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This may be a limited post to one time- but I just got off the phone for nearly an hour with Jim Gallagher of this Fly Frontera deal. He is claiming ignorance about Carlos Quintanilla and his past, until just a few days ago. He point blank told me Michael Jones who is the Business Development Director of the Brownsville Airport is blaming Melissa Zamora for the hold up on the contract.

So the question is who disclosed this to Carlos Quintanilla and Juan Montoya, Michael Jones or Jim Gallagher? We do not do business like this in Brownsville- Michael Jones should be immediately fired and Marc Sossi should inform Mr. Gallagher that his type business is not welcomed in Brownsville.  In  fact Mr. Sossi will be getting a letter today from Mr. Gallagher.

This guy Mr. Gallagher is so bad he defamed Pan Am  to cover-up his own part in the bankruptcy of Sky King. He could not provide them enough charter flights to keep them in business and they went under. This is what he wants for Brownsville and he wants subsidies. Michael Jones by bad mouthing Melissa Zamora has failed Brownsville and should be fired yesterday.  Has Michael Jones taken to the Airport Board Jim Gallagher's indirect role in the bankruptcy of Sky King by failing to provide them enough charger flights?  has he verified for the Board the $3 million in cash reserves needed for such a venture based on industry standards.

Why is the Sky King bankruptcy not in the news as part of this story. Why has Gallagher's failure to do due diligence on Carlos Quintanilla - not an issue? - why is his hiding the fact that he has put on the table a possible $100,000 long term contract to Quintanilla with Brownsville subsidies. He now says that because he has been inundated with court documents and other evidence his lawyers are looking at formally distancing themselves from Quintanilla. They are just insuring that they do it in a way to avoid being sued for defamation.

THE REAL KICKER -  He said he does not understand why the local politicos are so mad at  Quintanilla when he knows he can open an investigation against any city commissioner and take them down just as  fast.  People - this is Jim Gallagher - sounds like Ted Parker - is this who we want doing business in Brownsville?
He told me he has been told if Quintanilla is involved he will not get the contract. This is not coming from Zamora - it is coming from members of the airport board and others who feel like they were intentionally mislead by Gallagher.  They assumed Gallagher vetted Quintanilla and now they know better.  They know Gallagher will not work vet is possible business partners.  He has lost all trust worthiness among key players.

Who does business with a convicted felon? - Jim Gallagher - that is who. He told me Quintanilla's and Montoya's attack on Zamora is not how they do business and that the matter is now before their lawyers.

I got a lot more, but I am late for a brain MRI.  The Charlie Atkinson part in this mess may be enough for his  forced removal from the City Commission.  More on that later.

Sorry spell check is not working and I am late.

Bobby WC


Anonymous said...

You're an ass if you fuck this up for brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cervantes:

When all this is said and done, Fly Frontera will fly to Mexico despite your attacks on characther and your personal hatred towards me.

We believe it is good for Brownsville, it is good for Mexico. We have too much determination to let one person or two who are in the minority, to stop, to defamed and to interfere with what is in the best interest of a community. Direct flights to Mexico.

I will make sure that once we are flying and your blog retires on April 5, no one will remember your contributions to Brownsville.

I will make sure that the operators of Fly Frontera send you a complimentary ticket aboard Fly Frontera, as a guest, you will then see firsthand that we brought something good to Brownsville.

Get your passport ready and be one of thousands that will Fly Frontera.


Carlos Quintanilla

BobbyWC said...

Mr. Gallagher told me that he sees Quintanilla as the problem as presented to him by many - he is the one not me having his lawyers looking into issuing a public statement distanceing himself from Quintanilla - this has nothing to do with whether or not the airline flies.

The people have teh right to know he tried to cut a deal with Quintanilla to give him a $100,000 of taxpayer money to run the advertising.

This issue is not should the flights exist - Pan Am already announced its intent on these flights without asking for a handhout from Brownsville

It was Mr. Gallagher who told me based on all of the phone calls and complaints he received he believes Brownsville is too toxic to do business.

Key business people have already made it known Mr. Gallagher screwed up - Airport Board Members are fuming believing they were mislead - this was all before I learned about the story

Bobby WC