Friday, March 4, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau (2010) Poster


While it is never said specifically, the idea is God has taken away man's free will and created a destiny for each of us which fits Go's plan. He has angels in place whose job it is to put things back in order if they get out of order. The entire story line is way too corny along with the Angles cannot do their job in the rain or around water.

The acting is adequate. What makes the story is Matt Damon's drive to work against the Adjustment they have for him to be a US Senator and then President. The entire idea of God enslaving mankind to live life as he sees fit, while billions starve was a bit much for me to handle in terms of a workable script. The writers did not know how to make the concept behind the film work so they came up with a really bad premise for the script.

In the end God, the all knowing, decides Matt Damon knows best -

The film is adequate - a lot of people will like the film because they will get beyond the flawed ideas in the script. For me the lack of exceptional acting - any semblance of action or drama, and an offensive premise that mankind is God's slave was just too much for me to really enjoy the film.

NOW TO BE FAIR - I woke up at 5 p.m. - after all day of dealing with the fatigue and being in bed, I woke up to horrific pain in my legs. The pain killers do not work. I needed to get out - I stretched as much as possible in the movie seat so I was not sitting up. So maybe how I feel has impacted my review of the film.

I can see people liking this film - and that is okay - we all have different tastes. But for me, I would have enjoyed it more when it hits HBO.

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