Wednesday, March 2, 2011


(Note:  Today will be day three of mostly on my back - I just have to allow the dura to heal.  The tear was a lot larger than he thought.  I had thought he told me in my case it was spinal fluid leaking, but it was not - it was some fluid having to do with the disc. )
It is no great secret that on many occasions Chris Davis has had a wild hair for me - our politics are on different planets.  But we saw a joint need to put aside our differences and do something right for Brownsville.  And while it is true 99.9 percent of the credit goes to Chris, the BV understood if anyone could make a live internet broadcast of the BISD meeting happen it would be Chris Davis.  I did not have time to worry about our difference - neither did Chris.  We took a leadership approach to the problem.  I did the easy part which gives me the 1 % credit - I emailed him and asked for help.  The other 99% of the credit goes to Chris for making it happen.  If two people so politically opposed to one another can come together for the community in a good way, then why can our elected official not do the same thing?  Answer - they are more focused on getting what they want while ignoring the needs of the community.

Eight principals of leadership from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1.  Great leaders do not sugar-coat reality;
2.  Great leaders engage the heart;
3.  Great leaders refuse to accept the status quo;
4.  Great leaders create a sense of urgency. (side note - people who endlessly schedule
      meetings are not leaders and never will be leaders.);
5.   Great leaders call people to act in accord with their highest values;
6.   Great leaders refuse to settle;
7.   Great leaders acknowledge the sacrifice of their followers;
8.   Great leaders paint a vivid picture of a better tomorrow;

For all of Brett Springston's failures, I would pray for his redemption so that he can lead Brownsville out of the wilderness of ignorance and complacency Brownsville has lived in since its inception.

In Brownsville where is any leadership?  Politics Brownsville style is play safe and do nothing which may rock the boat.  Brownsville should be the pearl of the gulf with a first class airport, major international cargo, and a  crossroads of culture and two nations living as one and moving forward for the benefit of both.  Brownsville has the weather, a port, and airport and rail.  What  Brownsville has never had is leadership.

A few people were upset with my words on Peña - why?  Because in substance they are the same blind lemmings  following Presas-Garcia.  They have a goal and they will follow to the dealth anyone who supports that goal regardless of their competency or integrity.  The BV cannot go after the followers of Presas-Garcia on this issue, while ignoring the same blind-folded people supporting Peña.

Leadership is taking a position and holding - not "I'm sorry, I know you love Brownsville - I know in my heart you are doing what you are doing because you think it is best for Brownsville."  No one and I mean no one but a complete and total idiot could make such a statement when referring to Presas-Garcia.

Even this morning Presas-Garcia continues with pushing the lies and deception against Springston by and through her convicted felon "lover." Presas-Garcia is so enamored with her convicted  felon "lover," she continues to aid him in lying about Springston and the bond issue. 

A few simple facts - Presas-Garcia and her "lover" are trying to convince morans (CPG spelling) that the bond money should be used for teachers instead of buildings.  This is a legal impossibility.  But according to the feckless wishy washy Peña this is just Presas-Garcia doing what she believes is right for Brownsville.  Peña declares for all of Brownsvlle to know - "I know in my heart Presas-Garcia  tells these lies with a heart for Brownsville - I know this in my heart Brownsville - I know in my heart Brownsville Presas-Garcia if she lies she does it for Brownsville."  Peña can never be forgiven for that moment.

Presas-Garcia is evil at the core of her soul.  Only a complete and total idiot could have said what Peña said on Tuesday night.  Or, someone part of Presas-Garcia's entourage of lemmings.  Can anyone possibly call this leadership?  Can any one possibly say this is the type leadership which will pull Brownsville out of this nightmare?


I am at my absolute limits with Springston.  He does not give a rats ass if his presence in Brownsville destroys the city.  I get that people cannot objectively look at Springston because they are too focused on the real deception and lies and corruption coming from the corrupt 4.  But this is our problem - we allow ourselves to become so absorbed with the deception of others, that we fail to see when the alleged victim of that deception is also deceiving us.  Either way it is wrong.

