You are no different than the idiots supporting Presas-Garcia's clan - ignore reality so long as it gets what you want

That is not the BV and never will be the BV

What kind of idiot are you that you support the cover-up of an alleged assault on three girls by a coach - are you so desperate to protecte Springston that the truthful story should not be reported?

Please do not read the BV - I do not want readers who believe it is ever acceptable for a coach to assault children - start your own blog and defend the assault of children and see how many readers you get

My loyalty is to the truth and teh children - fuck everyone else

and again if you can defend Springston on this one then stop reading the BV - I do not need you as a reader - you obviously have no interest in the children

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby this sounds a bit fishy. You are actually saying that the students does not know the coach's name and had to have her father go find out the name of the coach. Is this not the one you wrote about that was disrespectful to the coach, by throwing something at him/her. One question, did the student get the injury from the coach or someone else. I honestly would like to know. I am not saying your student is stretching the truth I am just wondering. Awful incident!!!!!!!! Why do these students try to attach their teachers/coaches, with witnesses around and then they become the total and complete injured party. Understand I totally and completely agree with you that a man should never injure a woman. That is unacceptable. But we do raise our sons and daughters to defend themselves and not just stand there and get injured. Self defense, reaction, instinct. Just a thought. Hope this case gets the proper attention and corrective measures soon.

BobbyWC said...

great question - this is when the BV works best.

As to the child I am helping the information I have confirmed by BISD and the child is - she had nothing to do with what was thrown at the coach. If you remember my original post I was real careful to make sure people knew the coach was attacked.

As to the child - the child was immediately taken to the emergency room - this was not done the next day - it was done immediately.

It is my understanding, and I agreed with the coach on this issue, the children were taking their lunch trays outside - they were wrong and the coach was right.

I have confirmation from both sides on the above.

The child is telling me that her friend threw a tray at the coach when she was yelling that he was hurting her by the way he was grabbing her - in law this would be the child defending another.

What should have happened is the coach should have had the alleged witness to go get security and secure the situation - but grabbing the girls and causing further injury was not an option - unless they were attacking him even after the throwing of the tray. But if they were not then he had no business touching them. Any confusion is because of BISD's refusal to speak with the parents.

But the girl I am helping did nothing wrong other than try and exit the building with her tray - clearly wrong - no defense - but the father was told nothing that night that his daugheter ever touched the coach or tried to assault him.

The problem is BISD refusing to even speak with the parents

Now last year his disabled son was attacked by a behavior specialist teacher - the son threatened to hurt the teacher for attacking him - the father did not file charges - but knowing full well the behavior specialist did exactly what he was told not to do to the child and did it anyway thereby causing the incident wherein the child sought to defend himself - the BISD Nazi police handcuffed the child and put him in the juvenile system. A TEA complaint was filed and BISD was ordered to rewrite its rules. The TEA also asked that he file for a Due Procee Hearing, but the father chose not to after the principal removed the teacher from the campus.

Why is it a disabled child defends himself and he is arrested, but a teacher allegedly assaults three girls and he is not arrested at the scene and the parents are sent away without being allowed to file a criminal complaint.

The police chief has to go.

Again this is a serious matter which has gotten school districts all over the US sued for big money and people fired. the father did not run to the police the next day - he tried to work with the principal and got the run around - today he tried to get the complaint forms and was harassed and made to feel like a criminal - no defense.

But again - BISD is not allegeing any wrongdoing by this particular girl other than tyring to leave the building with her lunch tray - that is not a basis to assault the child - and further if the first part is true it was probably legal for the other girl to throw the tray at coach to protect the first girl.

Furtehr as to the injury to the chilren the nurse did see them so there should be some notes - why have they not been given to the parents - why was the parent turned away untl it was learned complaints would be filed. Why did they complete the report before reviewing the medical notes and x-rays from valley baptist.

