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"And between you and me, you are too obvious that you are supporting Tony Martinez because Rick Zayas pays you to."  SORRY CHARLIE ATKINSON

He spent most of the night awake sending me emails- I considered posting them but since I know the above is a lie and he knows it is a lie why would I further bring hardship on the Honorable Tony Martinez by printing Mr. Atkinson's lies.  He wants me to believe he is all buddy buddy with Tony and can speak about Tony's opinions after he posted the above lie.

I will say this again because Mr. Atkinson does not seem to understand - Fly Frontera would be good for Brownsville - if it can make a go of it

The problem is Mr. Gallagher is a scumbag lying piece of shit.  Mr. Atkinson says it is okay to do business with people like this, I say no.

Again I told Mr. Gallagher that Tony Martinez was his best bet to control the toxic politics at city hall.  Quintanilla and Montoya did not like this so they point blank lied about the conversation to protect their candidate Edward Camarillo.  Atkinson has no problem with this dirty politics.  I gave Mr. Gallagher a chance to tell the truth and he refused.  This is not honest business.

I have gone so far as to say that Tony Martinez if he wins will still look at the deal for what is good for Brownsville with no hard feelings.  I only believe this because of what I have been told my someone who has known him for ever and is a trusted business associate of his.  Again another complement to the character of Tony Martinez.

Why does Atkinson refuse to denounce Montoya for his lies about Tony Martinez?  Answer Montoya has agreed to defame and destroy anyone who runs against Atkinson.

All I have done is raise issues any competent city commission would raise.  Fuel costs have the major airlines looking at billions of dollars in losses - I ask how does Fly Frontera intend to deal with this issue? - Atkinson responds with attacks.  If Atkinson does not believe this is a valid question then he is a bigger moron than anyone ever  imagined. 

The Sky King bankruptcy will not impact the planes Fly Frontera intents to fly.  This is why I said not the planes, but the cash flow.  If Gallagher's business is about to lose the 121 certificate it uses to fly some of its 737's and lose a 737 to a lien holder because of Sky King, how does that impact his cash flow?  Atkinson calls this irrelevant.

If you have a good business plan why attack - who opened the attacks - Gallagher by going after Melissa Zamora.  This is not how you do business. 

Atkinson demands that Gallagher's  convicted felon and drunk be allowed to attack everyone while Atkinson remains silent, but the second I respond to the false attacks I must suffer Atkinson's tirades.

The truth is coming out Sorry Charlie - and you hate it.  We will get the flights to Mexico from an honest businessman who does not attack our elected officials, mayoral candidates and disabled vets.

On Larry Brown - and BEDC - a local investor would make clear he lost $900,000 when he trusted them.

You say trust Larry Brown and then attack Pan Am as a failure - didn't Larry Brown bring us Pan Am? 

How many  failures does Larry Brown get Charlie?  for the record I like Larry - I just use the examples to show how desperate Atkinson is. 

BTW Pan Am is not a failure.  And they are flying planes - you can lie all you want Charlie but the planes are real.


Tony you know who I am and you know the man who came to me with all of the good things about you and asked that I support you.  I remember he told me that you told him things will get nasty and he should not believe all of the lies.  He told me he did not need for you to say that because he knows you and he does not need any liar to tell him otherwise.  This is exactly what he told me last night when from Austin he called me and again this morning - he said to me"I have known you for ever, we know who you are and the truth, why do you let the lies get to you?"

Well Tony I am not sorry I endorsed you for your wonderful work for Brownsville.  I am proud to have you live in Brownsville and all of the wonderful things you have done for the children at Guadelupe Middle School.  While others would have destroyed the old jail for a cutter box office you spent extra to maintain the flavor of the old jail and keep that history for Brownsville. 

While we have only met once in your office, I know men who give to children and use their own money to restore Brownsville are the type men we need running Brownsville.

My Austin caller is telling me you know enough to know it is true they lied about my conversation with Mr. Gallagher because they fear you and wanted to help Camarillo. He is telling me to stop worrying about how I might have hurt you.  He knows how bad I feel on the issue.

It is said that Brownsville's politics have reached the point that people are attacked not on the content of their character or lack thereof, but on who endorses them.  We saw again how these same people attack you because other elected officials endorsed you. 

We will lose our democracy if we allow the Jim Gallaghers, convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla and convicted drunk Juan Montoya to silence anyone who tries to endorse anyone running for elective office they oppose.

This is why my lawsuits are important - they send a message - Freedom lives in Brownsville and we the people in spite of these criminals will endorse the candidates we believe in and will not suffer the lies and defamation.

In closing Tony, I am sorry if my endorsement has caused controversy - but if we allow them to silence us then no one will endorse you - you yourself saw their latest attacks.  I am certain everyone of the these people will stand with you in spite of the attacks on their character. 

No one can point to any harsh word I have ever said about your character. Now I have been mad over your silence in the BISD mess.  Like many people in Brownsville I am disappointed in the fact "all" of the candidates remained silent about the BISD mess, but as you can see they came after you anyway after you remained silent.  But I get the political machine process and understand that if in my heart I know you are our best, I must put aside the political machine process and just allow it to work and trust my instincts about what you will do for Brownsville.

But I get politics and put it aside because I know in the end if anyone can lead Brownsville out of this mess and the economic crisis facing the city it is you.
Good luck and I hope you win.
Again I am very sorry if my endorsement of you has caused you any hardship.

And I am certain when you win if the Fly Frontera issue is still on the table you will look at the deal as a businessman and do what is right for Brownsville with no hard  feelings over Jim Gallagher's lies.

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