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GBIC and BEDC should both be disbanded for extreme incompetence. This morning the news GBIC gave a convicted felon and his con artist partner Jim Gallagher $500,000 has the business community besides itself.  They are asking is this another $24 million bridge to nowhere, another million for Imagine Brownsville, or how about the $900,000 a local investor was defrauded out of when Larry Brown and the BEDC vouched for the company and even provided then access to BEDC office space to run the fraudulent scheme on a local developer.  Larry Brown and the BEDC both vouched for the company which ended up defrauding a local developer out of $900,000.  Neither of the people are trustworthy when it comes to vetting prospective new clients at the airport.

The problem with Larry Brown who I personally like is, if anyone tells him they are offering business for the airport in his excitement he will not do his due diligence.  What you will see here is when it comes to Jim Gallagher he did nothing but see him as eye candy.  The GBIC was so excited over the idea of air service, which is needed, they would have approved a pedophilia organization to fly children to children's hospitals.   They did not investigate and the proof is in the the lack of legal filings with the Secretary of State and lies about the Sky King bankruptcy.

PublicCharters is not authorized to do business in Texas.  So who at GBIC authorized them to do business with a company not authorized to do business in Texas?  It is all lies when they say they were vetted.  Fly Frontera is not incorporated or authorized to do business in Texas.  The FAA is investigating why they have a web page for a non-existent business not authorized to do business in Texas. 

This is from Jim Gallagher's web page.

"Aircraft Owners
We currently own two B737-200’s. One currently operates on Sky King, Inc.’s certificate. Sky King operates a fleet of B737's selling charter flights both domesitically and Internationally. The second aircraft is in a long term lease with a Venezuela Air Carrier."

I told my readers Sky King was in bankruptcy. Quintanilla being the lying piece of shit he is, point blank lies to Brownsville and says - not true Wightman lies.

The IRS has authorized the lien holder on Sky King's plane to take control of the plane as part of the bankruptcy. Why is Jim Gallagher still misleading his possible customers about Sky King when he knew about the bankruptcy and the IRS approval the lienholder to seize their plane? Answer Jim Gallagher is a con-artist. He proved to everyone he will use a pathologically lying convicted con-artist to sell his snake oil. There are no lies he will not support to get what he wants.  Which is why I am suing him and all of his investors  for encouraging Montoya to defame me by claiming I am on copious dosages of morphine. All my readers know  I had back surgery.  I was given 15 days worth of pills.  On this the 25th day of March some 25 days later I still have 11 pills - hardly an abuse of the morphine.

Here are the Sky King documents. You will note $4,319,154.68 in assets and $26,695,625.47 in liabilities.

Quintanilla true to form - if he speaks he lies - this is what he wrote about the BV reporting on the bankruptcy of Sky King.

"He Lies Because He Gets Paid To Lie

Sky King, Inc.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search

This article is about the North American charter airline. For the Caribbean airline, see SkyKing Limited.

Sky King, Inc.

Founded 1990

Fleet size 11

Destinations 27

Headquarters Sacramento, California>"

Do you believe Quintanilla or Thomas M. Rohall, Special Assistant  U.S. Attorney who filed with the bankruptcy court an agreement by the United States government to allow the lien holder to take control of Sky King's plane? I say we believe the United States Department of Justice.

Firm sources are claiming Jason Hilt told BEDC members and GBIC members that Jim Gallaghers lawyers were working on the formal paperwork to remove Carlos Quintanilla from any association with this enterprise. They were told his last official act would be the presentation and then he would be out. Jason Hilt appears to be telling people Jim Gallagher lied to him to get the money. Who is lying? I do not know - I was not there.

I know this, when the GBIC tells businesses you can come to town and accuse disabled vets of being addicted to morphine as a way to cover-up their con and defraud the taxpayers, it is fair to say GBIC is a corrupt organization run by the worst people Brownsville can find.


I can now document Charlie Atkinson and Edward Camarillo, have been in bed with Carlos Quintanilla since the BISD election.  This is why when they learned I was praising Tony Martinez as the best option to unite the commission behind the deal they intentionally had Montoya lie about my conversation with Jim Gallagher.  I already have a formal complaint against Gallagher with the FAA. 

Multiple sources are claiming Atksinon is claiming poverty over the loss of his job.  Quintanilla knew from experience Atkinson and Camarillo could be relied on as bad people to do con work for his adventures.  He learned this during the BISD election.  Camarillo more so than anyone helped Juliet Garcia bankrupt our children at UTB/TSC.  The fact Quintanilla and Montoya now back him should tell you there is a corrupt deal in the making. 

My sources are working on this story.  I am being told a businessman has a message from Atkinson he considers to be threatening if the businessman does not get behind Jim Gallagher.   I am hopeful whomever this man/woman may be, they will come forward next week with the promised transcript which I am told will prove Jim Gallagher came to town looking for corrupt politicians and he found them in Atkinson and Camarillo.  It is my understanding his lawyers are looking at the best way to do the press release while addressing all liabilities issues.

Tomorrow, more on the missing money.

My question to Brownsville - $24 million on the bridge, $1 million plus to Imagine Brownsville - now $1 million to a convicted felon who has terrorized this town with defamation left and right to get what he wants.  Are we SAPs or are we fed-up? - email your city commissioners and tell them not one penny to Jim Gallagher.

You know it is funny, at the Pan Am inauguration I asked Larry Brown if Pan Am would be given the same deal as American - he said no - the city commission was claiming poverty.  Now all of a sudden Atkinson is out of a job and Camarillo wants to look good for the election and they both are offering $1 million dollars to a convicted felon and and is con-artist partner.  I guess Pan Am was too honest to offer anything back to the city commissioners.  Had Pan Am gotten the same deal Atkinson and Camarillo are now pushing for this con artist, Brownsville would already have 737's flying San Antonio to Brownsville and then on to Mexico City, Tampico, and Montery - not some prop planes.  I guess Pan Am's lesson is integrity has no place in a city of saps with corrupt politicians looking out for themselves.

Brownsville needs the flight services - but not from con artists.   It is time Larry Brown and the city commission ask Pan Am who is already here with jobs and planes - how much money do they need to start the immediate flights from San Antonio to Brownsville and then to Mexico City, Tampico and Monterey?  How about let's give the money to the airline offering the best deal?

That will not work - Pan Am will not offer kick-backs.

Now how about emailing our city commissioners and asking that they bid the project for the flights in an open and transparent way between Pan Am and Fly Frontera.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Ot better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez  - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and no the mayor of Brownsville

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