Cover-up - and I am convinced one of the corrupt 4 is running cover for the coach or principal because otherwise they would be all over this

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, there are several witnesses to this incident and all of them are claiming that these girls did this to themeselves....the truth will come out, please don't be so harsh on sprinston until everything is cleared. he has done a great job. and yes i do have kids and believe me i will defend them until the end, but i also have to be realistic and open my eyes to what is going on. i hope this situation gets cleared up soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is shameful. If a board member is protecting the coach who acted improperly. Someone is not telling the top administrator what the heck is going on. Very Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not a supporter of the corrupt four but I do have some doubts about the whole incident. Before you accuse everybody from the Superintendent to the janitor of the school, please know the facts. I do not work at the school nor do I have any relationship with the personnel at Pace High School. However, your whole article makes you sound like a “mad or crazy” individual who is totally out of control. The education system in BISD may not be best in the world; however, it is not a system that would allow a child to be hurt especially by its personnel. If the parents have contacted you regarding the incident, there is no reason why you cannot represent the parents as an “advocate” before the school administration. There is a system of justice and due process in this country; therefore, there is no need to demand the firing of all these individuals without investigating the facts. The school has cameras throughout the campus which can show what transpired at the time of the incident. Work with the facts and allow BV to earn the respect of the community.

BobbyWC said...

You actually believe that the girls injured themselves just to be mean to this coach - then why not tell the parent when the parent was there demanding an explanation? Why not meet with the parent and tell the parent the child did it to herself - why refuse to work with the parent

also if what you are saying is correct - which I believe with 100% certainty is a lie why did BISD today ask the father if the coach would simply say he is sorry for what he did would the father drop everything

Why have the coach say he is sorry if the chlid did it to herself

do you realize how stupid you sound when you accuse this child of tearing her own ligaments -

you did not help BISD you only made them look pathetic

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Based on how many people nowadays pull out lawyers at the drop of a hat, apologizing has become a necessary evil whether one is guilty or not.

BobbyWC said...

but there was no lawyer - the fatehr delayed filing criminal charges to give them every opportunity to work with him - he did not run to a lawyer - he did not file criminal charges - we are at two weeks - how long should he wait before he concludes they are stonewalling him?

He needs to send a message to his daughter no one is allowed to touch her - can anyone possibly say that given the fact the father waited two weeks before he said enough is enough he is overreacting - how long does his daughter wait before she learns if her father will defend her.

If she did something wrong why not just tell the father - why delay - why refuse to check to see if the daughter is okay -= why refuse every effort on the father's part to learn the facts.

Most parents would not have waited two weeks - this father did - no one can accuse this father of jumping the gun.

BISD through its conduct allowed for this result.

I am fed up with the Springston supporters - I defended him on every single lie put out there against him - why because lies are wrong and hurt BISD and the children - now I tell these same people who loved when I went after Presas-Garcia and her convict friends hat Springston has messed up royally and the BV is now the bad guy.

These people have no interest in facts - they live in their world of lies and no amount of reality will every get in their way.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you better make sure this student did not do this to herself before you start yelling attack. YES, YES, YES, Bobby there are GIRLS in this world who HURT themselves for attention, pitty, revenge and anger. If you do not believe this is true you ARE NOT being realistic. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping this parent get to the truth. How would the parent be able to help his daughter without BV? Get well soon and please don't shut BV down.

BobbyWC said...

I agree girls and boys hurt themselves - but on the day this happened teh father was expressly told his daughter did nothing to the coach and was never told the witnesses were claiming she did it to herself.

If you have witnesses that the child did this to herself then the witnesses and principal should be fired immediately - you know why - because they would have a legal duty to report the child is engaged in self injury - no such report was made.

If you have a witness that a child is injuring herself why in gods name as the principal would you withhold that information from the parent -

The argument is stupid and only proves Springston is stupid and desperate.

