Friday, March 11, 2011


My choice was to provide Brett Springston an opportunity to resign quietly based on what I am about to disclose, but because the mother of this child is on the verge of complete collapse from what this has done to the family, the father has asked I not provide Brett Springston an opportunity to quietly resign.

Brett Springston went to Rick Zayas and provided him confidential information which can only be found in the files of the child which included information on the child and the father. During the course of the conversation between myself and Mr. Zayas, the mother was at my side because I was helping her with her annual housing voucher application. She was in shock to hear what was being said. I will not get into the specifics because that would get into violating the child's right of privacy.

Brett Springston to defend his indefensible conduct called Rick Zayas - violated the law by violating this child's right of privacy by disclosing information to Rick Zayas to get Rick to get me to pull back.

I am contacting Department of Education lawyers and TEA lawyers to determine the best manner in which to proceed. This is a serious charge which may raise to the level of criminal conduct on the part of Brett Springston.

This time I support 100% Presas-Garcia calling for an emergency meeting to suspend Brett Springston. The vote should be 7-0. Any trustee unwilling to vote for suspension should resign. In fact starting Friday morning every trustee should call Brett and inform him upon confirmation of what he did in violating this child's right of privacy they will be voting for his immediate suspension.

The conduct of Brett Springston and his thugs towards this child and her family is reprehensible and far worse than anything ever done by Presas-Garcia and her gang of convicts. He is unfit to be in education. Presas-Garcia was so busy fabricating lies she never saw the truth of just how bad Springston really is.

I do not know if the family can sue, but if they can they certainly need to sue. BISD needs to be held accountable for what happened.

The case of Michael Mares, who according to Internet sources was a coach as last as 2008 at Pace, is the source telling people this child inflicted the wounds on herself. One student has told me Mr. Mares got in an argument with one of his first period students and blurted out that he viewed the video and it clearly shows the child injured herself. Mr. Mares had nothing to do with the event, so why is he reviewing the tape and announcing what he saw to his students? The student he got in the argument with told the victim that Mr. Mares told him what he saw on the tape. This is what I was told by the victim. Another student has verified the story for me.  That student claims it was blurted out in front of the entire class.

Why did Mr. Mares not call the parent and inform the parent the child was inflicting wounds on herself? Because he knew it was a lie. He is just trying to protect his fellow coach. Why did the coach who allegedly assault the girls not secure the scene and allowed the girls to leave? He did not want immediate statements to be taken. He should have called security and secured the scene.

Brett Springston has not only been party to the cover-up he violated this child's right of privacy by sharing confidential information in her school files with a non-BISD employee whose job it was then to use the information to try and get me to stop the story.

If the trustees do not suspend Springston on an emergency basis then it is fair to say they are all worthless to a person. If there was a criminal act in Springston disclosing this information, the father will certainly be demanding criminal prosecution.


Anonymous said...

This is a better article without the profanity and gives more information of the incident. Some of your readers may support Springston others may not. We just want you to print an article that has credibility before the eyes of the community so that your reader can be better informed. Many of your readers gave you good information of the educational system but all they received from you were insults. They were not trying to protect Springston. They enjoy your blog and felt the need to guide you from becoming another blog like “The Runn Runn or BLR.

BobbyWC said...

To the poster of the rejected comment - keep your ignorance to yourself - wthout my reporting no one would know the story outside teh school - the entire student body knew the story before I printed one word - kids talk and talk fast

What is happening now is the communnity knows the story and you hate that - you hate the people are learning the truth about Springston

instead of attacking me - tell me which factual allegations are wrong and how you know they are wrong - yea not going to happen because you have no interest in facts

just attack me while ignoring every factual allegation - go read the herald where truth has no place in journalism - that is what you seem to want to know

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting the facts. Please don't shut down BV. The BV is making a big difference in the community. There is a big need for honest and unbiased reporting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. I thank you for not using profanity--just reporting the facts--we can now see the whole picture for ourselves.
Thank you for salary info. There are MANY discrepencies in how certain people are being paid.


BobbyWC said...

On the language issue - I get it it upset people - I am fine with that - but you need to understand it was an exercise in showing people tend to care more about the words which appear obcene than the acts - Brett Springston is obscene in all regards

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, take a deep breath.