BISD is suffering a terrible assault on its reputation.  Why?  Its leader has zero leadership skills.  Brett will never stand up for Brownsville.  He will though get on the phone and ask people to stand up for him.  Until he sues these people for what they have done to BISD, its teachers, administrators and the people of Brownsville, he is nothing more that a 50 year old man still looking to suck on a tit for mothers milk because he is too lazy to go out there and do it for himself.

Again, where has Brett Springston showed an ounce of leadership to protect BISD and restore its reputation.  It sickens me how many great and awesome teachers have no one to defend them.  Yes BISD has lots of incompetent teachers - but it also has some really incredible teachers and principals moving Brownsville forward.  All they want is a superintendent who will defend them - a leader - Springston is neither and never will be.

Ignorance and lies spread because those who allegedly stand for integrity and honesty really only stand for themselves.  This my dear friends is Brett Springston.

While I do not want him suspended because I know it would mean  things getting worse for BISD, I do want him to resign.  He needs to hire a company to begin the process of finding a new job.  It is certainly time Springston goes - and not for any of the reasons stated by Presas-Garcia - but because he is a feckless leader and a coward who has done irreparable injury to BISD's reputation through his lack of leadership in responding to the lies and deception.


You see, Presas-Garcia remains the board president because Escobedo wants the E-rate contracts - or least some of them to go to one of his brothers.  He will not agree to remove Presas-Garcia as board president until he gets that commitment.  So the question is, which group of 3 will guarantee his brother the contracts?  This sickens me - the entire board and Springston should resign yesterday.  So long as Springston's survival is 100% dependent on deals with Escobedo BISD is screwed. 

It is okay for people who want to believe all the lies against Zayas and Cortez to say - "you know they are now gone - it is time we face the truth about the corrupt 4 and fight them instead of fighting the ghosts of two people not coming back to BISD.  It is also okay for those how know the corrupt 4 are bad for Brownsville to say "  we can no longer turn a blind eye to how Springston's lack of leadership and self serving management style of survival at any cost, has done irreparable injury to BISD."


Enough is enough - I hope the lawsuit goes forward against Presas-Garcia.  This would be good - what also would be good is Springston finding a job elsewhere so that BISD can do a national search for a new and hopefully more competent superintendent.  And for the record, the success in the classroom comes from the teachers and students, not from the superintendent.  It is the job of the superintendent to provide the teachers with a safe and nurturing environment which allows for learning to occur.  Springston gets an "F" on this issue.  All he has done is ignore a virus which is taking down BISD one brick at a time.  Springston must go - but not by being fired - Aguilar, Colunga, and Peña must made known to him - it is time - he needs to look elsewhere and start looking now.


Where has anyone running for mayor stepped in to speak to the BISD mess.  No where - if anyone thinks Ahumada, Camarillo, Garza or Martinez care a rats ass about Brownsville - they are the problem with Brownsville.  These 4 care about their egos and nothing else.  They have no ideas for Brownsville - they refuse to stand up for Brownsville, and to a person lack any semblance of leadership.

I continue my call to boycott the May elections.

And people this is not the meds speaking - painkillers actually wake me up and do very little for pain.  So if anything the painkillers are making me more  focused.

And to those threatening to not read the BV if I speak the truth about Peña, go read the Herald.


The lawsuits in Brownsville remain pending against Quintanilla and Parker for having brought Quintanilla to Brownsville.  I have lawyers looking as suing Parker come about September - my lawsuit has a timing purpose to it.  With each of Quintanilla's lies my damages against Parker goes up. Jaime Escobedo who I can prove has been a key player in this deception and destruction of Brownsville will be part of that lawsuit come September.

The Dallas judge looked at his lawsuit against me and threw it out without me even having to lift a finger.  This happened in December.  On Monday the same judged dismissed Quintanilla's lawsuit against Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.