I can assure you if they try and pull a stunt claiming the child did this to herself then they are going to answer for why they withheld such an important piece of mental health information from the father - it will only make it easier to demand Springston's dismissal

But I get it Springston supporters will spend hours thinging up one stupid lie after another and only did his hole deeper

yes the child injured herself and BISD decided it was in everyone's best interest to not inform the parent the child is self mutilating herself - Springston at his best

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To the last post on the thank-you - boy am I hyper - my doctor had me take a ton of painkillers today - in my case it gives me a high - so I was able to get some work done - I just took the valuim to make me sleep and releave the spssms in the lumbar - legalized uppers and downers

anyway can you believe how desperate and ignorant Springston's supporters are - they are so ignorant that they are actually arguing that BISD employees saw these girls inflict their own injuries - really?

BISD employees saw students self inflict injuries to themselves and no one reported it to the parents -

Brett you and your supporters are pathetic - you need to investigate who these eye witnesses are and fire them immediately - their failure to tell the parents their children are inflicting injuries on themselves has endangered these children

just how stupid Brett do you think the people of Brownsville really are?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I was informed that many southern states, including Texas, allow teachers to administer corporal punishment on students due to state legislators pushing and demanding these acts to be enacted. Could this be the reason why educators feel free to hit students since they are protected by State Law?

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Tony Fuller, but I do have problems with the Board.

It was mentioned that the district received federal stimulus moneys and everybody knew that the funding was for only two years. My concern is that the district hired personnel with the stimulus funding and now that the stimulus funding is gone, the district now has to fund for these positions in the general fund account since the grant has ended. If everybody knew that the funding was only for two years, why did they hire personnel. And furthermore, why is it district policy to absorb personnel positions in the general fund account once the grants have ended. Most institutions would have let personnel be terminated due to the end of the grants, but the district absorbs these positions. Therefore the question is, is the district overstaffed?

When you are asking BISD employees to accept pay cuts, the least the Board could do is at least terminate the grant funded positions once they lapse. You could lessen the financial impact to the employees if the Board will follow common sense.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you sound like Cata Presas-Garcia. I hope the man you are helping is not pulling you leg. Because you are going to feel really dumb, when you find out the man is giving BISD the run around and using you to help him make a case that is not there. Sad!!! Good Luck Man. Hope the entire truth comes out.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct - texas allows for this through a process - but simply grabbing a student in the hall is not corporal punishment - futher tearing a students ligaments goes beyond the force allowed.

But I know this DA - he will never allow the charges to move forward - and if it is true he wants to run for Congress everyone female will know how he feels about assaults on female students

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the grant question - if the personnel are not essential to teh BISD mission then they should be terminated - and even if they are essential then Springston needs to certify to the board absolutely no one else can do tehir job.

I would go one step further - at least two AA superintendents need to be let go - the jobs can be consolidated - this would mean more money for special needs or teachers.

No on where I sound like Presas-garcia - you Springston supporters are pathetic - you are ignoring my plain words - I have investigated this matter

At the mother's request I interviewed the girl within an hour of the event.

I have verified BISD has given this father nothing - he called me from BISD on teh day of the event - I am the one who called him and told him what happened because BISD never called him. He attends the ARDS and meets with teh teachers - they know he is a very pro active parent - I had to call him because they did not.

The daughter called the mother crying and the mother called me and asked me to please speak with her - I did

In my original report I reported the coach was assaulted by one of the students - how is that biased reporting against BISD. I have been very careful.

I sat on this for two weeks working with the father to get information. When he called me several times yesterday from Pace I had to calm him down as he sat there in disbelief that no one would help him. They know him - they call him on anything and he runs to PAce and meets with the principal or assistant principal - I have known him for 6 years - he makes every meeting - he is the most pro active parent I know when it comes to his kids education. He fights for them left and right.

He called me today several times from BISD administration in disbelief no one would give him the form - I have documents with Jay Harris' writing on them - why did he have to be sent to jay harris to get a simple form. This forms should be available downstairs on demand

No I have investigated - and you Springston supporters are pathetic - yes the girls self inflicted the wounds and BISD just decide to not tell the parents their children were self inflicting wounds on themselves.

