Monday, March 28, 2011


What we know for sure, Jim Gallagher is a scumbag who buys votes by publishing lies. He knows every statement Montoya claims was said about Tony Martinez is false - but he also knows by pushing lies about Tony Martinez he buys Edward Camillo's vote.

We know that when I published the truth about Sky King's bankruptcy he had his other publishing liar call me a paid liar to cover up for Sky King who according to Jim Gallagher is an important part of Public Charters. The BV posted the bankruptcy papers which authorized the seizing of Sky King's plane. Why did he have Quintanilla lie? It is a con job people to the tune of $1 million dollars. 

These are two very simply proven lies put out by Jim Gallagher to force is con job down the throats of the people of Brownsville. Sorry Charlie Atkinson for more than 4 years has ignored the fact Iowa in front of the airport looks like a bombed out street from a war zone - he always claimed no money to fix the street - now he is out of job and a convicted felon comes to town and Brownsville has a $1 million dollars for an iffy new airline.


A 121 Certificate gives an airline permission to fly. Sky King is in bankruptcy. All of it contracts under the 121 are void once the new owner of the 121 certificate purchases same on the court house steps.

This is from Jim Gallagher's web page.
"Aircraft Owners
We currently own two B737-200’s. One currently operates on Sky King, Inc.’s certificate. Sky King operates a fleet of B737's selling charter flights both domestically and Internationally. The second aircraft is in a long term lease with a Venezuela Air Carrier."

If Public Charters find it has no way to fly its plane under the Sky King Certificate how will that impact its cash flow and ability to run Fly Frontera?   The question is cash flow not the plane.
Here is my concern - Jim Gallagher had his convicted felon lie about the bankruptcy - why? - what is he hiding? If he has to lie he must be hiding something.
He had a convicted drunk lie about Tony Martinez to get Camarillo's vote - why?
This is not an honest business deal and everyone knows it. This is not how honest business companies do business.


""We have been forced to pursue fare increases for the obvious reason with surging oil prices in 2011 and at the same time we’ve seen very strong demand," Kelly said"
Read more:

Now SW will continue to grow because of its name. But all airlines are raising rates to address the surge in the price of jet fuel. SW buys it jet fuel years in advance by gambling on a price and locking in - Fly Frontera will pay the current rate for aviation jet fuel.

According to the IATA the price of jet fuel has gone up 49.4% in one year. Buy yet Jim Gallagher and his convict business partner are guaranteeing Brownsville certain pricing for the seats on these planes. How is that?


"With the current price of jet fuel running 45% higher than last year’s average, there is potential for the eight airlines above to accumulate over nine billion in added expenses compared to last year. It should come as no surprise that the airlines must find ways to increase revenues and/or decrease costs to match these large fuel price increases. Fuel is every airline’s highest expense item and covers more than 30% of an airline’s total revenue.

Read more: The Drastic Impact To Airlines from Fuel Price Increases - 24/7 Wall St.

At a time the entire airline industry which locked in its prices for jet fuel before the big increase are looking at billions in losses, Jim Gallagher and his convicted felon partner say " be happy, no worry man - trust us."

Really? They lied about the Sky King bankruptcy, they lied about Tony Martinez - to distract from their lies they lied about me using copious amounts of morphine - how many lies are needed before our inept city commission sees the writing on the wall - another million dollar boondoggle.

With every airline in the world scrambling to deal with the increase in fuel costs, how does this new discount airline expect to compete with such low prices? It cannot not and no one at city hall bothered to ask.

It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.


Brownsville will not buy Jim Gallagher's tactics or lies.  Camarillo is for sale - he proved that as the President of the UTB/TSC student association.  Are students are still paying that price - how long we the people of Brownsville pay for this million dollar boondoggle?


Anonymous said...

Bobby, let us all get one thing straight. Anyone and I mean anyone associated with the Felon Carlos Quintanilla is up to NO GOOD for the citizens of Brownsville. If anyone begs to differ, just look at who associates with him; people without a set income, people with vendetas to settle, people who are out to con other people to get what they want. Just look at who hangs around him. They have miminal thinking skills and are up to absolutely no good. I challenge anyone to name a good person who is associated with Carlos Quintanilla. No one can name ONE. All associated with him have personnal agendas to settle in this city. Think about it everyone!

Anonymous said...

@ 2:13pm Anony.....I couldn't agree more. Quintanilla must have thought he had died and gone to a con man's heaven when he first rolled into town on Ted Parker's nickel.......So much ignorance to exploit......

Anonymous said...

Bobby, did you ever get that transcript? What happened? We can not wait until May 14.

BobbyWC said...

My source is 100% solid - he is telling me the victim is just waiting on someone to authoirze release - it is my understanding there are legal issues - I suspect we are waiting on a lawyer to clear the release

Of course we can expecy the Herald to declare it not newsworthy

Bobby WC