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The city of Brownsville will never move forward because the concept of integrity eludes our leaders.

The attached documents are the documents used in the complaint against Ben Neece. In any normal city he would have been suspended with pay by now - but this is Brownsville where corruption is the only rule of thumb.

I expect to do a flyer in the election informing the people of this complaint and the decision of the city commission to take no action to suspend Ben Neece. He falsified a crime to a misdemeanor level instead of its felony level. He allowed a personal friend out of jail on 4 times without having to post one penny in bail money. One charge involved reckless driving related to a DWI.

He held a woman in his judicial official office to influence her on the BISD election. This is a black and white violation of the code of judcial conduct. Charlie Cabler, Mark Sossi and our entire city commission find this to be acceptable and are allowing this man to decide your cases.
Not acceptable. Longoria, Atkinson, and Camarillo can explain their inaction to the people on election day. God help us if a drunk released from jail without bond kills someone before Ben Neece is removed as a judge.

This city may be the most shameful city in the US

The first letter was created today related to the retaliation. After the letter is the complaint. But within the letter amending the complaint for retaliation, I noted that Montoya point blank lies about me trying to block the investigation related to the BISD bond issue. I included my own blow by blow post wherein I repeatedly stated I supported the investigation. If Montoya speaks he lies.
Gallagher is being served in the morning for defamation per se over Montoya's claims related to my drug addition. On March 1, 2011, Dr. Hays wrote a legal prescription for 60 Hydromorphone. I was authorized to take one every 4 hours as needed for pain. At 4 a day that would mean the prescription would run out in 15 days. On this the 24th day of March there remains 11 pills, which means I took fewer than 3 a day. that is hardly copious.  Further, Dr. Hays increased the dosage to 2 at a time when  it did not work - even with that there remain 11 pills.  I will go to the VA today to see if I can have a nurse document the remaining number of pills so that I have it as evidence in court.

In fact on the day he made the false claim what did I say -" Although I am prescribed morphine for pain related to my back surgery I do not take it every day simply because of what it is. Without it I sleep nearly all day. If I sleep I do not feel the pain. With the exception of my legs and a stiff back, I think the surgery to date has been a 100% success.

So today I will choose sleep to deal with the pain, [r]ather than use certain pain killers to keep me awake."


Montoya cannot address the facts so he must paint me as a drug addict - that is defamation per se. I invite Jim Gallagher to file a vexatious litigant motion. He will have to deal with the federal injunction on the issue. When I am done with Jim Gallagher he will be in state court and two federal courts if he even mentions vexatious litigant. He was warned about Montoya and said - "fuck Brownsville I want their money and I will destroy everyone I need to get that money." We shall see.

Camarillo, Longoria, and Atkinson will explain to the voters if they approve any deal with a man who terrorizes people to get what he wants. Troiani is nuts if he thinks the people are going to vote for him as DA when it is learned he was a willing participant in these terrorist tactics and protecting Ben Neece.

Again shame on each of these men for not defending Melissa Zamora - they did not want transparency so they allowed for the attack. Melissa asked questions and Atkinson, Troiani, Longoria and Camarillo got nervous. 

The BV has never opposed these flights.  It has supported every effort to bring more airlines to Brownsville.  It took the lead on Pan Am, which is making final arraignment for the flights.  No one in their right mind opposes anyone bringing in direct flights from Mexico - that was never the issue.  the BV in fact said nothing when the story broke.  The BV only commented when Montoya and Quintanilla do what they always do - if you oppose them they defame you.  That is when I knew something was wrong.

I encouraged Gallagher to work with Tony Martinez because Tony could unite the commission on the issue.  This is hardly opposing the deal.  I told him his deal was dead if Quintanilla was part of the deal.  He told me without me asking he had his lawyers working on a way to get Quintanilla out of it - long before I called he had already received a ton of phone calls.  The issue is not the airline - the airline is a good idea.
But now we know that Jim Gallagher is another Ted Parker - he will use Quintanilla to destroy anyone who does not submit.

We shall see what the people of Brownsville think of using limited taxpayer money to give a job to a convicted felon who is a pathological liar and who has over $100,000 in judgments and mechanics liens against him in Dallas. No right minded business man would do business with someone like this.

At no time did I mention the use of a specific marketing firm to Gallagher.  He told me the airport board wanted the contract and opposed giving it to Quintanilla.  Montoya's statements to the contrary are false.  Montoya and Quintanilla are also being served with the lawsuit.   This is a simple case of defamation per se.  If Gallagher even mentions vexatious litigant he will wish he lives in hell.  I know what is happening behind the scenes.  If he has to use his company's money to pay for the defense, he will find himself in bankruptcy fast - real fast.

Further, Quintanilla did not even know the extent of the market.  In encouraging Mr. Gallagher I told him he needed to look into the winter Texan market - especially the Canadians. why would I encourage him to look into developing tour groups for the winter Texans if I opposed the deal?  Quintanilla who knows nothing about Brownsville did not even know how much money the Canadians use to spend in Mexico and how they are a natural target for the flights.

There is a truth and we will get it out there.

But now is not the time for taxpayer money to fund a private airline.  If Mr. Gallagher is so successful why does he need the tax dollars of some of the poorest people in the US.

First Camarillo raises our PUB rates by voting to borrow money from the PUB and now he wants to give away limited tax dollars to a convicted felon and a dishonest businessman who uses terrorist tactics to destroy anyone who opposes his business deals.  Is this the mayor we want for Brownsville? - I think not. 

Eddy Camarillo - associates with men who defame and sexualizes woman, supports raising PUB rates on the poorest people in Texas, worked with Juliet Garcia to raise student fees to record highs and tuition rates which impoverished even the middle class.

What did Quintanilla, Montoya and Gallagher learn from Camarillo's years as Juliet Garcia's punk boy - offer him power and he will screw the people faster than the pedophile will screw children in an unprotected day care.

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