Further there is nothing in the valley Baptist report which indicates the wounds were self inflicted

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I will not post your comment are requested - and thanks for the kind words on teh girls - bottom line is - why did BISD give this father the runaround until he decided to file complaints - all of you Springston supporters are pathetic - the BV trustworthy so long as it is going after Presas-Garcia and now it tells the truth about Springston and the BV is not trustworthy - pathetic to a person

well teh valium is starting to kick in - I am on my back such as I have been ordered to be on my laptop in bed.

The hot tub I did today gave me a lot or relief.

My doctor told me today I need to stay on my back as much a possible - i am not to sit up for more than 10 minutes - he said it could be a month with intense pain- I can tell you the painkillers are not workering one bit - but the hot tub gave me an hour's relief - I will try again tomorrow

Boibby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby go out an buy "Head ON" extra strenght. I used it on my injured neck and my friend used it on her rotater cuff surgery and she got a lot of relief. The "Head On" extra strenght can be used as often as you want. That is the best one that is out there of those products. It is meant for headaches, but it works wonders on the rest of the body. My friend use to try it on her lower back surgery. It gets expensive ($6 a little tube), but it really works. Here Is what I think happens, it give you local relieve of the pain, causing you to feel less tense and then that allows the simple pain killer to do wonders on relieving your pain. I use to rub the "head on" extra strenght then take advil (up to 800 mg) and it worked WELL.. Try it if you are allowed to take advil (liquid gel pills) it just MIGHT work. GOD SPEED. :)

Anonymous said...

In response to your question "why did BISD give this father the runaround until he decided to file complaints". Because they big-time chicken shit. Always have been.

BobbyWC said...

All of these stupid comments blaming the kids will not longer be posted through -

your Sprinsgton supporters are as pathetic as the Presas-Garcia supporters -

if the kids are to blame then why were the parents not told this - why was no disciplinary action taken against the kids

you Springston supporters are as pathetic as they come and all you are doing is forcing people to ask questions about how far Springston will go to protect his own worthless ass

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

All of these stupid comments blaming the kids will not longer be posted through -

your Sprinsgton supporters are as pathetic as the Presas-Garcia supporters -

if the kids are to blame then why were the parents not told this - why was no disciplinary action taken against the kids

you Springston supporters are as pathetic as they come and all you are doing is forcing people to ask questions about how far Springston will go to protect his own worthless ass

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, get a grip, it has nothing to do with springston, it has to do with being a parent and knowing what students are capable of. You have to know what I mean. Come Get Real. DO not be blinded by anger.

BobbyWC said...

You are dead wrong - o nthe day it happened I gave teh coach the benefit of the doubt and made sure people knew he was asssulted - I gave Springston an immediate pass because I knew he was at hope sick - I put 100% of my concern on the police and the principal.

They had 2 weeks to call the father and address his concerns - he gave them two weeks to say - "hey your daughter is not innocent in this." nothing

In fact from day one I said his daughter was wrong when trying to leave the building with her lunch tray and defended teh coach for telling the girls they were wrong.

This is 100% honest reporting - the father sat and did nothing for two weeks while they ignored him and refused to help.

The father wanted to know the full facts - BISD chose to hide them

And you defend this - bullshit

The father will proceed - someone is protecting this coach and principal and we are going to find out.

Springston is in charge - he has chosen to do nothing.

What kind of policy denies parents access to complaint forms and forces a show down over a simple complaint form - a policy written to obstruct

BISD needs a national search for a new superintendent who will have the protection of region one - without this any new super will be the same old political garbage we had in Gonzales and Springston

No one has blogged more than teh BV in calling for more protection for the superintendents - there will be no real hope until they are hired and fired by the regional offices under the advice and consent of the teachers unions and PTA - the trustees should have no input

Bobby WCV

Bobby WC