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(Editor's note:  I was just reading the indictment to try and place the events and attorneys - ¶¶ 3-7 say Person "A" was an attorney"  Was?  have their been secret disbarments?  Also, a man stands his ground - when I was told if I go after Darryl Jordon, top lawyer for the State Bar of Texas, over his role in trying to void the $119 million dollar judgment against Dallas Diocese, I said - do not care the Diocese must be held accountable for the priests molesting the children.  The criminal enterprise of the State Bar of Texas said - no - Darryl Jordon must be protected even if it means children being molestedby priests.  I held and paid a price - but not as to my integrity or honor because I did the right thing.  i still hold my integrity and honor.

People want to say Peter Z did this to Limas - what did he do?  Nothing - he used it as a campaign gag - be never showed an ounce of manhood by putting his name on a lawsuit for force Mueller to act  - he was so incompetent as a DA candidate he could not beat an openly corrupt DA - he knew nothing about criminal law.  This is why he lost - defense attorneys were horrified how little he knew.  When it came time to be a man for his criminal conduct he threw Yolanda under the bus and took a plea anyway.  Justice allowed Yolanda to walk free.  It blows my mind anyone other than a lunatic can say anything positive about Peter Z.- sorry for that but I hate disinformation -

But what about the phrase "was an attorney" typo or have there been secret disbarments?)

I am using this particular source because I think it gets it best.  He first plead not guilty before the magistate judge and then later in the day before Judge Hanen he plead guilty.  Sentencing will be in 14 days.

Not that facts matter but here are posts from the BV which are a bit dated wherein I talk about the FBI calling my allegations against Judge Limas fanciful.

More on Judge Limas

I will be asking the federal judge in the case to sanction FBI Director Mueller for lying to the court.  For the record, this is one of the cases Montoya, Quintanilla, and McHale call evidence of me being vexatious.  You see when it serves their needs Limas is their hero and I am the bad guy.  McHale vilified me for pushing for the unelection of Limas.

Now Montoya wants Martinez to distance himself from Limas - I agree he should.  But read the indictment at the  Herald - it applies equally to Ben Neece and the special deal he gave Montoya by changing the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

Here is my question - I agree Tony Martinez needs to act fast and denounce eveyone involved and distance himself.   If he does not he will tarnish his campaugn in a way I would certainly never defend.

So Camarillo and Atkinson since Ben Neece did the same thing for Juan Montoya by changing a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge will you each run from his endorsement or embrace him?

Yea we know the answer - Camarillo and Atkinson will continue to protect Ben Neece and go to Montoya to defame anyone who challenges these two scums of the earth.

In addition to the criminal complaint I put on FBI Director Mueller's desk against Judge Limas with all the supporting evidence I alleged the following in the lawsuit seeking to compel action.

30. With this knowledge in hand and the agreement to protect Bush crony Dannenbaum, Villalobos knew he could be party to allowing a confessed convicted murderer to walk out of court on a promise to return after he got his personal affairs in order. Amit Livingston is now on the FBI’s most wanted list. The corrupt agreement was, Judge Limas would give Livingston’s $500,000.00 cash bond to Eddie Lucio, former law partner of the DA, in exchange for DA Villalobos not objecting to Amit Livingston walking out of court to get his affairs in order. Eddie Lucio, based on press reports, made $200,000.00 on the deal for the time put into processing the check and cutting a new check to the children of the victim. DA Villalobos had the local FBI and Mueller as part of the cover-up in the Dannenbaum mess and knew they could not touch him."

For those who do not know Mueller is in the process of being replaced as FBI Director.  I will say this, if Villalobos had a half of brain he would look to moving to Cuba, like yesterday.

I am proud of my work.  I am proud to have a convicted felon like Quintanilla call my claims against Limas vexatious.  It shows Limas and Quintanilla are of like mind.

The BV stands by its work.

To date - two city employees indicted and fired for theft - now Judge Limas -  BISD found twice to have violated the rights of special needs children, Texas Ethics Commission Sanctions Escobedo and negotiates deal with Robert Sanchez - current pending investigation against Ben Neece - exactly what have Quintanilla, Montoya or McHale done to clean up Brownsville - nothing in fact McHale vilified me for opposing Limas.


Anonymous said...

Peter Z called it a long time ago didn't he?

BobbyWC said...

peter Z is one of the people calling my actions frivolous - just another lie to support liars

When it came time to put his name on the line in Dannabaum he ran like a coward - a real man would have sued the FBI like I did - yes I hit hard

That is the difference between a man and peter Z

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Being right is exactly that: being right! You have a right to feel proud. And you are correct. What good has McHale or Montoya ever accomplished?

Anonymous said...

You might be on to something, but maybe they mean past tense in terms of the person's actions or that Person A is practing law elsewhere after practing locally for that time. I don't think they are saying the person is no longer an attorney.

BobbyWC said...

I check on several lawyers who may have been caught up in this and all of them are still practicing - there may be some techincial thing to the language - it may simple mean at the time without reference to whether they currently are.

I have read the entire indictment and cannot place any event to a specific case - the indictment was written in a way to make discovering the cases almost impossible.

Someone with a week to kill could probably ID some of the cases.

I do not care who the lawyers are - I might be okay with the DOJ letting them off as cooperating witnesses but they still have a duty to refer them for disbarment.

But who knows

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What ever happen to the Pace H.S. incident?

Anonymous said...

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