Thursday, March 31, 2011


I discovered something a few minutes ago - I am deciding how to proceed - story by this afternoon.  I cannot get anyone to talk with me directly on this issue, but Jim Gallagher is in for the biggest financial battle of his life.

Pan Am has reserved the rights to "Fly Frontera"  This means for 120 days Jim Gallagher and his convicted business partner Carlos Quintanilla cannot use the name in any contracts as a corporation.

Pan Am has reserved the rights to Frontera Airlines, Inc.   This means for 120 days Jim Gallagher and his convicted business partner Carlos Quintanilla cannot use the name in any contracts as a corporation.

Further I have engaged an attorney to see if we can sue GBIC to void any agreement they have with Gallagher since at the time of the agreement he was not legally authorized to do business in Texas.  The question is the agreement void or voidable.  If it is void, then there is no agreement. How incompetent can this man be that he never sought authority to do business in Texas and never bothered to spend $40 dollars to reserve the name Fly Frontera or Frontera Airline.  Are the problems with Sky King's bankruptcy already impacting his cash flow?  GBIC says this is a competent business man who can be trusted.

His press people - convicted felon -  convicted drunk - city spokesman - discredited Home Land Security employee - no authority to do business in Texas, and now has lost right to use the name Fly Frontera or Frontera Airlines.  This is the man Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson want to give your money to, while committing Brownsville to daily payments for any flights which do not meet the break even point on cost of the flight.

Investors who believe in Pan Am have invested millions.  COB offered no start up money to Pan Am.  Had they offered the same deal to Pan Am, by this time we would have 737 non-stops to SA, with additional non-stop service to Mexico.  Where was Charlie when it came time to help Pan Am?  Where has Charlie been on the issue of fixing Iowa - a street which looks like a bombed out street in a war zone?   This is every busniss person's first impression of Brownsville.  It is not a good impression.

Now a convicted felon wants money and Charlie is "you got it." Sorry Charlie Atkinson wants to offer his convicted felon buddy - Carlos Quintanilla - the same felon working with BISD to fire Brett Springston and make Sorry Charlie's sister the superintendent, one million dollars.  And it does not stop there - Brownsville is still on the hook for subsidies.  If the plane flies empty Brownsville must pay Jim Gallagher the cost of flying the empty plane.  And given the soring price of plane fuel empty planes are a real possibility.  Who takes the loss, not Gallagher, but the Brownsville taxpayers.

In simple numbers - let's say the cost of flying the plane to Monterrey is $10,000, and Fly Frontera only sells $6,000 worth of seats, Brownsville owes Jim Gallagher $4,000.  This can go on for ever.

All the while to all you city employees - you need to ask Sorry Charlie Atkinson, why he has money for a convicted felon, $30 million for a sports park and not one penny for city employees for a pay raise?

If I were Pan Am I would pull out - Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson have made it clear - they will not defend Pan Am against these attacks.  Money Pan Am should be using to develop the business will now go for lawyers.

Why would any ethical business come to Brownsville when they know Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson, will not defend them against false attacks by a convicted felon?

I am hoping to break a story on a criminal investigation which could include the City of Brownsville related to this mess.   It is clear by the refusal of Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson to denounce Mr. Gallagher's use of a convicted con artist and convicted drunk as his press agents and their unrelenting lies that honest businesses have no home in Brownsville. 

While it is highly unlikely the criminal investigation which may be opened against Charlie Atkinson will envelope the COB, it certainly will lead to interviews of every commissioner to determine what Gallagher told them and when, and all emails between themselves and Atkinson, Gallagher and Quintanilla.  The question is, who other than Charlie Atkinson will be caught up in this criminal investigation.  Guys - be careful what you say in your emails -

It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.  You employees who are being played by Atkinson, instead of blaming the firefighers who save our lives how about asking him why a million dollars for a convicted felon and his partner while there is no money for pay raises.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.


Anonymous said...

Now, now, Bobby if Brownsville were to adopt a policy of refusing to conduct business with ex-offenders, or with person or persons who have had any skirmishes with the the law, the COB would have to cease it's operations.

Can you imagine if city vendors had to answer this question in the negative before conducting business with COB?

"Have you or any of your employees ever been arrested, convicted, received deferred adjudication, probation, community supervision or plead guilty or no contest before any federal, state, or municipal court?"

City operations would be at a standstill.

Anonymous said...

Bobby you just sunk Pan Am for torteously intefering with Fly Frontera and public Charters. Way to go genius. Put your money out to defend Kendricks he will need it.

Anonymous said...

A GREAT Job well Done Bobby, .... I have come to respect your diligent, effective and nonpartisan when it comes to shedding the light on these criminals.

BobbyWC said...

First of all moron his name is Hedrick - you are so incompetent you do not even know his name.

Tortious inerference with business requires a business. Under FAA rules only a corporation can run an airline - there was no corporation authorized to do business in Texas - hence no business.

Now on the general issue of the law - I have not seen any signed contracts so I have no idea how this applies to them - I need to do an open records request.

But I can assure you I would be the first to call Hedrick an idiot if he would do something like this without first checking with his top lawyers.

There are millions of dollars of investor money invested in Pan Am -only a complete fool would believe he would come to me for advice.

And to be frank with you if this were my style- which it is not- when the DBA Acion America was abandonded in Dallas I would have grabbed it - which I legally could have - why did I not do that -

It is not my style

What is sad is - Quintanilla started the attacks and now threatens everyone with suit because people defended themselves. This is America Quintanilla and we have a right to defend ourselves

For Pan Am to do something like this tells me the message was really for the City of Brownsville which is why I entitled the piece the way I did -

Personally if I were Robert Hedrick I would get permission from my investors to move to Houston where lunatics and drunks are not running the city commission.

But Quintanilla go ahead and sue a company providing jobs to Brownsville - put them out of business - they will probably name a holiday after you.

But to my readers on every possible legal issue - I have no idea - this could be interesting.

Well I do have some idea - but maybe there is a basis for a lawsuit. But on tortious interference - no - Pan Am did no interfer illegally with a contraot between a non-exitent corporation and another entity.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What Thomas Paine once said " I smell a Rat"......Great coverage continue to seek the truth and reported, the voters need to know....

Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to mention Charlie's sister when everyone in the glass house knows Bertha Pena is going to be the next Superintendent????

Anonymous said...

Who convinced GBIC, BCIC or the City to do business with Fly Frontere?

Is fly frontera a done deal even with Pan Am interferring?