Friday, March 25, 2011


This is one of Charlie Atkinson's tirades.  His diabetes meltdowns appear to have destroyed his ability to think rationally.  Apparently he hates Tony Martinez.  I guess supporting private schools for poor children makes Tony a bad person.  His thinking is so delusional that he actually believes anyone who supports Tony is paid by Rick Zayas.  Atkinson will put his proof before a court.  I met Tony some 5-6 years ago when introduced to him by a family member who has known Tony for years.  While we have only spoken once in his office some 5-6 years ago, I have come to know him through his work for the community.  Apparently Charlie has problems with people who support free education for poor  children.

"Bobby, you two hate each other and that is fine. We have competent city staff at the airport checking things out. The airport contracts with a FAA recognized firm who does background checks and they say the two companies are squeaky clean. Jason Hilts from BEDC ran the checks and found that the principal partners are legit and currently flying. The commission will look at this project and ask the tough questions like every other board has. GBIC asked the tough questions and they were satisfied and that's why it passed. Your personally vendetta with Carlos Quintanilla should be kept between you to. You have personally attacked everyone on the commission and now you want us to listen to you? We will listen to you but will make a decision on what is best for the citizens of Brownsville. And between you and me, you are too obvious that you are supporting Tony Martinez because Rick Zayas pays you to. Oh yea, Carlos Quintanilla went against your boss. I forgot. Let us handle it because you are the one making threats.


So now we know as a law enforcement officer Atkinson stands with a convicted felon running from service of a lawsuit in Dallas and with over $100,000 dollars in judgments against him in terms of judgments and mechanics liens.

These are Charlies words on Melissa - the Melissa who invited him to stand next to her at the Pan Am event after the mayor disrespected him."

"She throws us under the bus every time she opens her mouth. You are asking the wrong person for help!!!"

You see this is why Jim Gallagher asked me how to overcome the toxic politics in Brownsville - he obviously spoke with Atkinson and understood how bad things are.  All I did was say that I believe Tony Martinez can unite the commission.

And for the record - I have never ever been paid a penny by anyone in Brownsville.  Rick Zayas has never given me a penny - In fact I gave him some discs to record the original ad put out by the pac and have yet to get them back - so if any thing I have given him things. 

And really after I outed Rick as trying to coerce me to not help this family at the request of Brett Springston does anyone other than a drunk of diabetic meltdown patient believe Rick is going to give me the time of day.

Finally,. I have never opposed Fly Frontera - My conversation with Mr. Gallagher was 100% in support of Fly Frontera - I encouraged him to pursue the Canadian winter Texans.  He raised with me the complaints he got about Quintanilla.  When he asked me how to overcome the toxic politics of Brownsville I simply told him I thought Tony Martinez was his best bet. 

My only issue then as now is not Fly Frontera - I support 100% any new airline at our airport, but I do not support Jim Gallagher using Quintanilla and Montoya attacking any elected official to coerce a result.  That is not how honest business people do business.  Mr. Atkinson's hate for Melissa is so intense he believes prospective businesses attacking her is acceptable conduct - it is not - when the mayor humiliated Atkinson at the Pan Am event  I defended Atkinson against the mayor for the same reasons I defended Melissa against Quintanilla and Montoya-  Had they not attacked her the BV would have remained shut down.  The Bv would not have had a word to say on the Fly Frontera issue.  When I heard the news I was happy and in 100% support of the project.

To my readers - I am being told Atkinson left a threatening message on the voice mail of a very prominent businessman.  He is concerned Atkinson presents a threat to his business but wants to go public - I am meeting with this person on Friday.  I have encouraged him to take the tape to Homeland Security.  If I get the tape or transcript I will print it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are still on the job Bobby... ABC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying and keeping us informed. Looking forward to the transcript. Help us get that scum out.

Anonymous said...

You can take the tape to Homeland Security but he doesn't work there anymore. He was FIRED!

Inspector Gadget at Gateway

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Charlie may be selective on which convicted felons he stands with. As long as they do not run for office or against him than it is okay for the City of Brownsville to do business with them.

Anonymous said...

The following 2 statements were cut & pasted from your posts:

Finally,. I have never opposed Fly Frontera - My conversation with Mr. Gallagher was 100% in support of Fly Frontera

Fly Frontera is a con - it was created after Pan Am already started the process - and announced to the world Brownsville would be its international headquarters.

Unless calling an entity a 'con' is showing 100% support, I cannnot seem to reconcile these 2 statements. On the other hand, I am probably one of your readers who need to learn how to read. ;)

BobbyWC said...

One I have no evidence Chalrie has been fired - he told me something about a hearing in June

To the reader who can read - you lie - why because the truth does not help you.

My bigger statements deal not with Fly Frontera but their conduct. My conversation was `100% solid for Fly Frontera until he told me he could investigate any commissioner and dig dirt up on them -

You seem to believe this is okay - I do not want Brownsville to do business with people who think they can investigate our elected officials and then coerce them into business deals.

I did go viral after the conversation and after Montoya printed his lies.

Gallahgher just had Quintanilla call me with all of his lies and threats - next step is to sue the company Jim Gallagher is doing business with

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement are not suppose to hang with Felons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

guys without so much of the love I get and emails I could not do this - thanks - on another post someone mentioned the concerns with vitamin D -0 you are 100% correct - I am being checked regularly on the blood work - today I had an ultrasound on my kidneys and bladder

The second the blood work shows any toxicity they will stop the D - but for now it works - I take it tomorrow - It seems to last one day short of the week - I have all of the major symptoms as I type - my eyes feel like they are about to explode from my head - but by tomorrow afternoon I will be okay.

Tonight to relax I took my Isabela and her family to Golden Corral - she is 17 months old and she ate cucumbers, carrots, okra, some chicken, rice, and then some banana pudding - she has this thing where she likes to suck on lemons make a face and then do it again.

Most 17 month old babies will not eat so well - she loves cucumbers and carrots.

Anway it made my night and relaxed me a lot.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Again, isn't making threatening phone calls a federal crime? Do we have thugs on the city commission? Do we have here in Brownsville wannabe "Sopranos"?