Okay guys, I have to get back in bed on on my back.  It has been more than 20 minutes and the pain is quite intense.


BobbyWC said...

Bobby good evening. Please post our email address for all parties interested in funding the removal of Cata Presas and company. I will respond to all and explain how the process will work and how they will be able to track the money all the way to the court house. That email is You can call us group B. "

Guys proceed with caution - they will get access to what you are doing and do injury to you.

Good luck - the removal must happen

Bobb yWC

Anonymous said...

As you said Brownsville has an airport and a seaport. There must have been some stray leadership around at one time or another.

BobbyWC said...

Brownsville went from being a major internation airport to no commercial flights because of a lack of leadership - we did not get SW because of a lack of leadership.

We cannot seem to build the new runway because of a lack of leadership.

We have a port which costs the taxpayers money because of a lack of leadership.

Exactly when did any semblance of leadership help our airport or port?

I have hopefule for Pan Am - and Larry Brown does get an A+ on that one - but now I am not sure Pan Am is going to really happen.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Where is The TEA Master?

BobbyWC said...

So long as they do not remove Springston the TEA will not give a crap

Escobedo is taking a big gamble in delaying the removal of Presas-Garcia - if she continues to feed the felon more lies and demands more of the lies are published, then they may come in and he and his brothers lose the contracts

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This is an edited comment - I did not want to reject the comment over once sentence. The BV is not going to get into Springston's private life - he lack of leadership and cowardness in terms of defending BISD is more than enought to justify the community ask that he move on. It is time Brett - move on - you were asked to fight and you said no - fine - then move on.

"The talk is that superintendent is already looking outside for a new job. Talk is cheap but realiable sources say he is not that strong and is always asking everyone what to do next. The board, in recent history, has wanted someone who is not too smart so that they can manipulate the situation. On this case the problem arise withe superintendent when two camps come up trying to manipulate the superintendent toward their own agenda. The superintendent is ... and this is probably the only thing keeping him solid in place.
By Anonymous on A RECAP - EVEN FOR THE DELUSIONAL This post from ... at 10:28 AM

Anonymous said...

You know Bobby you are a piece of work. You were at BISD ready to fight to keep them from suspending Springston. Now you are trashing him. Hey man, get your harmones in balance before you lose your following and ALL of your CREDIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it man!

BobbyWC said...

Defining credibility - If bobby exposes all of Presas-Garcia's lies his hormones are AOK and he is credible - if he calls into question Springston's total lack of leadership all of a sudden Bobby's hormones are all of of wack and is no longer credible

The only credibility issue is the poster.

Credibility is not about taking sides - it is about talking honestly about the issues and the cause of the problems.

The poster cannot defend on the issue Springston is not a leader so he takes a cheap shot.

This is exactly what Presas-Garcia's people do - you are cut from the cloth.

And for the record I have never supported Springston since day one - all I have done is exposed the lies - they are not the same thing.

But unfortunately I know for a fact far too many people expect the BV to take a side and to just ignore all the wrongdoing by the other side -

This is never going to happen.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Another edited comment

"Cata Presas-Garcia better be careful in starting a smear campaign against her colleagues. We hear she did something really bad while a BISD and she was given a break. That information might start circulating, just like she circulated Joe Rodriguez's information. Ask Cata Presas-Garcia a question. Would she like her face on a poster or flyer with what she did while at BISD. If she can handle it then let her buddies keep circulating trash talk about her own colleagues. Sometimes you HAVE to fight FIRE with FIRE. It is a shame that our BISD Board President would lead our community into this kind of trash politics. Someone Please talk to that woman. Everyone Knows Cata Presas-Garcia is the one who feeds (... [the convicted Felon]) all their information. Shame on you Cata Presas-Garcia. When we voted for you we believed in you, even when people told us that your were the most evil and crazy woman in the city of Brownsville. Now look at what we did to ourselves by voting you into office. Brownsville please forgive those of us who voted for Cata Presas-Garcia. We had no idea what we were doing to our District. We sooooo apologize to BISD and our community.
By Anonymous on A RECAP - EVEN FOR THE DELUSIONAL This post from ... at 1:25 PM

Anonymous said...

