Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning he called me and told me he was going to kick my ass all over Brownsville. I am waiting to see if the police agree this constitutes a crime. I was going to file the lawsuit today, but after a meeting and learning about even more fraud by Gallagher and his other investors I am holding until Monday when I can include his other investors in the lawsuit.

Mr. Quintanilla - come on my property and you will be arrested for criminal trespass. Your history is in threatening people. In my TRO affidavit I will include your threats against Bill Jorn of NBC 23 and he will testify at the temporary injunction hearing.

Gallagher - any damage to me or my property will be put on you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby he threatens everyone he deals with, WHY do you think that the imfamous 4 BISD Board Members have to wait on him hand and foot?? They are deadly afraid of him. Oh Well, it is their own fault, they welcomed him to Brownsville with open arms. NOW THEY ARE STUCK WITH HIM. Spooky!!!

Anonymous said...

ABC group waiting for those transcripts.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Isn't that a federal crime? Making threats over the telephone. This comes close to mafia type of work. Is Quintanilla also in the line of lone sharking? Does he have big goons around him with crooked nose?

Anonymous said...

Bobby I happen to agree with the first and second comments, cause is the same persom. Although you and I, had our ups and downs, there is a great majority of issues in which I agree with you!.