Just sue to have her removed!

Anonymous said...

Let's all join email address at We need to remove the board members in question......

Eric said...

Okay ladies and gentlemen. It is time to step up to the plate and be part of a historical event. The first ever removal of an elected official from BISD will be historical. This is how you can make this happen, and initiate the beginning to the end of this despotic mentality of past and present board members. How will this be accomplished? Email me at Your email will never be revealed and the process is as follows. You will provide me with a 4 or 5 digit number; this will be your ID. You will submit a pledge that you will later personally deliver to the law firm hired for the removal. Once costs and special arrangements are negotiated, the list of pledges with corresponding ID numbers will be given to the law firm. I will contact all by email so that you can personally deliver, mail, or wire funds pledged to the law firm for the plaintiff. Your privacy will always be protected and I will verify the fund movement with the list of ID's submitted. If pledges and collections exceed legal expenses, you will receive a refund proportionate to a percentage of donation to total costs. Lets make it happen, it is time to take a stand for our community and the students of BISD.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Eric!!!!

Anonymous said...

A lost cause another attempt to take people smoney.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good investment. Actually the way I read the post was that you don't put up money until an attorney is hired. I also assume that if there is no case there, nobody would be attempting to remove this lunatic. Did I read a different post?

562123 said...

You know Bobby you make some very good points. However, even if Springston leaves on his own, it still won't ever get better with garcia and longoria on the board. I don't want to give my email away, so I want to pledge $250 to the cause and I will deliver it to the law firm when you tell us who it will be.

Anonymous said...

It is a great investment for BISD!

BobbyWC said...

you are 100% correct about Presas-Garica and Longoria- all the more reason for Springsotn to file suit to stop the people behind them.

If I had to bet I would bet Springston does not file suit and the people of Brownsville do not raise the money for a removal lawsuit.

Texas is not Wiscon - the teachers will walk to the unemployment line with a battle and then whine why no one did anything - their unions are worthless - they like BISD have no leadership

I will tell you I am so tired and so sick I really see no reason to keep the BV going -

In my view the teachers and Springston have surrendered - if the man in charge has surrendered why should I or anyone else keep the fight going?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The surrendering started with the previous board as you pointed out. Tea will not appoint a master. This is not Wisconsin where the teachers would allow a school board like the one we have. The worst part about it would be that the citizens here would re-elect a PAC candidate. I do not blame you for not wanting to continue the BV. I hope the BV continues because it is an asset to this community. There is nowhere else to turn for honest reporting.

Anonymous said...

....i think the supt recommended renewing all the teachers and staff at the last board meeting and it failed. Do the teachers realize this happened? Can you see if this is really true? anyone know?
Wow....teachers/administrators NOBODY was given a contract.
I don't want to start a panic, but i wonder if this really happened.

Anonymous said...

They tabled all the hires until the April meeting. It wasn't the teachers but the "professional staff at all levels" also know as administrative. This is because they are all on one year contracts and if they renewed them they would have to terminated they and would have to have cause. This way they non renew those that might not have jobs because of budget cuts. The teachers have not come up for renewal. Then it will only be those who are not on continuing contracts. They have not had continuing contracts for many years. The teachers on one year contract will most likely be on the April agenda also. All of the chapter 21 positions have the right to appeal their non renewal.

Anonymous said...

Further is not a blanket renewal. The board members have a list of those who are being recommended for renewal. Usually most are but not always. They do not have to put them up for termination and list them separately because all these positions are term contracts which in BISD is one year.

BobbyWC said...

I did not see entire parts of the meeting because I was in the hotel in SA on my back. The internet reception was real bad. I was not sure what the original poster was talking about.

The BV works best when someone like the above poster comes in and makes things clear.

Thanks for the post and making the BV work at its best

bobby WC